Chapter 346: Untitled

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An Imperial Court formed by gods?

As soon as Cui Heng said this, not only was Hong Yong surprised, but even Li Mingqiong was very surprised.

The Imperial Court was essentially an organization that ruled over the people.

Whether it was setting up various power directions or expanding the scope of power, it was actually to better rule.

Although the current Great Xia had a divine system, it was only an appendage of the Imperial Court. It was used to make up for the lack of supervision due to inconvenient governance. It was not an independent ruling organization.

If it was transformed into the form of an Imperial Court and the structure and authority was bolstered, it would definitely be able to become an independent existence and not be a vassal of the Great Xia Imperial Court like now.

However, the Imperial Court of the mortal world ruled over the people.

If the gods formed an Imperial Court, who would they rule?

Everyone had doubts in their hearts and looked at Cui Heng, hoping to get an answer.

“Immortal Venerable, if we establish an Imperial Court formed by gods, how will we govern and who will we govern?” Hong Yong asked very respectfully.

Although Cui Heng had already said that this Heavenly Court was to better monitor Daozhou Star, the scope of this surveillance and the group of people it was monitoring had yet to be explained.

If there were no specific requirements, even if they really established a Heavenly Court, it would not be of any use.

“I already have plans for this matter.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “The Heavenly Imperial Court is responsible for the people. It will be in charge of both the living and the dead.

“In terms of authority, some can be assigned to overlook and give blessings to the land, some can be in charge of the weather, and others will stop natural disasters. This is taking charge of the living.

For the dead, the Heavenly Court has the function of rewarding good and punishing evil. It determines how to deal with people after death based on their actions while alive. Those who harm the people will be severely punished, and those who have contributed to the people can reincarnate into a rich family or be conferred the title of God.”

“Immortal Venerable, are the rewards and punishments of the mortal world applicable only after death?” Hong Yong asked.

“Yes.” Cui Heng nodded and said, “In the future, as an organization under the Heavenly Court, the City God Divine System will still have the authority to monitor the officials of Great Xia, but it will no longer monitor the mortal Imperial Court of Daozhou Star.

On Daozhou Star, gods are responsible to the people, but they cannot be directly involved in the lives of the living. Be it officials, government decrees, or dynasties, they cannot interfere.

“However, after the living passover to death, everything will be calculated and examined. The plan for the living is to avoid the damage caused to the people by the natural environment as much as possible, and not directly interfere with the lives of the people. Rewards and punishment are only after death.”

One of the reasons why he planned to establish a Heavenly Court on Daozhou Star was to create a stable and safe world, but he could not be too rigid and let the world lose its vitality. He needed to leave some breathing space.

Hence, there was such a framework design.

In essence, the Heavenly Court would contain many Gods, and they would be responsible for all the different paths of faith.

The Gods could only care about the natural environment and what happened after death. When people were still alive, no matter what happened, Gods had no right to ask.

This was because in the society of a feudal dynasty, many large-scale social unrest was related to the drastic changes in the natural environment, causing order to collapse and the living environment to no longer be safe.

As long as the weather was good every year and the land was fertile, the people would naturally live and work in peace.

Of course, the character and way of governance of the Imperial Court would still be a very great influence.

If they encountered corrupt officials, even if there was a great harvest every year, the people might not be able to fill their stomachs.

This was where the mechanism of rewarding good and punishing evil after death came into play.

Although this mechanism would not directly interfere with the actions of living people, when the aftermath was no longer illusory and became something that really existed, the actions of humans would naturally be restrained.

Of course, this was only a general framework. But it was enough to ensure that this system could operate.

In reality, they would definitely still encounter all kinds of problems.

They could only slowly investigate and fill in the gaps.

However, even though it was just a framework, Li Mingqiong, Hong Yong, Hong Kang, and the others were amazed.

As long as this system worked, the lives of the people on Daozhou Star would undergo a tremendous change.

Just the fact that there was no need to worry about natural disasters every year was enough for all the commoners to develop safely.

If the family had surplus food, they could even support their children to study and practice martial arts, thereby striving to change the fate of their family. They even had a chance to lead the family to a higher level.

Life was rich and there was hope for advancement. This way, the living environment of Daozhou Star would become unprecedentedly stable.

This matched Cui Hengs direction of transformation of the world, and it could allow him to improve further on the path to the Soul Formation realm.

“In the future, this Heavenly Court can be called the Great Xia Heavenly Court.”

Cui Heng said to Hong Yong, “In the future, as the head of the Great Xia Heavenly Court, you will sit in the center of the Heavenly Void World and control the power of the Great Xia Heavenly Court. At that time, the power of the gods will also increase. How about that?”

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!” Hong Yong immediately kowtowed, overjoyed.

He was originally a remnant soul that had long died, but now, he could become the Lord of the Great Xia Heavenly Court and rule over all the gods on a planet. Such a fate was given by Cui Heng.

“When I come back next time, I want to see some results.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “Dont disappoint me.”

“I wont let you down!” Hong Yong said firmly.

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