Chapter 338: Could This Be a Dao Lord?!

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Cui Heng had often seen Demons in various artistic works on Earth.

It was almost a necessary race for Xianxia and fantasy.

However, after transmigrating to this high-level Xianxia world, he had never seen a Demon before.

Daozhou Stars overall martial strength was not high. It was understandable if there were no Demons, but it was a little strange that there were no Demons on Chongyang Star, a place that even had Sages.

Moreover, be it during the journey to Chongyang Star or when he was flipping through various ancient books on Chongyang Star, he had never seen any clear records of Demons.

However, no matter which planet it was, as long as there was a civilization, there would be legends about Demons.

Even if there had never been a Demon on the planet they were on, and there were no traces of a Demon, it was the same.

This was very strange.

Therefore, even to Cui Heng, who had already embarked on the path to the Soul Formation realm, Demons were still a rather mysterious group.

Although he could casually enlighten and create countless Demons with his current cultivation realm, this was still different from the concept of naturally awakening intelligence and forming a race, or even a long-term inheritance.

Now that he suddenly saw a Demon, it was a pleasant surprise for him.

Compared to Cui Hengs surprise, the Demon Emperor only felt horrified.

From his body to his soul, he felt that he had encountered the most terrifying existence in his life. It made him feel that his entire body was trembling, and he was so terrified that he was about to die.

Just looking at Cui Heng and sensing the bit of aura emitted by Cui Heng made him almost collapse and die.

“How can there be such a terrifying existence?!” The Demon Emperors heart was completely filled with fear. He was extremely flustered and thought to himself, “My souls essence is that of a Sage King. Even if I encounter a Seventh Realm Creator, I wont die from fear just by taking a look!

“Could, could he be a Dao Lord? A Dao Lord with a Peak Seventh Realm Dao Body?! How is this possible? How can there be a Dao Lord in the Broken Realm Sea? Has the Heaven Realm reopened?”

Thinking of this, the already ashen face of this Demon Emperor became even paler. His entire body seemed to have been drained of its bones and he collapsed.

However, he was still trying his best to control his body and beg Cui Heng for mercy.

In comparison, the Emperor beside him felt much better.

He still maintained his human body. No matter how one looked at it, he still looked like a human. He could comfort himself that since he was a human, this expert with unbelievable power might not do anything to him.

But just as the Emperor thought that he could muddle through, Cui Heng looked at him and chuckled. “Your soul is a little different from a normal humans. A humans soul actually looks like a dog.”

Before the Emperor could react to what was going on, he suddenly felt his entire body lighten, as if he had been pulled out of his restraints by some invisible force.

This feeling actually gave him an indescribable sense of comfort.

However, he soon could not feel comfortable.

The Emperor quickly discovered his situation. His soul was pulled out of his body and fixed beside it, unable to move.

“This, this, I, I!!”

He immediately became incoherent. He was terrified to the extreme and could not even say a complete sentence.

At this moment, the Demon Emperor finally managed to control his body with great difficulty. He kowtowed in the air and knelt in front of Cui Heng, shouting, “Greetings, Dao Lord. Please spare my life!”

“Dao Lord?” Cui Hengs eyes lit up when he heard that. He nodded and said with a smile, “I wont kill you for the time being. However, I have some questions for you. I hope you can answer them truthfully.”

“Yes, yes, I will definitely answer truthfully. Dao Lord, feel free to ask.” The Demon Emperor hurriedly nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. The fear in his heart finally gradually subsided.

“Me, me too, me too!” The Emperor, who had already transformed into a dog soul, hurriedly shouted. He also wanted to save his life.

“The two of you can stay here for now.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and froze the two Demons in the air. Then, he said to Li Mingqiong beside him, “A small world has merged here. Go and take a look.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Mingqiong nodded happily, her heart filled with excitement.

To her, the merger of a new world was a great thing.

The land resources in the Heavenly Void World were limited, which meant that the development of the Great Zhous national strength would directly cause her cultivation realm to stagnate.

Now that a new world had merged, it meant that the land resources of the Heavenly Void World had increased, and it had also brought a large number of natives with it.

These were all necessary factors to increase the strength of the country.

Li Mingqiong even had a feeling that as long as she could seize this opportunity, she would have a chance to break through the current bottleneck and completely submerge the Soul Golden Core.

