the Limitless Golden Immortals who had just asked.

“I was the one talking to Sect Master Pei just now. Its not time for you to speak yet. Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Who gave you the guts to question Sect Master Pei without permission? Hurry up and apologize!”

The three Limitless Golden Immortals lowered their heads and did not dare to make a sound.

Shi Yao stood at the side with a smile on her lips as she quietly watched all of this.

She had brought two women with her. They were relatively meticulous and careful in their actions. After learning about the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill, they did not act rashly, nor did they ask.

Pei Qingshu watched coldly from the sidelines. After Xie Tianxing and Sun Luping finished scolding them, he said, “Actually, the two of you dont have to scold them like this.

Just now, I thought about it. The price of the first Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill for the two of you has increased to twice or three times the original price. Its a warning. How about that?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Xie Tianxing and Sun Lupings expressions changed. They both turned to look at Pei Qingshu.

Twice or thrice times the original price?

This was too exaggerated!

“Theres no need to be like this. They didnt mean to do it.” Xie Tianxing tried to explain.

“Sect Master Pei, they just said something wrong because they were too shocked,” Sun Luping explained.

“Then lets make it four or six times the original price.” Pei Qingshus smile did not fade. He smiled and said, “What do the two Venerable Sages think?”

Xie Tianxing and Sun Lupings faces immediately turned green and purple.

“Sect Master Pei, this doesnt seem like a normal transaction,” Xie Tianxing said in a low voice, his tone a little unfriendly.

“The price of the first Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill will be four times the original price,” Pei Qingshu said indifferently. “Brother Li, take note.”

“Alright.” Li Cheng noted it down happily. This was a great thing for Immortal Venerable.

“You!” Xie Tianxings eyes widened.

At this moment, he felt a fire burning in his heart, and his hands were trembling.

He, a Sage at the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm, was actually suppressed by a Limitless Golden Immortal in terms of words and aura.

If news of this spread, what face would the Ten Thousand Sword Sect have left?!

“Brother Xie, you have to think carefully. Those are seven medicinal pills that can immediately allow one to become a Sage.” Sun Lupings voice was transmitted through his divine sense and spiritual perception. “If the effects of the medicinal pills are true, think about what kind of existence can do such a thing. Are they merely just two Limitless Golden Immortals?”

Sun Lupings words were like a basin of cold water poured on Xie Tianxings head.

The burning anger in his heart was extinguished on the spot.

However, he was still a little indignant.

“Am I supposed to apologize like this?” Xie Tianxing could not help but reply with his divine sense, “Isnt this just kneeling and begging?”

“Im just asking if you want it.” Sun Luping said simply and bluntly with his divine sense, “You should know very well what it means to have one or a few more Sages in your family.”

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