Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 34 - Seven Colors of the Seven Emotions Immortal Venerable Becomes the County Lord

Chapter 33: Ask the Great Army To Please Make a Detour

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Standing to the side, Monk Hui Shi and the old man were dumbfounded.

Even the woman in black looked at Yan Sheng in surprise.

Wasnt this change in attitude too quick?!

However, the scene Yan Sheng described did seem very good.

In the five years since the King of Yan rose up, he had already occupied almost half of Fengzhou. As long as he took down Juhe County, he would be able to open up the main waterway and enter directly. In less than a year, he would be able to occupy the entire Fengzhou.

Half of the Great Jins money and food came from the Feng, Hui, and Jiang Prefectures. Among them, Feng Prefecture was between the other two prefectures. After occupying Feng Prefecture, they could then march on Hui Prefecture and Jiang Prefecture.

If they took down the three states, the Great Jin Imperial Court would be like a lone tower in the sky.

Yan Sheng was not lying when he said that he would sweep through the Great Jin Dynasty within ten years.

If he could become the Imperial Preceptor in the new dynasty and dominate the Pugilistic World, how glorious would that be? He would be under only one person but above millions!

At that time, even those top sects and aristocratic families that had existed for thousands of years would have to bow down before him.

Just thinking about it was exciting.

Would this powerful man of mysterious origins agree?

“Im not interested in being an Imperial Preceptor, and I dont want to assist the Yan King.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled. “I think your position as County Magistrate is not bad. How about giving it to me?”

The county magistrate had access to all kinds of things in a county. They handled various cases and government affairs daily, which would be helpful to him in experiencing the Seven Emotions Path.

Of course, directly overturning the Great Jin Dynasty and becoming the Emperor could also achieve a similar goal. However, there were too many complicated matters in the governance of a country, which was not very beneficial to cultivation.

Moreover, he could run away at any time as a county magistrate. He could just find someone to take over. But the same could not be said for an Emperor.

Another thing was that the matter of the Immortal Dawn Sect sealing the mountain was very strange. It made him suspect that there might be some powerful figures beyond the Foundation Establishment realm or even the Golden Core realm in this world. He did not want to be too ostentatious.

However, Yan Sheng did not know Cui Hengs considerations. He almost thought that he had heard wrongly. He said in surprise, “C-county magistrate?”

“Thats right. Let me be the county magistrate.” Cui Heng nodded seriously and turned to the old man. “You, I remember your name is Lu Zhengming?

“Youre quite knowledgeable. Youve been imprisoned in Juhe County for a long time and have interacted with many people. How about staying here as my county deputy?”

“I, the county deputy?” Lu Zhengming was stunned. He was a felon who had killed his masters family. Why was he suddenly going to be the county deputy? What was this big shot trying to do?”

After witnessing Cui Hengs various strange methods, he could no longer understand what level of expert Cui Heng was. In short, he was definitely far stronger than a Grandmaster.

He could only treat him as an unbelievably powerful big shot.

“…” Yan Sheng was silent for a moment before saying in a deep voice, “Senior, if you want to be the county magistrate of Juhe, I can give it up now without any complaints. However, theres one thing I hope Senior can understand.

“Juhe County is a place that our royal army must take. In less than half a month, 30,000 vanguards will arrive. After that, there will be a 100,000-strong army that will definitely suppress this city.

“If Senior becomes the county magistrate here, Im afraid you will suffer a calamity. Actually, if Senior wants to become an official, why would you lower yourself to the position of a small county magistrate?”

“As long as you submit to King Yan, it will be easy for you to become the governor of a province. In the future, when King Yan occupies half of the country, you will definitely be the governor.”

He was actually still thinking about recruiting Cui Heng.

And he seemed quite confident.

Actually, this was normal. In this world that was more like a Wuxia world, even a Xiantian Grandmaster could only repel a few hundred cavalry at most. If they encountered a thousand or two, they would have to flee.