From then on, she would step into a realm similar to the Seventh Realm of the Immortal World!

… .

At the same time that the Demon Emperor and the Human Emperor were captured, everyone in that world was stunned.

The waves of shocking phenomena had already stunned everyone in that world.

However, as the world-piercing light curtain began to sweep through the entire world, people felt that it was not surprising at all.

Before the two worlds completely merged, the golden light curtain that had only landed at one place earlier moved.

First, its width extended to the end of the world, then spread to both sides in front of it. Layers of light were “pushed out” and began to sweep through the entire world at an extremely fast speed.

It was as if it was scanning the entire world, including all the living beings in this world, as well as the void intersection points, spatial rifts, and so on.

After confirming that there were no problems, this small world finally completely integrated into the Heavenly Void World.

To the natives of this world, they only felt the ground under their feet move, and then there was nothing unusual.

However, any martial artist who had the ability to sense the laws of heaven and earth was shocked.

They realized that on the level of laws, the world they were in had actually changed.

The sky became higher, the ground thicker, and the Dharma and Logos became more mysterious, vast, and unfathomable.

This feeling was as if the entire world had broken through a realm and undergone a huge sublimation.

No one knew what had happened. Everyone was confused.

However, as a group of martial artists who claimed to be from the Great Zhou appeared, the natives of this world roughly understood what was going on.

The world they were in had actually been merged with another!

… .

Zhang Yancheng was stunned.

He had never thought that there would be so many Devas, Heaven Immortals, and even legendary Heaven Monarchs in the world!

These unbelievably powerful and terrifying existences appeared in groups.

Then, they broke through all the places where the Demons gathered and captured the Demons who caused trouble.

The entire process was effortless. There was no intense battle at all. It was a one-sided suppression, like hunting for entertainment.

This undoubtedly caused a huge impact on Zhang Yanchengs concept of life.

He watched helplessly as those incomparably powerful Demons were captured by the Great Zhou martial artists in various ways. For a moment, he doubted the value of his life.

After all, the moment he obtained the Demon Slaying Sword, he had already sworn that from now on, he would only live to kill Demons and save the world.

Now, he had yet to do anything. He had yet to even kill the Demon that destroyed his hometown when it was snatched away by a Great Zhou martial artist.

Those martial artists from the Great Zhou were extremely powerful and directly wiped out all the Demons in the world.

And that was the end of it.

Had he won?

It was not that this outcome was not good. The Demons had been eliminated and the world had returned to normal. Zhang Yancheng was naturally very happy.

But he felt that something was amiss.

These things that should have been done by him were now over…

What should he do now?

What should he do with the Demon Slaying Sword?

What was the value of his life?

It had been three months since the merger of the worlds.

Zhang Yancheng had already figured out the situation of the so-called Great Zhou Dynasty, but he still seemed to be unable to recover from this shock and appeared very dispirited.

Fortunately, he had the company of his Junior Sister, Yang Luo, to comfort him and ease his mind.

Recently, when Yang Luo saw that Zhang Yancheng had not recovered, she took the initiative to bring him to the capital of the Great Zhou.

She wanted him to try and find the value of his life in the most prosperous place in that new world.

“Junior Sister, the capital of the Great Zhou is ahead?” Zhang Yancheng sat in the carriage and looked at the majestic city in the distance. He could not help but praise, “What a great country. It can actually build such a huge city.”

“Yes, this is the capital of the Great Zhou, and also the most prosperous place in the entire Heavenly Void World.” Yang Luo also looked at the huge city in front of her with a slightly complicated expression.

“Junior Sister, are you hiding something from me?” Zhang Yancheng looked at Yang Luo with concern. Although he had been a little dispirited recently, his mind was still sharp.

“No, Im not.” Yang Luos gaze became a little evasive when asked this question. In the end, she closed her eyes and bit her lip gently. “Senior Brother, youll understand when we reach the capital of the Great Zhou.”

“…” Zhang Yancheng fell silent when he heard this. Then, he smiled and said, “Since youre unwilling to say, I wont force you. When you want to say it, Ill listen at any time.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother.” Yang Luo lowered her head. Her nose was a little sore, but she still thought to herself, “Im sorry, Senior Brother. Im sorry, Im sorry…

Demon Emperor, I sensed that you were in the capital. Ive sent the Demon Slaying Sword to you.

This should be of help to you, right?”

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