Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 334 - Alternate Space Small World Fusion

ng a distortion and great influence on the Great Dao of reality.

Therefore, although Cui Heng had yet to truly break through to the Soul Formation realm, after walking the path of the Soul Formation realm and condensing the Purple Golden Divine Light to increase the essence of his Nascent Soul, his Dharmic powers had already had a similar effect.

Now, this effect was even stronger.

With a thought, he saw through the deep laws of the Heavenly Void World and clearly saw the state and operation of this small world.

“Huh? This is…” Cui Hengs eyes suddenly lit up as he looked up.

After the effect of his Dharmic powers increased, he sensed the situation in the alternate space outside the Heavenly Void World.

“Master, whats wrong?” Li Mingqiong noticed the change in Cui Hengs expression and asked curiously.

“Mingqiong, your cultivation is about to reach a bottleneck, right?” Cui Heng retracted his gaze and asked Li Mingqiong.

Through his observation just now, he had already discovered the hidden danger of the Great Zhou.

“Yes.” Li Mingqiong nodded. “In another hundred years or so, there wont be enough land here.”

Land was not only about living space, but also various resources.

If the population continued to grow explosively like now, it would be difficult to distribute the resources reasonably in a hundred years.

At that time, it would be difficult to maintain the current order, and all kinds of conflicts would definitely erupt.

This was inevitable.

Unless she could obtain more land and resources, it would be very difficult for her cultivation to improve.

“Theres a chance to obtain more land now.” Cui Heng pointed at the void above and smiled. “Now, the Heavenly Void World is coming into contact with a small world.”

“You mean…” Li Mingqiong was stunned for a moment before she said in surprise,” The Heavenly Void World has come to another alternate space with a small world? ”

The Heavenly Void World was essentially formed from a fragment of the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm and had the characteristics of self-repair.

Therefore, as long as it encountered some small worlds in the alternate space, it was possible to devour them and use them to repair itself.

In the past thousands of years, the Heavenly Void World had devoured some small worlds several times, increasing its size.

This was where the three Buddhist monasteries came from.

“Yes, I just discovered that theres a small world in this alternate space.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “Moreover, the Heavenly Void World has already established a connection with it.”

The so-called alternate space was a special space that was attached to a normal material planet.

The essence was the state of the spatial rift after it expanded.

Spatial rifts were natural cracks formed by spatial fluctuations or compression.

They had some connections with each other before, so after passing through a gap, they might appear outside another gap.

This was also the foundation of long-distance teleportation.

As long as he connected the two fixed gaps, he could achieve the effect of instantly crossing an extremely long distance.

The teleportation array was set up with similar methods.

However, the spatial rift was actually only in the Primary Stage.

If a gap was allowed to grow and expand at will, after a long time, it would form a huge alternate space that would attach to the surrounding mass.

This alternate space still retained the characteristics of a spatial rift. There might be a connection between two or more worlds.

However, there was no matter inside the alternate space, so this connection was meaningless.

However, if a substance from the outside world accidentally fell into an alternate space, the situation would be different.

This substance would start from the alternate dimension it first came into contact with and circulate in the many alternate dimensions connected to it.

And every once in a while, it would return to the original alternate space.

This was actually the situation in the Heavenly Void World.

It was the “matter” that cycled through multiple alternate dimensions.

The alternate space attached to Daozhou Star was the starting point of the Heavenly Void World. The Heavenly Void World would return every hundred years, so there was an intersection every hundred years.

This was not the intersection period, which meant that the Heavenly Void World was wandering in other alternate spaces. This meant that there was an extremely low chance of encountering other small worlds.

“The last time the Heavenly Void World encountered a small world was thousands of years ago. I wonder what well encounter this time.” Li Mingqiong was very interested in this and smiled. “No matter what, the Heavenly Void World will definitely expand because of this.”

This way, there was a high chance that the shortage of land resources would be compensated.

“Dont be happy too early.” Cui Heng shook his head and chuckled. “According to the natural recovery speed of the Heavenly Void World, it will take at least 70 to 80 years to complete this merger.”

“70 to 80 years… Thats not too late.” Li Mingqiong estimated that although the conflicts between the various levels of the Great Zhou would begin to appear in 70 to 80 years, they would most likely not develop to the point of intense conflict.

“However, in another dozen years, that small world will probably be gone.” Cui Heng looked at the sky and then at Li Mingqiong. “Mingqiong, do you want to help them?”

“Ah?” Li Mingqiong asked curiously, “Master wants to bring us to that world?”

“No.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and said in a low voice, “Its to speed up the fusion of this small world with the Heavenly Void World.”

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