Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 337 - This Is the Heavenly Void World (2)

Chapter 336: This Is the Heavenly Void World

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Accompanied by the rumbling thunder, golden lightning spread out in the sky. Moreover, the length of this lightning was extremely exaggerated, as if it extended to the end of the sky.

The Emperor frowned as he looked at the sky. His expression suddenly became solemn as he said curiously, “Theres something wrong with this lightning. It gives me an ominous feeling.”

“Our Demon Race is afraid of lightning, but are you humans also afraid?” The Demon Emperor chuckled with a normal expression. “Its just a change in the weather caused by the stimulation of laws and principles. Its not surprising. It should be that the Sacred Demon Heavens is invading the laws of this world.”

“Is that true?” The Emperor was still worried.

“You humans like to worry about such useless things.” The Demon Emperor laughed disdainfully and said indifferently, “In terms of your human cultivation realms, Im already a Mystic Deity. My comprehension of laws is far above yours. I wont be wrong.”

“Thats good then.” The Emperor nodded and looked in the direction Zhang Yancheng left. He said in a low voice, “When he uses the Demon Slaying Sword to exhaust the luck of the human race, we can begin to receive the power of the Saint Demon Heaven, right?”

“Thats right.” The Demon Emperor nodded and then smiled. “My Emperor, youve asked this question a hundred times. Why are you still asking?”

“Because Ive been away from the Sacred Demon Realm for too long and have had enough of living in human bodies. I want to go back!” The Emperors expression suddenly turned cold as he said in a low voice, “Dont treat me as a human anymore, let alone call me a human!”

“Hahaha! Good, good, good!” The Demon Emperor nodded repeatedly, then smiled and said, “I dont treat you as a human, Im just saying it. You know very well that only after returning to the Saint Demon Heaven will you have a chance to return to your Demon body.”

“I naturally know this.” The Emperor snorted and looked in the direction Zhang Yancheng left. “I only hope that this kid can work harder and consume the power of the Demon Slaying Sword as soon as possible.”


At this moment, the thunder and lightning in the sky continued, and it was showing signs of intensifying.

The Demon Emperor and the Human Emperor could not help but look up.

Countless golden lightning bolts began to interweave with each other, as if they had formed an incomparably huge lightning net that wanted to envelop everything under the sky.

The Demon Emperor and the Human Emperor became even more excited.

In their opinion, this meant that the power of the Sacred Demon Heaven was increasing.

They could return to the Sacred Demon Realm soon.

… .

Zhang Yanchengs footsteps were very fast.

Before long, he and his junior sister, Yang Luo, arrived outside a forest.

This was originally an ordinary forest, and there were no ferocious beasts in the past.

However, after the drastic change ten years ago, many mutated beasts appeared here and slaughtered the surrounding villages.

However, in the past, their strength was limited and they could not break through the city. They usually only hunted outside the city.

This time, they could actually slaughter all the people in the city. A powerful Demon must have appeared.

“Senior Brother…” Yang Luo gently pulled the corner of Zhang Yanchengs shirt and looked at the deep forest in front of him. He said worriedly,” The environment in this forest is complicated. If we enter rashly, well probably suffer an ambush. ”

“Im already prepared.” Zhang Yanchengs gaze was calm as he slowly walked forward.

He raised his left hand and pressed it on a tree at the foot of the mountain. Then, he circulated the True Qi in his body. The surrounding Heaven Earth Origin Qi immediately gathered, and the surrounding temperature suddenly increased.

Hu –

The tree instantly dried up. A ball of flames ignited from where Zhang Yancheng was pressing down and quickly spread. In the blink of an eye, the entire tree burned.


Zhang Yancheng suddenly shouted. The Demon Slaying Sword in his right hand swept forward, and a scarlet sword light soared into the sky, spreading in all directions with the flames that burned the tree.

Under the catalysis of this sword light and Zhang Yanchengs True Essence, the countless trees all over the mountain quickly dried up, and most of the water was evaporated.

At this moment, the entire forest had become like a large piece of dry wood that would burn upon contact with fire!

The burning trees ignited each other and spread out at an extremely fast speed. Scarlet flames soared into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, most of the foot of the mountain had turned into a sea of fire.

Screams came from inside.

Setting fire to the mountain!

This was Zhang Yanchengs first step in eliminating the Demons.

The Demons were hiding in the forest and their whereabouts were mysterious. It was extremely disadvantageous to him.

In that case, he would destroy this forest first.

Moreover, ordinary little Demons could not withstand such a large-scale mountain fire. While burning down this entire forest, it would definitely be able to burn many little Demons to death.

It could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

“Senior Brother is so powerful!” Yang Luo looked at the raging flames in front of her and exclaimed happily, “With a single strike, mountain flames filled the sky. With the enhancement of the Demon Slaying Sword, Senior Brothers strength is no weaker than an Earth Immortal, right?”

“Yes.” Zhang Yancheng nodded and tightened his grip on the Demon Slaying Sword. He could not hide the excitement in his heart and said happily, “As expected of a divine weapon wielded by an ancient Immortal to kill demons. Its power is indeed extraordinary.

“With my current Human Immortal cultivation, I shouldnt be able to dry all the trees in the forest. But with the help of the Demon Slaying Sword, I did it. This is already the ability of an Earth Immortal!”

“With the help of the Demon Slaying Sword, Senior Brother, you can definitely save the world!” Yang Luos pretty face was filled with excitement as she smiled and said, “In my opinion, this should only be the initial power of the Demon Slaying Sword. Senior Brother, as long as you use the Demon Slaying Sword more in the future, you might be able to unleash even greater power.”

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