Chapter 345: The Idea of the Heavenly Court

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“Greetings, Immortal Venerable.” Hong Kang bowed respectfully, and the Hong family members behind him also bowed.

Li Mingqiong explained, “Master, they rushed over after receiving the news that you were in the Heavenly Void World and wanted to pay their respects to you.”

“Thank you, theres no need to be so polite.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “Speaking of which, I even saw Hong Yongs elder brothers sons when I went out this time.”

He was referring to Hong Renxi and Hong Renxu. They were the sons of Hong Fuguis third son, Hong Tai. In terms of seniority, Hong Kang had to address them as Ancestors.

“Immortal Venerable, you found my two Ancestors?” Hong Kang said in shock. “They have already embarked on the Immortal path and have a long lifespan, right?”

“Thats right.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “However, if theres a chance in the future, you can meet them too…”

Thinking of this, he suddenly wanted to say to the side, “Hong Yong, come over.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a golden light appeared out of thin air. Hong Yong, who was the Ancestral God of the Grand Xia, appeared in front of Cui Heng.


Hong Kang was immediately amazed. As expected of the creator of the City God Divine System, Immortal Venerable could ignore the rules of the Divine System and directly summon the Old Ancestor to the Great Zhou.

According to the rules of the City God System, the range of activity of the gods was the scope of their authority. As the Ancestral God of the Grand Temple, Hong Yong could not leave Great Xia.

Once he left Great Xia, he would lose the power of the Deity Position and things would become very dangerous.

However, Hong Yong was still in the Divine Body state and did not look weak at all. Clearly, he was still in the state of a God.

“Hong Yong greets Immortal Venerable.” Hong Yong hurriedly bowed.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “I originally only wanted to tell you about Hong Tais two sons and let you know about Fugui. Now, I suddenly have a new idea.”

When he said this, he used the method of “spreading rumors”.

While letting people hear a certain sentence or word, they would also obtain more information contained in these words.

Therefore, after he said the words “Hong Tais two sons” and “News about Fugui”, Hong Yong, Hong Kang, and the others automatically learned about Hong Renxu and Hong Renxi, as well as Hong Fuguis trip to Taihong Star.

This saved Cui Heng time to explain in detail. He could directly change the topic to what he wanted to talk about.

However, this was the first time Hong Yong and Hong Kang had received information like this. Their faces revealed very shocked expressions, but they were not ordinary people after all, and they quickly calmed down.

“Please speak, Immortal Venerable,” Hong Yong said respectfully. “Our Hong family and the entire Great Xia will cooperate fully.”

“Its indeed related to you.” Cui Heng nodded and said to Hong Yong, “Ive seen the situation in Great Xia previously. Youve done well as the City God and the Ancestral God of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.”

“Thank you for your praise, Immortal Venerable, but this is just my duty. Its nothing much,” Hong Yong said humbly.

“No.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled. “Once you ascend to Godhood, youll have extraordinary power and the authority to become a God. Its already rare for you to be able to maintain your heart and abide by your duties, so I plan to upgrade this divine system.”

“Upgrade?” Hong Yong was puzzled.

“I plan to expand your authority and monitoring range.” Cui Heng stood with his hands behind his back and said in a low voice, “The original intention of the City God System was to use the gods to inspect the administration of Great Xias officials to cover for the integrity of the place.

Now that 200 years have passed, the Divine System is still operating in an orderly manner, and the country is also in an orderly state. Its enough for Zheng Ming and the others to use this Divine System to maintain order and ensure the peoples livelihood.

However, in the past 200 years, there have been a lot more gods in the pantheon. I know that you used your achievements and reputation when you were alive to decide if you want to confer someone as a god after death, but with the accumulation of too many gods, its inevitable that youll feel a little bloated.

This will allow many people who have made great contributions when they were alive to only be ordinary county magistrates after they die. They can even be relegated to being a Day Wandering God or Night Wandering God. Actually, this means that its time for the divine system to expand.

But over the years, Great Xias territory has already reached a limit. Its difficult to continue expanding, so its naturally impossible to expand the Divine System, right?”

“Immortal Venerables Dharma Eye is like a torch. Thats right.” Hong Yong smiled bitterly. “After 200 years of accumulation, there are indeed too many gods. Its not easy to arrange positions for them, but we dont know how to resolve it.”

It was clearly impossible to expand the territory of the Great Zhou.

Not to mention that Great Xias national strength could not be compared to Great Zhous, just Li Mingqiongs identity alone made it impossible for them to expand to Great Zhou.

To Great Xia, this problem was almost unsolvable.

“What if we extend the divine system to the mortal world of Daozhou Star?” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Daozhou Star is far larger than the Heavenly Void World. Not only can it accomodate the gods accumulated in the past 200 years, but it can also give you more room to expand.”

“This is indeed a solution.” Hong Yongs eyes lit up when he heard this. He was immediately overjoyed. Then, he said in a rare manner, “Will this affect the interests of the Great Zhou?”

He was still very careful about this.

After all, the Empress of the Great Zhou, Li Mingqiong, was the disciple of Immortal Venerable. No matter what, he could not harm the interests of the Great Zhou.

“No.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and looked at Li Mingqiong. “Mingqiong, you already have the ability to take away the entire Great Zhou, right?”

“Yes.” Li Mingqiong nodded and said, “After my Divine Court was established, I could already incorporate the entire country into the Divine Courts space. Ive also been analyzing the laws of the Heavenly Void World for the past ten years.

Now that the preparations have been completed, I can cut off the entire Great Zhou from the Heavenly Void World at any time and bring them into my Divine Court space. In the future, the Heavenly Void World will only have Great Xia.”

Bringing a country into her Divine Court Space was a unique divine power related to the countrys destiny. It was somewhat similar to the high-level usage of the Miniature Thousand Mile Court.

“…” Hong Yong fell silent when he heard this. What Li Mingqiong had just said was completely beyond his understanding. It was too exaggerated.

After a while, he could only think of one sentence. “Congratulations, Empress Li.”

“Thank you.” Li Mingqiong smiled and returned the greeting. Then, she said, “This is actually all thanks to Masters guidance. Without Masters help, I wouldnt have been able to break through so quickly.”

“Theres no need to be so humble.” Cui Heng waved his hand and said to Hong Yong, “In the future, there will only be Great Xia in the Heavenly Void World, and the overall space will be much smaller.

“Therefore, I will cast a spell and set it near Daozhou Star so that it will no longer wander in the alternate space. In order to better inspect the entire Daozhou Star and maintain the order of Daozhou Star, the divine system needs to be expanded.

“There needs to be a Heavenly Court.”

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