Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 335 - A World On The Brink Of Destruction

tall appeared in many places.

The other beasts also grew larger.

Moreover, as the beasts became larger, the flesh and bones of these beasts became stronger, and their defense increased greatly.

Such a change immediately brought about a very serious disaster. A ferocious tiger more than 30 feet tall was simply a nightmare. It could kill a large number of armored soldiers with a single slap.

When such a ferocious beast appeared, it required thousands of elite soldiers to take it down. Moreover, they were all soldiers who knew martial arts and held superior weapons.

However, if a huge wolf appeared, it would be even more terrifying. This was because wild wolves usually appeared in groups. There were dozens of wolves that were more than seven feet or ten feet tall. They were even enough to crush a city!

However, even with such a change, the new dynasty could barely handle it by relying on the power of the country that was still at its peak.

However, as time passed, some of the wild beasts underwent new changes. Not only did they possess powerful bodies, but they also began to gain abilities to control the elements like wind and lightning, ice and fire, and possessed the ability to mobilize the power of Heaven and Earth.

Moreover, in the fifth year of the mutation, a “beast” with a human body and a beast head appeared.

This was termed a “Demon”!

Demons were stronger than mutated beasts and had more systematic strength. Their bodies were also stronger. Most importantly, they had intelligence equivalent to ordinary humans.

Hence, disaster descended.

From the day the demons appeared, the humans of this world began to be completely defeated. Be it the martial sects or the Imperial Court, they were unable to resist the invasion of such powerful creatures.

In less than two years, the originally prosperous new dynasty completely collapsed. The Emperor disappeared, and the courtiers fled in all directions. The generals of the various armies led their tribes to defend the city and eke out a miserable existence.

However, the Demons became stronger again. A leader among them who could completely transform into a human appeared. He was respected as a Demon Emperor and led all the Demons in the world. He even shouted the slogan of destroying the human race.

Just as everyone was feeling despair, Zhang Yancheng accidentally obtained a book and learned that there had similarly been a Demon chaos in this land a long time ago.

In the end, it was a peerless hero who obtained a Demon Slaying Sword bestowed by an Immortal that ended this chaotic war and returned the mortal world to peace.

Hence, Zhang Yancheng left home resolutely. After three years and countless hardships, he finally obtained this legendary sword.

After Zhang Yancheng knelt down and bowed, he stood up with the Demon Slaying Sword in his hand. His entire body emitted dense killing intent as he gritted his teeth and said, “The Demon Slaying Sword has already sensed the whereabouts of the demonic qi.”

“Today, Ill use these demons who destroyed my hometown as a sacrifice to my sword!”

… .

On a hill not far from Zhang Yancheng.

A middle-aged man in golden clothes stood side by side with a handsome young man. The two of them looked at Zhang Yanchengs departing figure with pity in their eyes.

If an official who had served in the Imperial Court was here, they would definitely be able to easily recognize that this man in luxurious clothes was the Emperor who had been missing for several years.

If any of the generals who had fought with the Demons were here, they would be able to recognize that the demonic man beside the Emperor was the leader of the Demons, the “Demon Emperor”.

They were actually standing together.

“Demon Slaying Sword. What a good name.” The Demon Emperor revealed a sinister smile. “A sword condensed from the luck of the human race is only used to kill some small demons. How delightful!”

“If not, how can we consume the luck of the human race and speed up the rise of the Demon Race?” The Emperor also smiled. He looked at Zhang Yancheng with some pity and chuckled. “Poor fool. He still thinks that he has found a way to save the world.”

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