Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 309 - The Brothers of the Hong Family Heavens Manifest!

of Sages on our Taihong Star is at most more than two or three times that.”

“It might be a Creator.” Hong Renxi nodded lightly. “Thats why we have to be careful here. We must not cause trouble lest we make things difficult for Ninth Uncle.”

“Yes, Big Brother, dont worry. I wont make things difficult for Ninth Uncle.” Hong Renxu chuckled. “Father and Mother specially instructed us. I know what to do.”

These two people were guests from Taihong Star.

They were biological brothers and looked to be 18 or 19 years old. The elder brother, Hong Renxi, was actually more than 100 years old, and the younger brother, Hong Renxu, was only a dozen years younger than Hong Renxi.

The Ninth Uncle they were talking about was the guard who followed them out.

Now, Ninth Uncle was hiding in the surrounding void, silently protecting them.

This person was already a Sage King at the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm. He was enough to deal with most of the crises encountered in the starry skies.

“Alright.” Hong Renxi nodded and smiled. “Lets go to the shops of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect. Its said that they dont only sell all kinds of treasures, but also all kinds of books. Im a little curious about the situation on Tianmen Star. Lets go and see if theres any relevant information.”

“Alright, Big Brother. I also want to know about the situation on Tianmen Star.” Hong Renxu agreed and nodded. “When I was at home, I often heard from Grandma that the scenery on Tianmen Star was especially beautiful. I didnt expect it to be reduced to ruins now. What a pity.”

“Tianmen Star has an extraordinary background. Its destruction might involve profound secrets.” At this moment, Ninth Uncle, who was hidden in the void, suddenly reminded the two of them. “Even if the two of you are interested in this, its not appropriate to investigate further.”

“Alright, dont worry, Ninth Uncle.” Hong Renxi smiled and said, “We understand this principle. Well just pretend to be asking casually and not ask too much.”

“Ninth Uncle, whats the special background of Tianmen Star and Tianlu Star?” Hong Renxu asked curiously. “I didnt notice this before.”

“Sect Master once said that Tianmen Star might be a pearl from the Door to Heaven,” Ninth Uncle said in a low voice.

“Heaven?” Hong Renxu laughed when he heard that. “What arrogance. What kind of world dares to name itself after the Heavens? Is this one of the Heavens?”

“I dont know either. The Sect Master just mentioned it by chance.” Ninth Uncle shook his head.

“Well ask our great-grandfather ourselves when we get back.” Hong Renxi smiled. “Now, lets go to the shop of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect to take a look.”

… .

Hundred Sage City was actually the territory of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

The shop of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect was naturally the most eye-catching place. Moreover, it occupied a huge area and was a seven-story pavilion. It was very magnificent.

Therefore, the Hong brothers quickly found their way here.

“Sirs, what would you like to buy?”

As soon as the two of them arrived at the door of the shop, the shopkeeper personally welcomed them and bowed respectfully. His attitude was very humble.

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