Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 303 - Its Over Theres No Way to Clear The Debt (2) Translator: Henyee

Chapter 302: Its Over, Theres No Way to Clear The Debt

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Although Xie Tianxing looked confident, Shi Yao still felt a little uneasy.

Were there really only seven Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill?

Since they could take out seven pills, why couldnt they take out more?

Moreover, until now, they still did not know who was standing behind the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect. It was simply unbelievable that they could be so generous.

Hui Shi was only a Sage, and he had just broken through. No one felt that he could take out seven Myriad Techniques Return to One Pills by himself.

This kind of immortal pill that could allow a Limitless Golden Immortal to immediately become a Sage was something that no one in the entire Five Views Realm had ever heard of. It was definitely not something a Sage could take out.

There must be an incomparably powerful existence behind him.

As long as this person still existed, the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill would most likely continue to be refined.

Therefore, Shi Yao was not as relaxed as Xie Tianxing. She still felt that there were more than seven Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill.

Those who rushed to Chongyang Planet might really be able to buy the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill.

As long as they could buy it, it would be enough to make the Five Views Realm go crazy. More people and forces would head to Chongyang Star.

Shi Yao walked out of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect and looked at the sky. She thought to herself, “Even if there are still two or three Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill left, its enough to reignite the hopes of many declining forces.

Especially those ancient forces that have deep foundations but no living Sages. The Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill is enough to make them go crazy and even pay a heavy price.


If their Sage Armaments, books, and treasures were all used to trade for the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill, it will be very difficult for me to collect the resources to repay my debts. I can only look for targets outside the realm.

I still have to go over and take a look. Otherwise, Ill really feel uneasy.”

… .

The current Chongyang Star had already undergone a tremendous change compared to before.

Countless flying shuttles flew over from all directions. Sects and families that people had never heard of appeared and rushed towards the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

When these forces met on Chongyang Star, they were also a little dumbfounded.

When did the Five Views Realm have so many experts?

Xiang Baili, who came from Sanshou Star, was in this mood.

He came from a very small sect, the Heaven Saber Sect. There were only three people in the entire sect including him. One was his master, and the other was his disciple.

Only he was a Limitless Golden Immortal. His master was only a Golden Immortal, and his disciple had just reached the Deva Realm.

In the past few years of his life, Xiang Baili had always thought that his sect was indeed just a very ordinary small sect.

Although his master would occasionally brag that the Heaven Saber Sect had a glorious past and was the oldest sect in the entire Five Views Realm, and that even Golden Immortals were only worthy of being inner sect disciples in the past, he had never believed it.

After all, this was a sect with only one Limitless Golden Immortal. They were barely surviving on the chaotic Sanshou Star. If they were to offend a Sage one day, they might suffer a calamity.

Such a sect actually said that they were the oldest sect in the realm and that Golden Immortals were only worthy of being inner sect disciples.

There was no credibility at all.

However, when the news of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill spread to Sanshou Star, Xiang Bailis master suddenly called him to the Ancestral Hall and took out six Sage Armaments as if he was performing a magic trick!

Sage Armaments!

Six pieces!

These were Sage Armaments. Their small sect actually had six?

It was really too inexplicable.

Xiang Baili was almost scared silly.

He thought that his master had gone crazy and gone to the treasuries of the few Immortal sects to be a thief.

But on careful thought, his master was only a Golden Immortal.

With such a cultivation realm, even if he wanted to steal from the Immortal sects, he shouldnt have the ability.

However, under his masters explanation, he quickly learned the truth.

It turned out that what Master had said about the sects glorious past was actually true. The Heaven Saber Sect was not called the Heaven Saber Sect in the past, but the Heavenly Dao Supreme Sect. It was the strongest sect in the entire Five Views Realm.

At its peak, the Heavenly Dao Supreme Sect had more than 20 Sages, three Sage Kings, and countless natural treasures. They had more than 20 Sage Armaments accumulated over a long time.

Although many of these Sage Armaments had been lost or damaged in the past hundreds of thousands of years, there were still 13 in stock.

It was enough to buy four Myriad Techniques Return to One Pills.

However, in order to avoid attracting too much attention, it was better to buy two pills and break through first.

When he became a Sage, he would be much safer.

Xiang Bailis first reaction after learning the truth was that his little ancestor was actually so generous.

Then, a question appeared. How did such a vast and powerful sect end up like this?

Not to mention Sages, there might not even be a Golden Immortal in every generation.

It was too ridiculous.

Unfortunately, his master was secretive about this and was unwilling to reveal it at all.

He only urged him to go to Chongyang Star as soon as possible and strive to buy at least one Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill so that he could become a Sage as soon as possible.

Only then could the Heaven Saber Sect be truly safe.

Initially, Xiang Baili was very confident. He felt that as long as the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill did not run out of stock, he would definitely be able to buy one.

At most, he would increase the price!

Even if the number of Sage Armament he brought was not enough, there were still some natural treasures and books from the sect that could be used to exchange for the pill.

He had to obtain at least one Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill!

But when he arrived at Chongyang Star, he felt a little uncertain.

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