Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 354 - 4 Havent Touched the Core of the Event

ed slightly and said, “Im afraid he didnt stop the flying shuttle for a greeting. He probably wanted to play with me before killing me.”

Under his Dharma Eye, the bloody aura wrapped around Feng Guanglins body was incomparably clear. He could even see streaks of blood-colored light and shadows. They were all the imprints of his victims who had been tortured to death.

“Such a person is actually a Creator,” Hui Shi said in a low voice. “Looks like this Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace is not much.”

“Its rare to have good people in Immortal sects of the Purple Sun Realm.” Cui Heng chuckled and said, “Lets go to the Divine Might Planet to take a look.”

As he spoke, a ball of green light rose from under his feet. He instantly crossed the endless starry sky and returned to Divine Might Planet with Hui Shi.


In the flying shuttle.

Feng Guanglin was still traveling. He frowned and kept recalling his experience just now and the two people he had seen.

Especially that young man.

I cant see through his cultivation, which means that he should be a Creator. However, there arent many Creators in the Purple Sun Realm. I basically know all of them and have never seen him before.

“Another outsider? What a bunch of damned things. I cant even find any toys with ease. I still have to think about it and measure my gains and losses.”

Feng Guanglin was in a bad mood.

Actually, he had originally planned to invite that “Lone Ranger” to travel together leaving the cabin. Then, he would use him as his toy on the way and enjoy the thrill of teasing and killing him.

This was his greatest joy, and also his method of finding novelty in his long life.

However, because of the mission and the fact that he had to be wary of outsiders, he chose to give up at the last moment.

In other words, the following voyage would only consist of a boring starry sky.

There was nothing fun to do.

This made him feel very bad.

“When I reach Divine Might Planet, I want to kill to my hearts content and relax properly!” Feng Guanglin thought to himself.


Cui Heng had left Divine Might Planet for less than five years.

However, when he returned and saw the scene here, he felt as if 50 years had passed.

The lives of the people here had changed drastically.

The despair and sorrow of the past had disappeared, and everyones faces were filled with happy smiles. All of this came from the establishment of the Great Zhou Dynasty and the implementation of the new religion under the rule of the Imperial Court. Countless people who originally believed in the Holy Mother of White Lotus turned to the Great Zhou and began to worship the Yellow-scarved Guardian God.

The reason was very simple. The Yellow-scarved Guardian God here really could manifest. Sometimes, even the main body of the God would descend. This made the believers feel that they were being valued more than ever.

To the believers of the Holy Mother of White Lotus, who were used to not receiving any response no matter how they prayed, this was simply an experience of reshaping their worldview.

There was naturally no pressure to convert.

In addition, the Gods of the Great Zhou Kingdom also had to listen to the Emperors orders. The Gods served the people. This was a stark contrast to the concept of the Holy Mother of White Lotus preaching that people were servants of the Holy Mother of White Lotus.

No one was willing to bow their heads all the time, even when facing a god.

Therefore, in less than five years, the Great Zhou Dynasty had expanded almost crazily. Wherever it passed, it could be said to be unstoppable.

No sect attached to the White Lotus Lifeless Sect could resist the citizens who had already gathered into a sea.

As for the Sages and Sage Kings, the Yellow-scarved Strongman and Li Mingqiong would deal with them.

Especially Li Mingqiong. Now, she could appear anywhere in the Great Zhou at any time. She could be said to be everywhere. It was very convenient to neutralize any situation, anywhere.

However, Divine Might Planet was still too big. Even though the Great Zhou had expanded at an extremely fast speed in the past five years, they still occupied less than 1% of the territory.

It would take 300 to 500 years to completely defeat the White Lotus Lifeless Sect and occupy the entire Divine Might Planet.

If they still wanted to stabilize the order of the entire Divine Might Planet and make it incomparably safe, they would probably have to add another two to three hundred years.

In the Great Zhou Imperial Palace, Li Mingqiong told Cui Heng about the results of the past five years and the current situation of the Great Zhou. In the end, she said in a low voice, “Master, this should be a protracted battle.”

“It wont be that long.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and said, “As the territory of the Great Zhou expands, the speed of the transmission of the religion will become faster and faster. Moreover, there should be some changes next.”

“Change?” Li Mingqiong asked curiously, “Master, are you planning to attack the White Lotus Lifeless Sect directly?”

“Its not time yet.” Cui Heng shook his head and said, “Lets talk about it after I figure out whats going on with the Holy Mother of White Lotus. There might be something wrong with this god.”


At this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from the sky, as if something had pierced through the sky.

The originally warm sunlight was also blocked, and the sky became dark.

Immediately after, an incomparably loud voice came from the sky.

“Im the Creator of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace, Feng Guanglin. Im here on the orders of the Sect Master to invite the two Outer World Creators to Purple Sun Star to discuss important matters.

“Please follow me immediately. Dont commit a mistake!”

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