Chapter 318: Path to Soul Formation (2)

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Now that he saw Hong Fuguis descendant, he was naturally overjoyed.

“Heavenly King Hongwu…” Hong Renxis eyes widened again. This was also a name he was familiar with. He said with a trembling voice, “Sir, are you really that Mr. Cui? Did you come from Daozhou Star?”

“Were indeed from Daozhou Star.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled. “Theres no need to be so surprised. Calm down a little.”

“I, I cant calm down. I actually found the Mr. Cui that Grandpa mentioned. I actually found him!” Hong Renxi said excitedly, “My grandmother said that Grandpa has been talking about Mr. Cui for hundreds of years. He even dreamed of seeing you again.”

“…” Cui Heng fell silent when he heard this. He sighed softly and said, “Fugui is no longer on Taihong Star?”

This could be heard from Hong Renxis words.

He had heard his grandfather mention it before, and his grandmother had also mentioned it before. There were very few positive descriptions. This clearly did not sound like someone who was still around.

Moreover, with Hong Fuguis personality, it would probably be very difficult for him to stay on Taihong Star.

“Yes. Grandpa left Taihong Star a hundred years ago.” Hong Renxi nodded. “Among the seven brothers of my generation, only Ive seen Grandpa. Even Second Brother has never met him before.”

As he spoke, he pointed at Hong Renxu beside him.

“The reason why he left is because he knows that he cant fulfill his ideals on Taihong Star, right?” Cui Hengs gaze was deep as he said, “The world is harmonious and equal. In this world with many supernatural beings, its too difficult for him to do certain things.”

Hong Renxis thoughts were sharp, and he immediately sensed something different from Cui Hengs words. He hurriedly explained, “Sir, my maternal great-grandfather didnt restrict Grandpa at all. Grandma and Grandpas relationship is also very good.”

In his opinion, although Cui Heng did not say it explicitly just now, he was clearly saying that the environment on Taihong Star was not suitable for his grandfather.

As one of the five Creators of Taihong Star, his great-grandfather could not escape responsibility in this aspect.

He probably meant to blame him.

If such a supreme existence were to blame him, it would really be a world-shaking calamity.

Even the combined strength of the entire Taihong Star might not be able to withstand it.

So he hurriedly explained.

Cui Heng sized up Hong Renxi with a scrutinizing gaze and nodded with a smile. “Is that so? Thats good. What was Fuguis cultivation when he left Taihong Star?”

“When Grandpa left, he was already a Sage,” Hong Renxi replied.

“Theres no direction?” Cui Heng asked.

“No.” Hong Renxi shook his head at first, then said, “But its possible that he just didnt tell us. Perhaps Grandma and Great-grandfather know where he went.”

“Alright, I understand.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “Hui Shi, bring them away and record the situation of Taihong Star in detail.”

“Yes, Sir.” Hui Shi nodded and came to Hong Renxi and Hong Renxu. “Please follow me.”

“You should go too.” Cui Heng glanced at Ninth Uncle again.

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable.” Ninth Uncle hurriedly bowed and left. The pressure of staying here was too great.

“Li Cheng,” Cui Heng said again. “Get Qingshu to make some preparations in Luling City. Ill meet with Chen Tang and Mingzhen later.”

He wanted to ask about the Heaven Realm.

The Purple Sun Realm claimed to be formed from a Purple Sun Heaven fragment. It had a long history and a deep foundation. It should have some understanding of the Heaven Realm.

“Yes, Immortal Venerable!” Li Cheng also bowed and left.

Cui Heng was the only one left in the reception hall.

“Fugui is really good at running.” Cui Heng smiled. “Qiqi seems to be the same. Could it be that after I arrived at the Purple Sun Realm, I would find that she had gone somewhere else too? Young people are still so energetic.”

Actually, to him, it did not matter if he could find Hong Fugui and Jiang Qiqi.

As long as he could hear their news and know that they were still alive and had not suffered much, it was enough.

