Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 343 - Taking One Step Further On The Path to Soul Formation (2)

Chapter 342: Taking One Step Further On The Path to Soul Formation

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They submitted just like that?

Cui Heng could not help but be stunned. Before he could attack, these eight Demon Masters had actually surrendered.

Fa Countrys Demon Lord?

Beside him, Bi Hong was completely numb. He only stared at the sky in a daze. His mind was already blank, and he had completely given up on thinking.

In the Great Zhou Imperial Palace, Li Mingqiong looked at the eight Demon Lords in surprise. She could clearly feel that these light shadows were very powerful.

However, she did not know what had happened in the Sacred Demon Realm. When she saw this scene, she could not help but exclaim in her heart, “So theres really such a thing as kneeling and acknowledging a master the moment they meet. Master is too powerful.”

Actually, at this moment, not only did the people of the Great Zhou Imperial City see eight incomparably powerful existences kneeling in the sky, but everyone in the Heavenly Void World also saw it very clearly.

This was because the Heavens had the characteristic of naturally affecting the operation of the laws of the Lower World. The scene of the eight Demon Lords recognizing Cui Heng as their master through the World Piercing Golden Light would also affect phenomenons through this.

Although the scene of them kneeling was not enough to spread throughout the starry sky, it was enough for everyone in the Heavenly Void World to see. It even passed through the alternate space and was reflected in the eyes of countless living beings in the various realms and starry sky.

Of course, most of these living beings could not understand the concept of the Demon Lord realm.

They only felt that they were in an indescribable illusion. It was as if eight incomparably powerful existences were submitting to a supreme figure.

They would not know what had happened.

Even so, the eight Demon Masters were under immense psychological pressure.

Which one of them wasnt a mighty lord who dominated an area in the Sacred Demon Realm? Which one of them wasnt an expert whose name shook the heavens?

Now, they had to acknowledge a master under the gazes of countless living beings.

But they had no choice.

This was their only chance to live.

At this moment, Cui Heng was also examining them.

Facing the recognition of the eight Demon Lords, he did not answer immediately.

Instead, he began to think.

A moment later, Cui Heng suddenly shook his head and said to the eight Demon Lords, “Your cultivation levels are not ordinary. Its not appropriate for you to become my disciples. Please go back.”

Indeed, taking in these Demon Lords was somewhat beneficial to him.

For example, when he went to the Sacred Demon Heaven to explore in the future, he could easily obtain a lot of information and save a lot of trouble.

But in reality, this deal was a little disadvantageous.

Cui Heng had always been a responsible person.

If he accepted a follower, he would usually give them some benefits.

With his current cultivation realm, even if something casually leaked out from his fingers, it was enough for these Demon Lords to enjoy for a long time.

From all aspects, to these Demon Lords, acknowledging Cui Heng as their master was an incomparably good deal. It could even be said to be a huge opportunity.

However, all Cui Heng could obtain from them was some information about the Sacred Demon Realm.

He could totally get these Demon Masters to hand over this information now. There was no need to accept them as his disciples.

Rejecting them was the best course of action.

… .

The eight Demon Lords panicked again.

In their opinion, because of Demon Lord White Phoenixs actions, the Sacred Demon Heaven must have completely offended this supreme existence.

They had to completely submit in order to have a chance of survival.

Acknowledging a master meant that they were willing to submit.

If the other party did not accept them as his disciples, it would mean that they would definitely die.

Therefore, after Cui Heng rejected them, the eight Demon Lords were all frightened out of their wits. They thought that Cui Heng had no intention of forgiving them at all and wanted to kill them or even destroy the Sacred Demon Heaven.

“What should we do? What should we do now?”

“How would I know? Why wouldnt this supreme existence accept us?”

“Could it be that this supreme existence is determined to destroy the Sacred Demon Heaven?”

… .

… .

The eight Demon Lords were burning with anxiety, but there was nothing they could do.

They could only continue to maintain a respectful posture, hoping to express their determination to submit and move Cui Heng.

But this was useless.

Seeing that they did not leave, Cui Heng said again, “You dont have to acknowledge me as your master. Go.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the hearts of the eight Demon Lords turned cold.

In their opinion, Cui Heng meant for them to return to the Sacred Demon Realm and wait for death.


Why didnt the other party accept them?!

The eight Demon Lords minds were filled with doubts.

At this moment, one of the Demon Lords suddenly realized something and his eyes lit up.

His soul was in the form of an Azure Dragon. He sent a message with his will with extreme respect, “Exalted Immortal, this little dragon is the Lord of the endless sea region of the Sacred Demon Heaven. My main body is an Azure Dragon divine beast. I dont seek to acknowledge Exalted Immortal as my master. I only hope to pull your carriage for you.”

As soon as this message was sent, the other Demon Lords immediately understood where their problem lay.

It was not that this supreme existence was unwilling to accept them as his disciples, but he felt that they were not worthy of being his disciples.

On careful thought, it was not wrong. The gap in power between the peak of the Seventh Realm and the Ninth Realm was very wide.

How was it different from ants wanting to acknowledge an ancient ferocious beast as their master?

The first to react was a Demon Lord in the form of a Qilin. His will information followed closely behind. “Exalted Immortal, my main body is a Qilin. I dont seek to acknowledge you as my master now. I only want to be your mount.”

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