Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 354 - 4 Havent Touched the Core of the Event

Chapter 353 Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace

After Ming Zhen handed over the books, Chen Tang also walked over with two books.

“Immortal Venerable, these two books are also books left behind from the Purple Sun Heaven Era. Please accept them.” Chen Tang handed the books to Cui Heng.

At this moment, Xu Jiuchen, Wei Guang, Wang Can, and the others at the side all doubted their lives.

What else can we do when you knelt so quickly?

Hence, they looked at each other and communicated with their divine senses. Then, they knelt down in front of Cui Heng and said in unison,

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable. We didnt know your true appearance and offended you. Please forgive us.”

“…” Cui Heng looked at them and shook his head with a smile. “Get up.”

This Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion was indeed a “wise sect”. There was not a single tough nut to crack. It was like a country he knew from his previous life.

At this moment, the person in charge of Chen Tangs management suddenly said, “Immortal Venerable, actually, Ive always had an ancient book in my collection. Its also from the Purple Sun Heaven era.”

As he spoke, he took out an ancient scroll and handed it to Cui Heng with both hands.

The others were stunned when they saw this.

In the next moment, they all took the initiative to say that they had also collected some ancient books from the Purple Sun Heaven Era.

These people all handed over some books obediently.

Moreover, they were fighting to contribute, as if they were afraid that they would anger Cui Heng if they sent it to him late.

Hence, Cui Heng quickly flipped through the books in his hands. After everyone finished handing over the books, he nodded slightly and smiled. “You guys did well.”


Purple Sun Star was the absolute center of the Purple Sun Realm.

It was said that this was also the core of the Purple Sun Heaven fragment. The special laws of the entire Purple Sun Realm came from the influence of this fragment. The profundity of it far exceeded the limits of what a Creator could understand.

In terms of nurturing resources, the Purple Heaven Divine Palace was a supreme existence.

This was an ancient sect that had existed since the Purple Sun Heaven era. It had existed for more than 400,000 years and had produced countless Creators and Dao Lords. Its foundation was extremely deep.

Although the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace had also suffered heavy losses in the calamity of the Purple Sun Heavens destruction, they still retained about 30% of their inheritance. This was how theyd achieved their high status in the current Purple Sun Realm.

On the surface, there were three Creators, ten hidden Creators, and a Dao Lord who had been sleeping for a long time. This was enough for the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace to become the strongest force in the starry sky.

There was no other.

In this starry sky of the myriad worlds, there was only one faction with a Dao Lord.

However, the abnormalities they had discovered recently surprised the higher-ups of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

In Great Zhou, Li Mingqiong, and the Yellow-scarved Protector God had already been discovered by the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

Regarding this powerful force that had appeared without warning and the two Creators among their ranks, the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace felt a strong sense of worry. While they were surprised, they also felt a little uneasy. After all, this was a very special period of time. Nothing could go wrong.

Otherwise, there would be a huge problem!


The Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace was not on the land of Purple Sun Star. It was a huge palace group floating in the sky.

Moreover, it was enveloped in a large amount of astral wind and densely packed rune arrays, isolating the outside world from the palace. At the same time, it had an extremely strong concealment effect.

This meant that if one did not become a Heaven Immortal, they would not even have the qualifications to see the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

To most people on Purple Sun Star, the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace was the true ruler of the stars. The other Immortal sects could not compare to them at all.

Even an Immortal sect with a Creator was only worthy of being on the ground.

There was only the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace in the sky.

Therefore, every disciple of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace was very proud of their identity. However, this pride was completely shattered by a female Sword Immortal more than 300 years ago. This incident had a huge impact on the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

Originally, the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace claimed to be the number one Heavenly Sect in the Purple Sun Realm and had indisputable absolute strength. Therefore, they did not care much about the other forces in the Purple Sun Realm and did not pay attention to them.

It was precisely because of this that although the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace had secret treasures that closely monitored the situation in the entire Purple Sun Realm, they had never used them, nor had they specially sent anyone to be in charge.

However, after the encounter more than 300 years ago, the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace directly restarted that secret treasure and launched an extremely strict surveillance on the entire Purple Sun Realm.

This naturally caused many Immortal sects to object.

After all, this level of surveillance was enough to make many Immortal sects have few secrets in the eyes of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

In this way, even how many Sages and Sage Kings they had could not be kept a secret. They could not even conceal a new Creator that was breaking through. They would all be reflected in the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

However, opposition was useless.

The reality was that even all the Immortal sects in the Purple Sun Realm combined were unable to compete with the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace. As long as the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace wanted to do something, there was nothing they could not do.

In the end, the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace began to monitor the entire Purple Sun Realm.

However, in the past 300 years or so, they did not discover anything unusual. But in recent years, the situation on Divine Might Planet was clearly not right.

On this day, the Sect Master of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace, Zhuo Fan, called over Feng Guanglin, who was in charge of monitoring.

It was to discuss the matter of Divine Might Planet.

Zhuo Fan was a middle-aged man who looked to be in his forties or fifties. Although his appearance was ordinary, his temperament was very stable. He said in a low voice, “Junior Brother Feng, what do you think about the two Creators on Divine Might Planet?”

Feng Guanglin also looked like a middle-aged man, but he looked more stable than Zhuo Fan.

He stroked his beard and smiled. “Senior Brother Sect Master cares about them very much? They are nothing more than outsiders secretly coming to the Purple Sun Realm. Such things have happened before.

A Creator who has cultivated a Dao Body can already ignore the barrier of the Purple Sun Realm. Its not rare for them to be able to enter without the Purple Sun Heavenly Edict.

“If Senior Brother values them, Ill go over and talk to them in two days. Ill ask if they want to join our Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace. As long as they join, theyll be on our side.”

“Heh, youre playing this trick again.” Zhuo Fan shook his head and chuckled. Then, he said, “Then, in order to maintain the normal order of the Purple Sun Realm, youll kill them, right?”

“Hahaha, arent I also thinking about the stability of our Purple Sun Realm?” Feng Guanglin laughed loudly and said, “Senior Brother, what do you plan to do with them?”

“Actually, its fine if its just some outsider Creators.” Zhuo Fans expression became solemn as he said in a low voice, “But those two peoples methods are extraordinary. They actually began to invade the Holy Mother of White Lotus faith on Divine Might Planet. Theyre simply tired of living.”

“They really dont know the immensity of heaven and earth.” Feng Guanglin sneered. “Two mere Creators dares to invade the faith of the Holy Mother of White Lotus? They dont even know how to use their brains to think.

Why is there only the White Lotus Lifeless Sect on such a huge Divine Might Planet? There has never been any Immortal sects who went to snatch resources and land. Theres a reason for this.”

“There are even Daoists among the believers of the Holy Mother of White Lotus. They actually dare to invade her faith, hehe,” Zhuo Fan said in a low voice. “Its a special period now. There cant be any trouble.

“Junior Brother, make a trip to Divine Might Planet. Bring the Immortal Confining Lock and capture those two.”

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