Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 309 - The Brothers of the Hong Family Heavens Manifest!

“20 Sages? There are actually 20 Sages in the Golden Cloud Realm? How is that possible?!”


Chen Tang casually crushed a Limitless Golden Immortal who stopped him. He looked around at the ruins and the corpses on the ground, feeling extremely incredulous.


This was one of the two main planets of the Golden Cloud Realm, the Tianlu Star.


Previously, he had driven the flying shuttle to cross the entire Golden Cloud Realm without hiding anything. Soon, he was stopped by the Sages here.


However, Chen Tang did not care at that time. He casually suppressed them and continued forward.


However, he encountered four to five Sages in a row.


This completely angered him.


To the Sage Kings of the Purple Sun Realm, the people of the other realms and starry skies were very lowly. Even existences at the Sage level were also very lowly.


Such a lowly group of people actually dared to stop his flying shuttle time and time again. They were simply courting death.


Hence, Chen Tang put away the flying shuttle and rushed towards Tianlu Star, planning to use thunderous methods to kill all the Sages here and destroy their inheritances.


But soon, he realized that something was wrong.


Why were there so many Sages here?!


After suppressing ten Sages, he thought that it was already over. In the end, another Sage still came out. Now, he had already suppressed 20 Sages.


It far exceeded the information they had recorded previously.


Before leaving the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion, he had recorded the situation of the starry skies along the way and compared them with the surveillance results of the Star Fortune Heavenly Eye Mirror.

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At that time, there were only two Sages in the Golden Cloud Realm.


Now, it has increased by ten times.


If not for the fact that he had personally suppressed these Sages, Chen Tang would have suspected that he was hallucinating.


“Something must have happened. There must be something wrong. Otherwise, it’s impossible for such a huge deviation to occur.” Chen Tang thought to himself. At the same time, he began to search through the sects that he had already destroyed.


He quickly found some official records about the development of the sect. Many of the records mentioned the Five Views Realm and a pill called the “Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill”.


As he found more and more information, Chen Tang became even more shocked in his heart. He muttered, “How is this possible? There’s actually a pill that can let a Limitless Golden Immortal become a Sage?!”


Even in the Purple Sun Realm, it was not easy to become a Sage.


There was no such shortcut where one only needed to take a pill to directly become a Sage.


This was enough to challenge the understanding of the entire Purple Sun Realm.


It was too incredible.


However, this was not the most shocking thing for Chen Tang.


When he saw the information that analyzed the current situation of the surrounding worlds, his hands trembled and he exclaimed, “This is impossible!!”


What was written on this information?!


There are about 530 Sages in the Five View Realm, 80 Sages in the Green Jade Realm, and 40 Sages in the Nine Fire Bright Light Realm… Our Golden Cloud Realm has 22…


“Crazy, this is simply crazy. Are the Sages here cabbages?!” Chen Tang’s eyes almost popped out as he looked at the information. “Did they write this when they were sleepwalking?”


In total, there were nearly a thousand Sages in the starry skies and realms around the Five Views Realm.


More than 800 of them had broken through by using the so-called Myriad Techniques Return to One Pills.


This was absurd!


There were nearly a thousand Sages. Even the Purple Sun Realm did not have so many.


How could so many Sages appear in these lowly places? And what was that Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill?!


“It must be someone from the other Heavenly Regions who interfered. That’s definitely the case!” Chen Tang’s expression became nervous as he thought to himself, “The Creator realm powerhouses of the other Heavenly Regions must have already appeared in the Five Views Realm!


“I’m afraid Mingzhen is already in danger. At this point, there’s no need for me to go to the Five Views Realm. I have to return to the Purple Sun Realm immediately and explain the situation here. I’ll ask a Creator to come and take a look.”


The Five Views Realm, as well as the surrounding realms and starry skies, belonged to the starry skies of the myriad worlds under the jurisdiction of the Purple Sun Heaven. If it was tainted by other Heavenly Regions, it would affect the interests of the entire Purple Sun Realm.


This was something that no one in the Purple Sun Realm could accept.


Hence, Chen Tang made a prompt decision to fly the flying shuttle away from Tianlu Star and return to the Purple Sun Realm.


However, just as he took off, he saw a golden light suddenly rush up from the ruins below and stop in front of his flying shuttle.


“Another Sage!” Chen Tang’s eyes erupted with killing intent.


He was anxious and wanted to return to the Purple Sun Realm as quickly as possible. His killing intent immediately soared as he drove the flying shuttle towards the Sage.


However, the “Sage” this time was completely different from the previous ones.


Facing the flying shuttle that was speeding over like lightning, he did not dodge. Instead, he stretched out his hands, actually wanting to rely on his physical strength to stop the advance of this Sage King-level flying shuttle.


“You’re courting death!” Chen Tang roared and increased the speed of the flying shuttle.


His flying shuttle was essentially a Sage King-level weapon. Its sturdiness could be said to be unparalleled. Even a true Sage King would not dare to use his body to withstand its impact.


Let alone a mere Sage.




An earth-shattering bang exploded in the sky above Tianlu Star. That “Sage” actually used his hands to block Chen Tang’s flying shuttle.


This pair of hands forcefully dug into the flying shuttle and stopped it.


This person was Pei Qingshu, who had rushed over through the teleportation array.


Only he had such a powerful body. His Myriad Dao Dharma Body already had the characteristics of a Dao Body. This was why he dared to fight the flying shuttle head-on.


However, the consumption was also huge.


At this moment, his body emitted dense blood-colored flames. These were flames formed by his Qi and blood. The power of his body erupted, and even his hair stood on end as if it was filled with blood, emitting red light.


However, this state made his battle intent surge, and his aura rose to a higher level.


“Get out here!”


Pei Qingshu roared angrily, causing the mountains and rivers on Tianlu Star to tremble. The muscles on his arms suddenly expanded and he suddenly pulled to the sides!




With a deafening bang, countless fragments of the flying shuttle fell from the sky. Chen Tang’s flying shuttle was actually torn in half from the middle.


“Lowly thing, I’ll kill you!”


Chen Tang roared and rushed out of the explosion.


… .


While Pei Qingshu was fighting Chen Tang.


Two guests had come from afar and reached Five Views Realm.


They were not old and their cultivation levels were not high. They were only Taiyi Mystic Deities. They were curious about everything and often asked strange questions.


However, no one dared to provoke them.


That was because the guards beside them actually emitted an aura that was even stronger than a Sage.


These two guests were from Taihong Star.

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