Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 340 - That Gaze That Seemed to Come

epresented the status of the head of a clan.

Demon Lord White Phoenix was the master of all the bird demons in the Sacred Demon Heavens. All the bird demons respected him as their master. In his White Phoenix Palace, there were even many bird divine beasts that had transformed into Demon Gods.

Bi Fang, Green Phoenix, Fire Phoenix, and so on.

When a divine beast became a Demon, its strength was far stronger than ordinary Demons. Be it in terms of physical strength or nomological control, it was stronger.

The White Phoenix Palace had gathered many divine beasts and could be said to be powerful.

Even in the entire Saint Demon Heaven, they were a strong faction and could be ranked in the top three.

Moreover, Demon Lord White Phoenix was good at hiding and doing things in the most mysterious manner. Almost no one could find his whereabouts. He could be said to be the most mysterious and dangerous Demon Lord in the Sacred Demon Heavens.

Therefore, almost no one would take the initiative to provoke him.

Therefore, in the past years, White Phoenix Palace had always been one of the safest and most peaceful places in the Saint Demon Heaven.

In the eyes of the outside world, Demon Lord White Phoenix was mysterious and dangerous, but in the eyes of the birds and the many Demon Gods in the White Palace, Demon Lord White Phoenix was easy-going and amiable.

They had rarely seen Demon Lord White Phoenix angry, let alone when he was furious and almost lost his mind.

This time, they saw it.

“B*stard! How can there be such a thing! Youre courting death!!”

An incomparably furious roar came from White Phoenix Palace. The anger that was filled with ruthlessness surged over like a volcano eruption.

At the same time, incomparably powerful Dao runes spread out. The void around White Phoenix Palace distorted from the impact, and countless blurry lights and shadows appeared.

The ground trembled violently, and cracks quickly spread out. In the blink of an eye, they intertwined into a huge net, and holes suddenly appeared in the sky. Endless astral winds blew down, filled with an aura of destruction.

This sudden roar made all the living beings around White Phoenix Palace feel endless fear.

From ordinary demons to Demon Kings comparable to the Sage Kings of the Human Race, they were all trembling in fear and did not dare to show their faces.

Many Demon Gods in the White Phoenix Palace flew out and looked at their surroundings in shock.

“Whats going on? Why is the Demon Lord so angry?!”

“Ive never seen such a scene before. What happened? Could it be that the Azure Dragon Palace…”

“Impossible. That old dragon would never have the guts to take the initiative to provoke Lord Demon Master.”

… .

… .

These Demon Gods were all experts at the Creator level, and they had the bodies of Divine Beasts. Their strength far exceeded ordinary Demons of the same level.

However, in front of the aura released by Demon Lord White Phoenix, they were still terrified.

They felt like small boats floating in the sea. Any wave could overturn them.

Although Demon Lords and Demon Gods were both at the Seventh Realm, the difference between the two was indescribable. There was almost no comparison.

Moreover, the sudden anger of Demon Lord White Phoenix not only shocked the many Demon Gods in White Phoenix Palace, but also alarmed the other Demon Lords in the Saint Demon Heaven. Many gazes came from afar and landed near White Phoenix Palace.

At this moment, a snow-white pure sword light suddenly burst out from the White Phoenix Palace and soared into the sky. In an instant, it cut open a long golden river of light in the sky above the Sacred Demon Heaven.

This sudden scene surprised the gazes that crossed the void. Wills communicated out of thin air.

“World Piercing Golden Light? What is this white-haired old man doing?”

“I understand. Previously, I heard that this old white-haired fellow found a strange world in the Broken Realm Sea and wanted to annex it. Now… could it have failed?”

“I dont think so. Our Demon Lord cant directly cross the border to attack. At most, he can use the connection to guide living beings over. He most likely wants to bring someone back.”

“But if thats the case, he shouldnt be so angry. Its probably some trouble. However, how can anyone in the Broken Realm Sea stop this old white-haired man? Could there be a human Dao Lord?”

“Indeed, this doesnt make sense. Wait, this feeling. Look at the sky. What, what is that?!”

“Ah! This, what is this?!”

The wills that were communicating suddenly became shocked and could not help but look at the World Piercing Golden Light in the sky.

Then, their bodies, which were thousands of kilometers away, could not help but tremble. They felt their minds buzz, and fear filled their bodies.

It was a gaze that directly covered the World Piercing Golden Light, as if it came from an endless height, as if it came from the end of everything. It contained a huge pressure that they could not understand at all, and was extremely terrifying.

Even though they only met this gaze, these Demon Lords felt that they almost died on the spot.

What kind of existence was this?!

How could there be such a terrifying existence in the world?!

Just a gaze could “beam” these Demon Lords to death?!

This was unbelievable!


At this moment, a loud bang suddenly exploded, instantly spreading throughout the entire Sacred Demon Realm. The sky instantly turned blood-red, and dense blood rain poured down.

At this moment, all the Demon Lords and Demon Gods in the Saint Demon Heaven could not help but shiver. They looked at the sudden rain of blood with stunned expressions and felt their limbs turn cold and their bodies tremble.

Heaven wept blood…

A Demon Lord had died.

That direction was White Phoenix Palace!!

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