entions.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Since you dont know the situation inside the Door of Heaven, lets talk about Fugui next. Hmm, about Hong Fugui. Is he still on Taihong Star?”


Hong Renxi and Hong Renxu could not help but look at each other and see the shock in each others eyes.

Not many people even knew the name Hong Fugui on Taihong Star. Only those closest to him knew.

Their grandfathers most famous name was Hongwu.

How did this supreme existence know?

Could it be…

Hong Renxi suddenly thought of something his grandfather had once said, and then he thought of how Hui Shi and Li Cheng had addressed Cui Heng earlier. He immediately shivered and said in disbelief, “You, youre that Mr. Cui?! Grandpas teacher?!”

“Fugui mentioned me to you?” Cui Heng smiled faintly and nodded. “Thats right, Im his teacher.”

“This, this…” Hong Renxi was dumbfounded and his entire body trembled. He felt an inexplicable excitement in his heart that made his scalp tingle and he was completely speechless.

“What, what, whats going on?!” Hong Renxu was even more confused. He had never seen Hong Fugui before, so he naturally did not know about this relationship.

“Theres actually such a thing!” Ninth Uncle, who was standing in the corner, also looked at Cui Heng in shock.

He had seen Hong Fugui before and interacted with him before. Their relationship was not bad, so he naturally knew that Hong Fugui had once been taught by a certain Mr. Cui and remembered him for life.

Actually, in the past, he did not care much about this Mr. Cui.

After all, Hong Fugui was only in his teens at that time and did not have much knowledge. With his understanding at that time, even if he met a Human Immortal, he would feel that there was nothing he could not do.

Moreover, Mr. Cui had indeed not displayed anything special.

Therefore, Ninth Uncle had always felt that the so-called Mr. Cui should not be too powerful.

However, he never expected Hong Fuguis teacher to be such a supreme existence.

In that case, Hong Fuguis status would immediately become extremely high.

However, there was still a huge difference between an in-name disciple and a legacy disciple.

“Sir, theyre the descendants of Heavenly King Hongwu?!” At this moment, Hui Shi also realized what Cui Heng was talking about. He looked at Hong Renxi and Hong Renxu in extreme shock. “I actually met Heavenly King Hongwus descendants!”

He was very excited and pleasantly surprised.

When he was on Daozhou Star, Hui Shi had been assigned by Cui Heng to implement various government decrees with various official positions. The source of those decrees was Heavenly King Hongwu.

In order to better implement the decree, he had deeply understood and studied Heavenly King Hongwu. He admired this hero who dared to overturn everything and fight against the world alone. He even admired him.

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