n roads along the way like this. We can limit the beasts around the roads from stepping onto the roads to prevent the people from being on tenterhooks while traveling. At the same time, we can strengthen the countrys rule over the local areas.”

“…” Pei Qingshus eyes were already wide open. He looked at Cui Heng in shock and said, “Master, you mean to directly set the nomological laws to restrict martial artists from fighting?”

Could this still be done?

This was the nomological laws that concerned whether a planet could operate normally. It could also be directly set?

“Of course.” Cui Heng nodded and said with a smile, “Actually, I still have some other thoughts, but it wont be too late to talk about them after you build this framework.”

The Law and Order spell could be used to do many things. There were many interesting ways to play with it. It could be used to try and see if it could change the current situation of this world.

“Thank you, Master!” Pei Qingshu bowed respectfully. “With Master setting the rules, I can do whatever I want. I definitely wont disappoint Master!”

“Go on then.” Cui Heng waved his hand and smiled.

… .

Pei Qingshu acted decisively.

Not long after his conversation with Cui Heng ended, he took action.

Half a month later, after Pei Qingshu made some basic preparations, he directly announced that he would step down as the Sect Master of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

At the same time, he announced that he wanted to establish a country that included all the towns and villages on Chongyang Star.

At the same time, Luling City, the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, the Plague Imperial Palace, and the Netherworld Sacred Sect announced their support for King Linjiang and willingly submitted to him, obeying his orders.

For a moment, the world was shocked. The entire Five Views Realms attention was focused on Chongyang Star.

From time to time, Sages would come over to investigate the situation or pay their respects to Pei Qingshu.

Now that there were more than 500 Sages in the Five Views Realm, it meant that at least dozens of Sages would come to Chongyang Star every day, greatly distracting Pei Qingshu.

He had not expected this situation.

In the end, he could only give the order to temporarily close the external passage to Chongyang Star. Whoever wanted to come to Chongyang Star had to first send the visitation card to King Linjiang Mansion and obtain approval before they could enter Chongyang Star.

This action naturally caused many Sages to be dissatisfied, but no one openly offended Pei Qingshu.

They could only secretly say that Pei Qingshus move would definitely fail.

After all, Pei Qingshu had an unbelievably powerful figure backing him. To be able to take out hundreds of Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill, offending such a person was simply courting death.

Due to the power that Pei Qingshu had accumulated previously, coupled with the Li family and the other two Immortal sects, the process of unifying Chongyang Star was extremely smooth.

It only took a year.

This was because the territory was too big. Otherwise, it would have been completed long ago.

After completing the unification, Pei Qingshu officially became the Emperor.

The countrys name was Wu, and it was established in Luling Capital.

Pei Qingshu became the Founding Emperor of the Wu Dynasty. At the same time, he began to divide the various administrative regions and set up an official system.

At this point, the entire process did not attract much attention from the ordinary people. To the people, this was just changing the person who ruled them from an aristocratic family to an official sent by the Imperial Court.

They had yet to sense the difference.

However, as the first decree of the Wu Dynasty was issued, all the commoners could not sit still anymore.

“…Enlighten education and teach martial arts. Anyone who is at least seven years old, regardless of gender, wealth, or status, can register at the local office to learn martial arts…”

This sudden decree stunned all the ordinary people on Chongyang Star.

Especially after learning that the martial techniques taught by the government actually pointed a path to the realms of Limitless Golden Immortal, countless Heaven Immortals and Mystic Deities were alarmed.

Since ancient times, martial arts had been controlled by large aristocratic families and sects. Ordinary people would be considered lucky if they could learn some mediocre martial arts. They did not even dare to think about becoming an Immortal or a Sage.

Now, the government was actually going to teach such a divine technique?!

It was simply unbelievable!

However, another piece of extremely explosive news quickly appeared, causing all the Immortal World martial artists on Chongyang Star to fall into shock.

The martial techniques taught by the government could allow one to become a Golden Immortal without the Immortal True Essence.

And it was even stronger than the orthodox path!

They even openly declared that the cultivation method with the Immortal True Essence as the core was wrong.

Moreover, news of this quickly spread outside Chongyang Star. The Five Views Realm, as well as the realms and starry skies that frequently interacted with the Five Views Realm, also learned about it.

This was definitely an earth-shattering matter.

This was equivalent to subverting the cultivation method in the myriad worlds.

This meant that all the Golden Immortals and Sages had cultivated wrongly!

Countless Golden Immortals, Limitless Golden Immortals, and Sages came when they heard the news, but they were all blocked outside Chongyang Star, unable to enter.

Inside Chongyang Star, there were all kinds of opinions on how to deal with this problem.

The newly established Wu Dynasty immediately became a storm.

Cui Heng, who had personally created all of this, sat on the clouds. His eyes were slightly closed as he sat cross-legged and looked into his Purple Mansion, paying attention to the changes in his Nascent Soul.

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