rder to survive.

This was the solution they had thought of.

Facing a supreme existence who might be a Ninth Realm expert, this was the only feasible method.

When the other partys realm was too high, any schemes, tricks, or thoughts were meaningless. It was even courting death.

They might as well directly express their thoughts.

… .

Heavenly Void World, Great Zhou Imperial City.

Cui Heng was also stunned. It could even be said that he was a little surprised. He muttered, “How can this guy be so fragile? Hes like a porcelain doll that shatters with a touch.”

Actually, he really did not want to kill Demon Lord White Phoenix.

After all, he did not intend to enter any Heavenly Domain before reaching the Soul Formation realm. Killing such a Demon Lord and collecting the various treasures and books left behind would not have any substantial benefits for him.

Cui Hengs original plan was to release some soul pressure to create some pressure on the Demon Lord. Then, he would take advantage of the existence of the World Piercing Golden Light to obtain some information about the Sacred Demon Heaven.

That was all.

Unexpectedly, there was a small accident in the actual process.

Through Bi Hongs description earlier, Cui Heng had already treated the Demon Lord as a Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

Therefore, the soul pressure he released could cause a greater pressure on a Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

Moreover, because the Nascent Soul True Spirit was indestructible, even a Soul Formation cultivator could not destroy it, so the pressure he released was slightly stronger.

Unexpectedly, although the Demon Lord had the characteristics of a Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator and was slightly weaker than a Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, they were not on the same level at all.

Not to mention possessing an indestructible True Spirit, even his soul was not strong enough.

The moment it came into contact with Cui Hengs soul pressure, Demon Lord White Phoenixs soul did not even react.

It exploded into countless pieces on the spot.

Then, the power of the Demon body went berserk as his soul was destroyed and exploded.

A Demon Lord of a generation died just like that.

At this moment, Bi Hong, who was beside Cui Heng, was stunned again. He was still excited about Demon Lord White Phoenix activating the World Piercing Golden Light again.

However, in an instant, his heart fell to rock bottom.

As a member of the tribe under White Phoenix Demon Lord, Bi Hong had a sense of the White Phoenix Demon Lords situation.

At the same time that Demon Lord White Phoenix exploded, he felt a splitting headache and an inexplicable sense of sorrow filled his heart.

“Lord Demon… died?!” Bi Hong said in a daze, almost unable to believe this fact.

That was a Demon Lord!

How did he suddenly die?!

At this moment, Xiang Zhen, who was still comforting himself, suddenly heard Bi Hongs words. He was stunned for a moment before his eyes rolled back and he fainted from fear.

He also knew what it meant to be a Demon Lord and what the death of a Demon Lord meant.

“How can this be, how can this be?!” Bi Hong kept shaking his head and muttering to himself.

At this moment, he had already fallen into deep self-doubt.

In Bi Hongs understanding, Demon Lords were top existences in the myriad worlds. The higher-level Eighth and Ninth Realm cultivators had become legends in the Sacred Demon Realm long ago.

How could a random person he encountered in the Broken Realm Sea actually kill a Demon Lord?

How could that be?!

He could not understand it at all.

“Actually, this was just an accident.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and was about to retract his gaze from the Sacred Demon Heavens.

He did not intend to explore further.

This was to prevent alerting those powerful figures.

After all, the Sacred Demon Realm also had Ninth Realm powerhouses in the past. No one could guarantee that there were no hidden old monsters.

In any case, after this encounter, he had already grasped the coordinates of the Sacred Demon Heaven. After he reached the Soul Formation realm, he could directly go over to investigate the situation.

There was no hurry.

Safety was the most important thing.

But at this moment, eight different lights suddenly condensed in the World Piercing Golden Light in the sky. There were Dragons, Qilins, trees, flowers…

“Souls?” Cui Heng saw through the essence of these lights at a glance and frowned. “Could it be that they plan to avenge that Demon Lord? They want to join forces and fight to the death?”

If that was the case, the Sacred Demon Realm was really united. He should be more ruthless.

However, just as Cui Heng was hesitating about whether to destroy these souls, the lights and shadows suddenly emitted information that represented submission.

“Greetings, Exalted Immortal. We beg to acknowledge you as our master and lead the entire Sacred Demon Heaven to submit to you!!”

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