Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 310 - The Brothers of the Hong Family Heavens Manifest! (2)

going to optimize the nomological Dao runes of Chongyang Star again?”

… .

On the icy plain in the extreme north.

This should have been the period of half a year of extreme daylight in this place, but now it was pitch black.

Gao Shou looked at the sky that had suddenly turned dark in shock. His entire body began to tremble as he muttered, “Is this a realm breakthrough? What kind of realm breakthrough is so exaggerated?”

He could clearly feel that the current phenomenon was only the prelude. The true phenomenon had yet to begin.

However, just this aura was enough to make him tremble in fear.

He felt that if he touched even a little bit of power at this level, he would instantly be reduced to ashes!

It was too terrifying!

… .

In the Plague Imperial Palace.

Zhu Changsheng rushed out of the Myriad Poison Pool with a bang. He looked up at the dark sky in shock and said, “Its Immortal Venerable. Hes breaking through now!

“But what realm is Immortal Venerable at? He actually broke through again. Moreover, the aura of this breakthrough is too shocking. Im afraid even the legendary ruler of everything is only so-so.

Is this the Eighth Realm, or the legendary Ninth Realm? I, I was actually working for such a great existence. Fortunately, I didnt become enemies with him!”

As the Sect Master of the Plague Imperial Palace, he clearly knew a lot more than Gao Shouxin.

However, the more he knew, the more he understood how powerful and terrifying the aura revealed by this phenomenon was.

The more terrified he was!

… .

Above the clouds.

The Chongyang Star God appeared and looked at his dark surroundings in shock. He muttered, “Unbelievable! Theres actually such a phenomenon in the world?!”

As a Star God at the Sage King level, he could see the situation of the “darkness” even more clearly.

This was not the usual sense of covering the sky and turning day into night.

Instead, it directly absorbed all the light that shone from the universe to Chongyang Star. At the same time, it controlled all the Great Dao laws, preventing them from revealing any light.

The essence of the dark phenomenon was absolute control over the laws of Chongyang Star.

This level of control was too terrifying. It could almost be said the Heavenly Dao of Chongyang Star could control any place on Chongyang Star at will.

Whether it was on the physical level or the nomological level, they were all under his control.

“This is only the prelude to the Dao Validation phenomenon!” The Chongyang Star God was amazed in his heart. At this moment, he even felt like kneeling down and kowtowing.

“Immortal Venerable is almighty!”

… .

In the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

Hui Shi, who was helping Pei Qingshu handle various official matters, and Li Cheng, who was sorting out the books, also looked up at the sky. Then, their faces revealed surprise.

“Has Immortal Venerable taken another step forward?” Li Cheng was amazed. “Even someone as powerful as Immortal Venerable is still working hard. Its really admirable.”

“Yes.” Hui Shi nodded and sighed. “From the day I met Sir, all his actions were for cultivation. Only then can he be a True Dao expert!”

… .

In Luling City.

Cui Heng was still in the ordinary courtyard.

He sat cross-legged in the air, his eyes slightly closed, faintly emitting an undying golden light. Purple qi that contained endless profound laws began to wrap around his body.

At this moment, a purple-gold light lit up between his brows. The young infant in his Niwan Palace suddenly stretched its body and stood up. It was already the size of an adult.

Now that the Nascent Soul had grown up, countless knowledge transformed into mysterious runes that flowed on his body that was filled with purple-gold light. They bloomed with endless light and illuminated the Purple Mansion Golden Hall to reality.

Peak of the Nascent Soul realm!!

Cui Hengs slightly closed eyes suddenly opened.

Like an ancient god sleeping in chaos, it opened its eyes, and an undying purple-gold light bloomed.

Endless Great Dao, endless Dharma and Logos were clearly reflected in his eyes.

Even the source of everything was clearly visible.

At the same time, layers of light and shadows began to appear in the sky above Chongyang Star.

This was an unknown place that was intertwined with billions of Great Dao laws.

Now, it was illuminated by the purple-gold light and reflected in everyones eyes.

Dao Validation phenomenon!

The Heavens have manifested!

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