Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 303 - Its Over Theres No Way to Clear The Debt (2) Translator: Henyee

e hurriedly turned her head to look elsewhere, her heart filled with fear.” That gaze just now was as if Id been seen through directly. Who is this person?! ”

“Welcome, everyone. I understand that everyone is here for the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill, so I wont waste my breath and start selling!”

At this moment, Pei Qingshus voice came from outside.

A high platform had already been built in front of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect. He stood on the platform and flipped his hand to take out a jade bottle. He poured out a golden pill and said in a clear voice, “This is the first Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill. The price is three Sage Armaments. You can also pay using books and natural treasures…”

“I offer six Sage Armaments!” Xiang Baili shouted from the crowd. The price instantly doubled.

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent.

Including Pei Qingshu on the platform, everyones gazes were focused on Baili.

Six Sage Armaments?!

This was too f*cking rich.

He did not give anyone a chance at all.

Shi Yao, who was sitting by the window of the restaurant, could not help but be stunned. She muttered, “Its indeed much more expensive. Its only the first one, but the price has doubled. Moreover, its only the first person who raised the price.

In that case, as long as they sell three or four pills this time, the final harvest will probably exceed the previous seven pills. However, this is normal.

Even if they have enough pills, or have a dozen or so, they can stop selling for a period of time. When peoples hunger and desire for the pills cant be suppressed anymore, they can sell some again. I reckon itll be even more expensive by then.”

“I dont think so.” At this moment, the young man sitting not far away suddenly spoke again. He smiled and said, “After all, the person who sold the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill isnt surnamed Lei.”

“Lei?” Shi Yao did not understand what this person was talking about, but she did not dare to offend this unfathomable expert.

“Six Sage Armaments! Deal!” Pei Qingshus voice came from outside.

The strategy Baili used was indeed effective.

His method of doubling the price in one go made the others give up on bidding and wait for the next one.

“Thats great, I managed to get one!” Xiang Baili took the golden Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill and felt the aura on it. He was extremely excited and his hands were trembling. “Thats great, I can become a Sage soon!”

However, he still temporarily suppressed the thought of directly taking the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill. Instead, he planned to see how the bidding of the next few pills would go and see if he had profited.

“Next is the second Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill!” Pei Qingshu took out another golden pill.

“Five Sage Armament!s”


“Seven Sage Armaments and 20 Sage-level natural treasures!”

… .

… .

As expected, the bidding became more and more intense.

By the time the fourth pill came out, everyones bids were at a feverish high. In terms of the number of Sage Armament, it had already reached 13.

Many Limitless Golden Immortals who were not rich enough were already in despair. They even wanted to return home.

They could not afford it at this price.

In the restaurant, Shi Yao was also dumbfounded. 13 Sage Armament for one pill was already more than four times the original price.

Xiang Baili was filled with joy and had a smile on his face.

But soon, people realized that something was wrong.

The fifth Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill was sold for 14 Sage Armament.

The sixth only cost 13 pieces.

The seventh one fell to nine pieces.

Although the price of the eighth pill increased again to reach 11 pieces, there were clearly fewer people bidding for it.

As the number of sales increased, many people had a guess.

The Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill might not be very limited in number?

When the ninth pill appeared, the price decreased again. Next, there were only two bidders for the tenth pill, then the 11th pill, 12th pill…

The price had returned to its original price.

Gradually, the number of Myriad Techniques Return to One Pills reached 30…

Everyones gazes froze.

Their hearts were trembling.

He couldnt tell if they were surprised or terrified.

This was an Immortal pill that could immediately allow one to become a Sage!

Why were there so many?!

Could it be that after this sale, the Five Views Realm would have more than a hundred Sages in one go?

This was too exaggerated!

Xiang Baili was even more dumbfounded. He looked at the golden pill in his hand and suddenly felt that it did not seem very fragrant.

In the restaurant, Shi Yao stood up and stared out the window. Her entire body was trembling as she muttered, “Its over, its really over.”

“Theres no way to repay the debt!”

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