Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 343 - Taking One Step Further On The Path to Soul Formation (2)

She was actually not a human.

Instead, she was a Demon who had reincarnated from the Sacred Demon Heaven like Bi Hong and Xiang Zhen.

However, she was even weaker than Xiang Zhen. In her previous life, she was only an ordinary Limitless Golden Immortal. Since her reincarnation, she had long forgotten about her previous life.

It was Bi Hong who had forced her to remember.

This was also the reason why she secretly helped Bi Hong and Xiang Zhen.

However, in the depths of Yang Luos heart, she still treated herself as a human.

As a human, her entire family had been killed by Demons, and she had lost her originally perfect family. She hated the Demons to the bone and sincerely wanted to help Zhang Yancheng eliminate all the Demons and save the world.

However, Yang Luos Demon memories had been telling her that she should help the Sacred Demon Realm. Otherwise, if the Demon Lord meted out punishment, everyone would be consigned to eternal damnation.

Zhang Yancheng was naturally among them.

Therefore, her thoughts and actions had always been very contradictory.

At times, she would side with Zhang Yancheng, and at other times, she would help the Sacred Demon Heaven.

She was extremely conflicted.

But now, the attitude of the Demon Lords made her feel confused.

The supreme Demon Lords in her memories actually submitted directly. What kind of place was this new world?!

A stronger Heaven Domain?

Moreover, now that even the Demon Lords had submitted, what should she do?

“To the Sacred Demon Realm, Im no longer of value. I also betrayed Senior Brother and have no face to see him now…” Yang Luos eyes were lifeless as two streams of tears flowed down slowly.

“Junior Sister, are you there?” At this moment, Zhang Yanchengs voice suddenly came from outside.

“Senior, Senior Brother, I, I…” Yang Luo immediately came back to her senses, but for a moment, she did not know how to face Zhang Yancheng.

“Junior Sister, its good that youre fine.” Zhang Yancheng acted as if he didnt know anything. He stood outside the door and said to Yang Luo, “Junior Sister, I just received an invitation from the Great Zhou Imperial Court. They want me to be a real Demon Slayer for once.”

“Demon Slayer?” Yang Luo was stunned.

“Yes.” Zhang Yanchengs voice carried a hint of a smile. “The Demon Emperor has been captured. He will be executed tomorrow. The Great Zhou Imperial Court wants me to be the Demon Slayer. Junior Sister, come with me.”

“Youre going to execute the Demon Emperor?!” Yang Luos delicate body trembled slightly when she heard this. “I can go?”

“Of course.” Zhang Yancheng laughed loudly and said, “Youre my junior sister. We found the Demon Slaying Sword together and agreed to save the world together.

Now that weve arrived at a new world and the Demons have been wiped out by the Immortal, everything will be over after I kill the Demon Emperor. We can start a new life afterward.”

“A new life…” Yang Luo finally couldnt help but cry. “Yes, yes, Senior Brother, lets go together. We still have a new life in the future!”

… .

After the “Demon Emperor” Bi Hong was killed by Zhang Yancheng, the Heavenly Void World finally completely fused with that small world.

This was also the reason why Cui Heng asked Zhang Yancheng to end Bi Hongs life.

As the child of destiny of that small world, if Zhang Yancheng did not completely integrate into the life of the Heavenly Void World, the merger of the two worlds would not be perfect.

At the same time that the two worlds perfectly fused, the Great Zhou Dynasty under Li Mingqiongs rule also soared. Her cultivation realm immediately broke through.

Her Soul Golden Core was sublimated and condensed into a palace that symbolizes the path of the countrys luck.

Li Mingqiong called it the “Divine Court”. In terms of divine power, it was far stronger than a Dao Body that cultivated a single law.

Moreover, it possessed an Undying True Spirit. This was already equivalent to a different kind of Nascent Soul.

Li Mingqiongs breakthrough also made the order of the Great Zhou Dynasty more stable and safe. Cui Heng naturally received feedback and took another step forward on the path to the Soul Formation realm.

What he needed to do now was to complete the cultivation of the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm as soon as possible so that he could focus on the path of the Soul Formation realm.

Hence, after helping Li Mingqiong consolidate her new cultivation realm, Cui Heng announced that he wanted to enter seclusion for a period of time and focus on studying the books he had obtained from the Demon Lords.

These books contained information about the Sacred Demon Heaven, and it was also the highest level of information Cui Heng had come into contact with since he transmigrated.

Perhaps it would involve the deep secrets of this world.

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