Chapter 321: No Guide, No Companion


Actually, after Pei Qingshu put his plans into motion, Cui Heng’s Nascent Soul had not changed much.

However, with the establishment of the Wu Dynasty, the establishment of the local administrative divisions, the education of the people, and the promulgation of political decrees and martial arts, he finally began to receive feedback.

At this moment, the Nascent Soul floating in the Purple Mansion Golden Hall finally underwent some changes.

Wisps of purple qi appeared around the Nascent Soul.

Cui Heng could see the various lights and shadows of Chongyang Star in the purple qi. They contained the power of civilization change, as well as the thoughts and fates of all living beings.

This purple qi wrapped around the Nascent Soul, but it did not interact with the Nascent Soul, nor did it affect it.

“What’s going on?” Cui Heng was a little puzzled.

When this purple qi that contained the power of civilization change, the thoughts of all living beings, and the changes in fate appeared in his Purple Mansion, he thought that his experiment had succeeded.

It was indeed possible to obtain feedback by carrying out a huge social reform on Chongyang Star and changing the fate and life of most people.

However, after receiving the feedback, it did not bring any improvement to the Nascent Soul.

This was not normal.

“Will it only improve after I fully complete the cultivation of the Peak Nascent Soul realm?” Cui Heng fell into deep thought and thought to himself, “Or am I missing some aspects of cultivation or understanding?”

Thinking of this, he began to carefully examine the purple qi.

Then, he realized that it seemed to be difficult for him to have a clear definition of the purple qi and describe it accurately.

This was indeed purple qi that had condensed the power of transformation.

However, he knew nothing about the effects of this transformation power, what kind of effects it could bring, or how it was used as the foundation for reaching the Soul Formation realm.

“Just this kind of transformation power can allow a Nascent Soul cultivator to advance to the Soul Formation realm?” Cui Heng frowned and pondered. He thought to himself, “What is a Soul Formation cultivator and what is a God?

This is a transformative power that came about from change in the society and the fate and thoughts of all living beings. If it’s another type of change, will there be other types of changing forces? What’s different about them?”

For a moment, a lot of doubts appeared in his mind.

At this moment, Cui Heng really wished that a teacher could stand in front of him and answer his questions about cultivation, or that there was a Dao companion of the same realm who could discuss these problems with him and how to solve them.

There was no guide ahead, nor was there anyone accompanying him.

This cultivation state was really filled with difficulties and loneliness.

It was too difficult.

He might as well stop and enjoy his long life.

After all, a Peak Nascent Soul cultivator had already achieved true immortality. As long as they did not encounter an existence at the Void Refinement Realm, they could be said to be immortal.

There was no need to continue walking on this fog-filled path.

Moreover, even if he was only at the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm, it was enough for him to be known throughout the myriad worlds.

What was the point of continuing forward?

“That thought again!”

Cui Heng suddenly woke up and realized that there was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. His expression changed as he said in surprise, “I actually had this thought of stopping here and not walking forward anymore. I’ve never had this thought before…”

The last time this thought appeared was when he had just broken through to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

At that time, he suspected that there might be a special threshold after breaking through to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm. He wanted to see if there was a relevant explanation in the Primary Grade Immortal Technique.

However, the Primary Grade Immortal Technique was as concise as ever. There was no relevant information.

Unexpectedly, when he was thinking about how to break through to the Soul Formation realm, this thought actually appeared again.

The first time, he could still reason that he had just broken through to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm and his mental state was not very stable, so he was affected a little. This time, Cui Heng felt that there might really be some problems.

“What gave me the thought of retreating?” Cui Heng frowned, but he was puzzled.

He knew very well that it was impossible for him to stop moving forward.

This world was filled with Immortal Kings and ferocious beasts. A mere Peak Nascent Soul cultivator dared to be so arrogant. He might die for no reason at any time.

“Is it the restriction of the natural laws of heaven and earth, or is it a threshold of the mental state that I have to pass after reaching the Great Dao?” Speculations flashed through Cui Heng’s mind.

At this moment, he also understood that the Soul Formation Realm was clearly not as easy as the previous realms. It was not something that could be broken through just by exploring the cultivation method and cultivating step by step.

Cui Heng calmed himself down and thought to himself, “The feedback from the changes now is just an attempt. It can’t be considered as finding the path to the Soul Formation realm. I have to experiment more and explore more.

However, I should still see if there will be any other changes on Chongyang Star next and if the subsequent changes can bring me other forms of feedback…”

Thinking of this, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. He stopped thinking and looked down.

Countless cities were scattered around, and living beings were like ants.

This made Cui Heng suddenly understand something. He muttered, “Has my cultivation caused me to feel too high and mighty recently?

I clearly haven’t become an Immortal yet, but I’m already a little detached from the mortal world. Is it because I’ve been called Exalted Immortal and Immortal Venerable too many times? Has my central principle changed?”

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