Even the so-called top experts of the martial world would be chopped into meat paste when facing an army of tens of thousands. In the face of absolute numbers, no matter how high their cultivation was, it was useless.

Yan Sheng had the backing of King Yan and an army of hundreds of thousands. Of course, he had the confidence to recruit Cui Heng.

“When King Yans army arrives, this place will suffer a calamity?” Cui Heng chuckled. “Then, please take a detour.”

“What?!” Yan Shengs eyes widened when he heard that. He almost thought that there was something wrong with his ears. He was just one person, but he actually dared to ask King Yans hundreds of thousands of troops to take a detour?

He was too arrogant!

However, he did not dare to say anything. After all, the strange methods Cui Heng had displayed just now were simply unimaginable. It was not something he could fight against at all.

Cui Heng looked at him with a smile and said nothing.

The air went suddenly still.

After a long while, Yan Sheng finally could not withstand Cui Hengs pressure. He lowered his head and said, “I will hand the position of county magistrate to you. What do you plan to do with me?”

“Cripple your cultivation and retire to the mountains.” Cui Heng pointed at Monk Hui Shi and said indifferently, “Didnt this monk make it clear to you earlier?”

“Arent you afraid that Ill sneak back to King Yans army to report on you?” Yan Sheng looked up and asked.

“Youll definitely go.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “You just need to tell him my words. If at that time, the army doesnt take a detour, Ill kill him.”

“… Its really difficult for us fools to understand Seniors intentions.” Yan Sheng still did not understand where Cui Hengs confidence came from, but he did not continue to play devils advocate.

After all, no one wanted to die.

Then, he very decisively reversed his True Qi and shattered all the meridians in his body, crippling his cultivation that had reached the Qi Transformation realm on the spot.

The woman in black escorted him out of Juhe County.

Only Monk Hui Shi and Lu Zhengming were left in the backyard of the county office.

Neither of them dared make a sound.

Because they could not figure out what Cui Heng was thinking.

“Hui Shi, what did you secretly take from the Li family yesterday?” Cui Heng suddenly looked at Monk Hui Shi.


Monk Hui Shi knelt down and shakily took out a thin booklet. He handed it to Cui Heng with both hands.

He said in extreme fear, “Sir, this… this is just something I hid from Yan Sheng. I have no intention of hiding it from you.”

“Flying Dawn Swords Secret Manual?” Cui Heng picked up the booklet and looked at it. He smiled and said, “Is this why you guys plotted against the Li family?”

“I was greedy for a moment and was bewitched by Yan Sheng. I already know my mistake.” Monk Huishis attitude was extremely respectful. “This secret manual is a peerless sword technique left behind by the Immortal Dawn Sect before it was sealed. It contains the mysteries of the Inner World realm. Its really precious…”

“The inheritance of the Immortal Dawn Sect…” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly. He put away the booklet and suddenly asked,” Hui Shi, whats the status of the Lotus Flower Monastery in the martial world? ”

“Sir, Lotus Flower Monastery was established by Zen Master Fahui 1,700 years ago. It has produced several top sects in the Pugilistic World,” Monk Huishi said respectfully. “Its considered a first-rate sect in the Pugilistic World today.”

“In that case, the Lotus Flower Monastery should not be weak.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “Write down all the martial techniques you have learned.”

Monk Huish looked startled at first, then immediately nodded. “Yes, sir. Im at your disposal.”

“As for you, Old Lu, prepare a welcoming ceremony for me.” Cui Heng patted Lu Zhengmings shoulder gently. “Its best if everyone in the county knows that the county magistrate has changed.”

The appointment of a new official had to be known by the people.

Otherwise, how could he handle the various cases and government affairs? How could he experience the seven emotions of life?

He also wanted everyone to know that with the arrival of the new county magistrate, there would be a clear sky!

That night, Cui Heng stayed in the county office.

He chose an empty room at random and sat cross-legged in meditation, preparing to organize his gains from the past two days.

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