Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 344 - The Suspicious Eighth Realm of the Immortal World

very few records from 300,000 years ago, and it was impossible to obtain information about the Heaven Realm from them.

However, through the records of spirituality and other books, Cui Heng still learned some important secrets.

For example, the description of the Eighth Realm of the Immortal World.

This realm was calledLord of the Heavens.

As the name suggested, this was the ruler of a Heaven Domain under the Heaven Realm system.

An existence at this realm could greatly mobilize the power of the Great Dao laws in their Heaven Domain, which was the so-calledpower of the Heavenly Dao. Cultivators at that level had a complete advantage over Seventh Realm cultivators.

What surprised Cui Heng was that he could not rely on himself to cultivate to this realm.

Only by obtaining the authority bestowed by the Heaven Realm after ascending to the Heaven Realm could one become a Lord of the Heavens. Then, there was the common operation of this martial cultivation system—

Transcending realm.

Just like how Mystic Deities and Taiyi Mystic Deities could become Golden Immortals by consuming Immortal True Essence, it was the same for breaking through to become a Lord of the Heavens.

Even if one had yet to reach the Grand Completion stage of the Dao Body and was still at the Creator realm, as long as he ascended to the Heaven Realm and obtained the authority bestowed by the Heaven Realm, he could directly become a Lord of the Heavens at the Eighth Realm.

However, it was precisely because reaching this realm relied on the existence of the Heaven Realm that after the Heaven Realm disappeared, no new Eighth Realm Immortal had appeared.

When all the Lords of the Heavens left behind from the old era died of old age, Eighth Realm cultivators would become a legendary existence in the myriad worlds.

This was also the reason why the current Heavens no longer had a ruler.

“No matter how I look at it, theres something wrong with this cultivation method.” Cui Heng couldnt help but complain in his heart, “They already know how to use the Immortal True Essence to exploit cultivators. How could they not think that they might also be being exploited in a similar way?”

Thinking of this, he suddenly had a thought. He shook his head and chuckled. “Perhaps I was wrong. Its not that they dont know that theyre been exploited, but they developed a method to exploit the myriad worlds using this method.”

Layers of exploitation.

However, the people of the Purple Sun Realm had also said that the former Lords of the Heavens might have held a Heaven Realm Supreme Treasure and had the ability to open the Heaven Realm Gate. They might not have really been exploited.

“If I want to further understand the mysteries of the Eighth Realm and the information about the Heaven Realm, I have to go to the Purple Sun Realm.” He already had a plan.

Other than the information about the Eighth Realm of the Immortal World, Cui Heng also obtained a secret information that surprised him.

In the books provided by these Demon Lords, the names of the Dao Lords that Purple Sun Heavenly Lord had brought back then were recorded. The original intention of recording them was to let the future generations not forget their hatred and find the right enemy.

However, one of the names and identities made Cui Heng feel that it was very ridiculous.

Zhou Juntian!

Zhou Juntian was actually one of the more than 20 Dao Lords led by Purple Sun Heavenly Lord. He was also the strongest among those Dao Lords.

Moreover, he was the personal disciple of the Purple Sun Heavenly Lord.

This was completely different from the Zhou Juntian that Cui Heng knew.

The last Ascender before the collapse of the Heavens, the cause of the destruction of the Purple Sun Heaven, a tragic figure whose entire family had been destroyed, leaving only him… This was Cui Hengs understanding of Zhou Juntian.

The difference was too great.

Of course, it was also possible that they only had the same name, but both of them were extremely important figures.

One was a Dao Lord at the peak of the Seventh Realm, the personal disciple of a Lord of the Heavens. The other was directly related to the destruction of the Purple Sun Heaven.

But how could two people like them have the same name?

They were both called Zhou Juntian?

And it was all related to Purple Sun Heaven?

Wasnt this too much of a coincidence?

The chances were too low. It was almost impossible.

“Looks like if I have the chance, I should go to those three places to take a look. Perhaps I can learn more about Zhou Juntian.” Cui Heng thought to himself.

Those three places referred to the three special places marked on the star map of the Dark Sea Stars Juntian Palace. It was said that those three places contained the treasures left behind by Zhou Juntian and contained the mysteries of the Sage King realm.

To Cui Heng, the mysteries of the Sage King realm was nothing, but the information about an important person like Zhou Juntian was very valuable.

However, this was all in the future.

To Cui Heng, the most important thing now was only one thing.

That was to digest these books and completely complete the cultivation process of the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

Then, he could focus on walking the path of the Soul Formation realm.

… .

Time passed like water. In the blink of an eye, 20 years had passed.

Cui Heng finally finished studying all the books he had obtained from the eight Demon Lords.

This kind of study was not a simple flipping through. Instead, it was to find the relevant points as much as possible among the countless pieces of information and slowly integrate them into a mature system.

It consumed a lot of energy and time.

Of course, the gains were also huge. After studying these books, Cui Heng had almost completed the accumulation of the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

Only less than 20% of the progress was left.

Cui Heng finally came out of seclusion.

However, he realized that Li Mingqiong and Li Wei were not the only ones who came to welcome him.

There was also a group of Hong family members from Great Xia.

After accepting everyones bows, Cui Heng looked at one of the old men and asked, “Hong Kang, why are you here?”

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