Therefore, be it going to the Heavenly Void World, coming to the Five Views Realm, or going to the Purple Sun Realm and Taihong Star in the future, his core goal was still his own cultivation.

He had always taken advantage of the situation to search for Hong Fugui and Jiang Qiqi.

Of course, if he received news that the two of them had been bullied or hunted down, Cui Heng would not be polite.

However, his most fundamental goal in going to various places was still to increase his cultivation and break through.

After all, this was a high-level Xianxia world.

It was very dangerous.

Thinking of this, Cui Heng could not help but ask in his heart, “System, is this really a high-level Xianxia space-time dimension?”

[The Omnipotent Immortal Cultivation System will continue to serve you and protect your path to immortality!]

[Greetings, esteemed host! After the examination, we can confirm that this is a high-level immortal warrior space-time. There are countless lives in the universe, Immortal Kings and countless ferocious beasts abound.]

“Where are the ferocious beasts and Immortal Kings? Why havent I seen them before?” Cui Heng asked.

He could be considered someone who had roamed the starry skies of the universe. He had never seen any so-called ferocious beasts, let alone any Immortal Kings. Even the so-called Creator was only barely equivalent to an Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator…

[Hello, honorable host! If you encounter a ferocious beast or Immortal King, I suggest you immediately hide in the Systems Grotto-Heaven World. Otherwise, your situation will be extremely dangerous!]

[If you are not satisfied with your current safety and need better services, you can upgrade the package to optimize the existing functions. You can also buy a value-added expansion package to randomly add more functions!]

[Current package: Omnipotent Immortal Cultivation package.]

[All-rounded Cultivation package upgrade: Upgrade all existing functions, bringing you a better cultivation service experience and giving you a home-like feeling. Purchasing price: 1,000,000,000 points. Purchasing qualification: Soul Formation.]

[All-rounded Cultivation package expansion package: You can randomly add a new function to the original functions. Purchasing price: 1,000,000,000 points. Purchasing qualification: Soul Formation. Limited to three purchases.]

[Warm reminder: The randomly added functions might not meet your requirements. Please purchase them carefully.]

[All-rounded Cultivation package upgrade package: You can add a new function in the specified direction on the basis of the original function. Purchasing price: 10,000,000,000 points. Purchasing qualification: Return to Void Realm+Sales Voucher]

[All-rounded Cultivation Package Upgrade Package Sales Voucher: You can obtain part of the qualifications to buy the relevant package. Purchasing price: 1, 000,000,000,000 points. Purchasing qualification: Return to Void Realm. Limited to one purchase.]

… .

… .

This series of upgrade packages, purchase rights, value-added services, and so on really made Cui Heng speechless. After rolling his eyes, he gave the System an order.

“Exchange for the reading time of the Primary Grade Immortal Technique, From Beginner to Ascension.”

Then, a small book appeared in his hand. His cultivation level had already reached the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm, and he could begin to pave the way for the Soul Formation realm.

First, he had to figure out how to reach the Soul Formation realm.

After all, this Primary Grade Immortal Technique only contained a concept method and no specific technique.

He had to figure it out himself.

He only knew that he had to nurture spirituality and collect the seven emotions of all living beings to break through to the Nascent Soul realm.

It was the same for the cultivation of the Nascent Soul realm. The growth of the Nascent Soul required understanding of the unknown. However, the way to investigate various secret histories, learn new things, see new environments, and obtain exploration feedback was also developed by him.

As expected, after flipping open the Primary Grade Immortal Technique, Cui Heng obtained a short concept method again.

[When a Nascent Soul grows up, its like a human learning and gaining a deeper understanding of this world.

But understanding does not mean mastering. Only by applying the knowledge youve gained into practice and changing the current situation of the world can you knock open the door to the Soul Formation realm.]

Use what hed learned to change the current situation of the world?

Cui Heng was confused.

This was even more vague than nurturing spirituality to explore the unknown.

What was a change?

What degree of change was needed?

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