Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 332 - Master God of the White Lotus Lifeless Sect


“Ancestral Grandmasters might is boundless.” Liu Yiyun could not help but sigh. This method of instantly turning a person into a dog had completely exceeded her understanding.

“Woof! Woof, woof! Woof, woof!!” Zhao Kun wailed in fear. His entire body was trembling, and his four legs knelt down, continuously kowtowing and begging Cui Heng for mercy.

“Continue,” Cui Heng said indifferently.

“Woof! Exalted Immortal, please spare my life!” Zhao Kun realized that he could suddenly speak again, but he still looked like a dog. He hurriedly said, “Exalted Immortal, please forgive me. I, I was also afraid that Exalted Immortal would vent your anger on our sect, so I held onto the mentality of taking a fluke.

“This time, Ill tell you everything. We really dont know much about what happened on Purple Sun Star, nor are we qualified to know the exact situation on Purple Sun Star.

“However, its not that we dont have any interactions with Myriad Dawn Sword Immortal. Actually, when Myriad Dawn Sword Immortal was at the Sage Realm, she had traveled around, and my master had some thoughts about her…”

Master sent a junior sister of mine to approach Myriad Dawn Sword Immortal and find out the truth about her rapid improvement. At the same time, she wanted to wait until they were close to obtain her cultivation method.

“But Myriad Dawn Sword Immortal was very vigilant. After discovering the clues, she took the initiative to distance herself from my junior sister. In the end, we only obtained the nameImmortal Dawn Sword Art.”

“Do you think you can plot against my Ancestral Master?” Liu Yiyun sneered in disdain. “Ancestral Master is extremely intelligent and has great luck. She even received the guidance of a supreme existence like Ancestral Grandmaster. How can you thieves successfully scheme against her!”

“Its us who didnt consider the consequences. Its us who dont know the immensity of heaven and earth. Exalted Immortal, please forgive us!” Zhao Kun, who looked like a puppy, kowtowed and begged for mercy. He didnt look like a Sage King at all.

Actually, if he was still in his human form and still had the cultivation realm of a Sage King, he would most likely not be as humble as he was now.

However, the power in his body had long been scattered, and his realm had already fallen. He was only a dog that could speak, so he naturally did not have a mental state.

“Theres no need to beg for mercy. I wont kill you for the time being,” Cui Heng said indifferently. Then, he changed the topic. “Your White Lotus Lifeless Sect is the only Immortal sect on Divine Might Planet. Theres a Creator in your sect, right?”

“Yes, yes!” Zhao Kun hurriedly nodded. Although he did not know why Cui Heng was asking this, he still reported the truth and did not dare to hide anything.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and asked, “Ive heard that everyone on Divine Might Planet only worships one god. Is it the Master God worshiped by your White Lotus Lifeless Sect?”

“Its like this. Everyone on Divine Might Planet respects the White Lotus Goddess.” Zhao Kun was even more puzzled in his heart, but he continued to explain, “However, because the people of different groups have different understandings of the Goddess, thousands of different factions were born from the core gospel. Their relationship is complicated. Some are hostile to each other, and some are as close as brothers…”

“Its actually a chaotic place.” Cui Heng was slightly stunned.

He was originally still thinking about how to transform a place where the entire world worshiped a single Goddess. After all, the more unified a places thoughts were, the harder it was for him to make changes and establish a new order.

But if their thoughts were chaotic, it would be much easier.

Although there was a source for the thousands of schools of thoughts, from Zhao Kuns description, it was still essentially chaos.

After all, if these different factions really acknowledged the same source, there would not be any hostility.

Thinking of this, Cui Heng looked at Emperor Changwu, who was already stunned not far away, then at the White Sacred Palace. Then, his gaze landed on Shen Baisheng, who was sitting on the ground, and he chuckled. “Youre usually preaching to the Emperor of Great Wei?”

“Ah? I, I, Exalted Immortal, yes, thats correct!” Shen Baisheng nodded repeatedly and explained, “It was His Majesty who took the initiative to invite me here. I didnt bewitch him…”

“Theres no need to say this.” Cui Heng waved his hand and interrupted them. He said to Shen Baisheng and Zhao Kun, “Next, go to Changfeng Prefecture. Someone will naturally receive you there. There will be a few people who will learn the scriptures of the White Lotus Lifeless Sect from you.”

He planned to let Lu Zhengming, Zhao Guang, and Liu Litao learn the teachings of the White Lotus Lifeless Sect in preparation for establishing a new order on Divine Might Planet in the future.

The establishment of a new order was definitely accompanied by the collision of ideas. Only by knowing oneself and the enemy could one be invincible.

Zhao Kun and Shen Baisheng were confused.

What was he doing?

He actually wanted him to continue preaching the scriptures?!

… .

After catching Zhao Kun, the mastermind, there wasnt much else on Daozhou Star for Cui Heng to do.

Hence, after Huo San returned from the starry sky of the universe, he directly broke through the void and established a cross-border passage to the Heavenly Void World.

With a step forward, he was already in the Great Zhou Kingdom of the Heavenly Void World.

As the saying went, one could not stay in the position of Emperor for long.

Otherwise, he might suffer an inexplicable backlash and die.

Therefore, the Great Wei Dynasty in the mortal world set the rule that one could only sit on the throne for 60 years at most.

However, this was not applicable in the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Now it was—

Year 371 of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

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