Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 352 - The Plan to Unite Divine Might Star

is character is good in the future, I can even let him become the Divine Envoy of the Country Guardian God. This way, it will be more effective as an example.”

“Very good.” Cui Heng praised her and said with a smile, “Youre someone who cultivates the path of national fate. You should be better at governing a country than me. You must already have a plan in your heart.

I wont say anything else. Ill just check your administrative results when I return. This shouldnt be difficult for you.”

“Master, dont worry!” Li Mingqiong nodded solemnly, full of confidence.

Divine Might Planet was not Cui Hengs final destination.

After arranging things here, he brought Hui Shi to Tai Cang Star.

Of course, there were also Chen Tang and Ming Zhen with him.

They had to lead the way.

Tai Cang Star was much stronger than Divine Might Star. There were five Immortal sects and two Creators.

However, the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion that Chen Tang and Ming Zhen came from did not have a Creator. Only some Sage Kings were in charge.

Therefore, Cui Hengs journey to the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion was completely smooth. No one noticed anything unusual even when he brought the three of them to the Ancestral Hall in the center.

The various disciples were still active as usual, as if they did not see the four of them at all.

In the end, Cui Heng took the initiative to remove his concealment methods. Xu Jiuchen, who was cultivating in the Ancestral Hall, saw the four of them.

“Junior Brother Chen, Mingzhen?!” Xu Jiuchen noticed the two of them immediately and revealed an incomparably shocked expression. “When did you return?”

At the same time, he noticed Cui Heng and Hui Shi beside them. He immediately frowned and became vigilant. “These two are?”

The Ancestral Hall was one of the most important places in the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion. Historically, only Sage Kings could enter. Outsiders were definitely not allowed to enter.

But now, Chen Tang and Ming Zhen had actually brought two outsiders over silently.

What were they doing?


“This is…”

Chen Tang and Ming Zhen opened their mouths and looked at Cui Heng hesitantly. They did not know what Cui Heng wanted to do and did not dare to introduce him themselves.

“What are you doing?” When Xu Jiuchen saw this situation, his vigilance immediately turned to a sense of danger. He looked at Cui Heng and Hui Shi in surprise and said in a low voice, “Who are you? What did you do to Junior Brother Chen and Mingzhen?”

At the same time, he directly released a message to summon the other Sage Kings of the sect to surround the Ancestral Hall and evacuate the ordinary disciples, preparing to fight at any time.

“You can consider me as a guest.” Cui Heng nodded slightly. Without waiting for Chen Tang and Ming Zhen to introduce him, he said to Xu Jiuchen with a smile, “You dont have to let them surround us outside. Ill help you call them in and they can listen to me.”

Before he could finish his sentence, the surrounding void rippled like lake water. Then, several figures appeared out of thin air in the Ancestral Hall.

Wei Guang, Wang Shen, and the others were among them.

As long as they were the Sage Kings who were still in the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion, they were all gathered here.

However, this sudden forced “gathering” really shocked the few of them and they exclaimed.

How was that possible!

“What, what kind of technique is this?!” “Has a Creator descended?”


The few Sage Kings looked at Cui Heng in shock.

Xu Jiuchen, who had personally witnessed this scene, was even more horrified. He looked at Cui Heng with disbelief, as if he had seen a ghost.

This was too ridiculous!

He had silently captured so many Sage Kings into the Ancestral Hall. What kind of technique was this?!

Xu Jiuchen took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. “What exactly do you want to do? Our Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion is just a small sect. We shouldnt have anything that the Creator wants.”

“There are at least ancient books from the Purple Sun Heaven, right?” Cui Heng smiled and said gently, “Dont worry, I dont have any ill intentions.”

No ill intentions?

No one would believe it!

“Go and get the ancient books of your Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion. The older the better. Its best if they were left behind from the Purple Sun Heaven era.”

Cui Heng did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point. “You can go and take them separately. If anyone offers anything I think is useful, I will help them cultivate a Dao Body and directly become a Creator.”

These words were like thunder in the ears of Xu Jiuchen, Wei Guang, Wang Shen, and the other Sage Kings.

He could help them cultivate a Dao Body and directly become a Creator?!

What kind of joke was this?

How could he help with such a thing?

Even a legendary Dao Lord at the peak of the Seventh Realm could not help someone cultivate a Dao Body.

Their rationality told them that these words had no credibility at all.

But at this moment, Chen Tang and Ming Zhen suddenly ran towards the library with all their might and rushed in.

In a short while, under everyones surprised gazes, the two of them almost emptied the


“Immortal Venerable, this is the core martial technique manual of my Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion. It also contains the cultivation insights of the past Patriarchs.” Ming Zhen knelt in front of Cui Heng respectfully.

Then, he took out a small booklet and handed it to Cui Heng with both hands. He said in a low voice, “This is a book from before the Purple Sun Heaven collapsed. Immortal Venerable, please take a look.”

Xu Jiuchen and the others looked at the two of them in shock.

Arent you kneeling a little too quickly?!

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