Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 332 - Master God of the White Lotus Lifeless Sect

Chapter 331: The Person Who Cultivated the Immortal Dawn Sword Art (3)

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A middle-aged man was carefully hiding deep underground. His body was wrapped in a layer of black satin that covered his aura and reduced his presence.

This was a Creator-level secret treasure, and it was a treasure that specialized in hiding from nomological laws. It could almost perfectly hide him.

He would not be discovered by the Fire Dragon that was circling the White Star outside in a short period of time.

50 years ago, when he led a group of people past Tianzhu Star, he had also used this secret treasure to hide from the perception of the Tianzhu Star Lord and successfully arrived at Daozhou Star.

At this moment, the Fire Dragon swimming on the surface of White Star was naturally Huo San.

It had long arrived here and instinctively felt that something was wrong with the situation on this planet. However, it found nothing after searching for a long time.

“Damn it! Why did this Fire Dragon come to White Star? Wasnt it sleeping on Daozhou Star?!”

Zhao Kun was a little flustered and exasperated, but he could only try his best to suppress his emotions and not dare to have too much of an emotional fluctuation. This might expose his whereabouts.

“This Fire Dragons perception is too terrifying. The Shadowless Silk is clearly a treasure that can hide from all Creator realm experts. Why can it still sense the abnormality?

If this continues, I wont be able to hide for long. Ill be discovered soon. Do I really have to give up and use the teleportation array to go to Daozhou Star and teleport out of this starry sky?”

He had been on White Star for 50 years, and it was not like he had done nothing.

He set up a teleportation array underground that was connected to the White Sacred Palace in Zhongjing Imperial City. As long as the teleportation array was activated, he could immediately return to Daozhou Star.

The teleportation array in the White Sacred Palace was directly connected to a planet outside this starry sky. This was something they had prepared before they came, so it was convenient for them to retreat.

“Venerable One, the people from the Immortal Dawn Sect seem to be interested, but they hope that you can come over personally to talk.” At this moment, Shen Baishengs voice sounded in Zhao Kuns mind.

To the current Zhao Kun, these words were like the sound of music.

Thats great!

He had finally succeeded! He was finally going to succeed!

“Ill go over immediately!” Zhao Kun replied impatiently, but his tone was still very steady.

Then, he activated the teleportation array and disappeared.

Huo San also discovered the abnormality here the moment the teleportation array was activated.

However, it did not go over to investigate.

That was because Cui Heng, who was on Daozhou Star, had already known about this through the perception of Huo San.

Three feet above Liu Yiyuns head was a hidden spirit that also shared Cui Hengs perception.

Hence, when Zhao Kun walked out of the White Sacred Palace, thinking to end the battle quickly, end the conversation as soon as possible, obtain the Immortal Dawn Sword Art, and escape—

Cui Heng was already standing considerately above the Great Wei Imperial Palace.

However, no one sensed him.

“Im Zhao Kun, a Sage King from the Purple Sun Immortal World.” The first thing Zhao Kun said after walking out of the White Sacred Palace was to explain his identity and cultivation level.

This was also to give him an advantage in terms of position.

Then, he looked at Liu Yiyun and said in a low voice, “Miss, we can give you anything you want, be it cultivation, strength, treasures, or Sage Armaments. We only want the Immortal Dawn Sword Art.”

As long as the price was big enough, the other party would not have time to hesitate.

This was Zhao Kuns experience.

It has always been successful.

Moreover, he had to do this now. He had to complete this matter before the Hong River Water God discovered him and escape through the teleportation array.

Otherwise, he really might not be able to leave!

“Its actually a Sage King.”

Liu Yiyun pretended to be surprised and took two steps back. Then, she shook her head and chuckled. “Unfortunately, its not up to me to decide if this Immortal Dawn Sword Art can be sold to the public.”

At this point, she suddenly stopped and bowed respectfully to the sky. She shouted, “Welcome, Ancestral Grandmaster!”

After Cui Heng arrived, he sent a voice transmission to Liu Yiyun.

Hence, before she could finish her sentence, a figure descended from the sky and landed beside Liu Yiyun.

It was Cui Heng.

“You want to obtain the Immortal Dawn Sword Art so much?” He smiled and swept his gaze across Shen Baisheng. Finally, he looked at Zhao Kun with a scrutinizing gaze.

“The Purple Sun Realm claims to be a fragment of the Heavens. Is it lacking such a cultivation method? Or did the person who cultivated the Immortal Dawn Sword Art have any special performance in the Purple Sun Realm?”

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