Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 355 - Cant Be Extraordinary in This Place

d that mysterious person with the surname Cui.

As for this Sage in front of him…

“An invitation?” Feng Guanglins expression suddenly turned cold. His gaze locked onto Hui Shi and he sneered, “If you want an invitation, Ill bring you to get it!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the clouds in the sky suddenly lit up with purple flames. In an instant, they condensed into an incomparably huge purple flame palm that grabbed at Hui Shi.

An extremely hot purple flame burned the world. In an instant, the temperature within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers rose rapidly, making one feel as if they were in a furnace.

At the same time, everyone in the Great Zhou Kingdom saw this huge hand and felt the terrifying pressure in it. They could not help but want to kneel down.

Feng Guanglin just stood there without moving. With just a thought, he mobilized such a huge amount of Heaven and Earth power, causing the entire Great Zhou to fall into chaos.

He did not even use his Creator-level special divine power, nor did he use any powerful martial techniques. He only used some basic methods.

It was about the same strength as an ordinary person slapping the table casually.

As the target of the purple hand, Hui Shi naturally suffered the greatest pressure. At this moment, he felt that his entire body was about to combust.

Whether it was his skin or internal organs, they seemed to be about to be ignited by the high temperature brought by the purple hand.

And he had no room to resist.

He could only watch helplessly as he was burned to death.

“Boring.” Feng Guanglin shook his head when he saw this. He looked at Hui Shi in disdain. “What an ant. He cant even withstand this bit of power. He actually dares to…”

At this moment, a dignified voice suddenly interrupted Feng Guanglin.

In the Great Zhou, disciples of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace are not allowed to have extraordinary power.”

This voice was not loud, but it instantly resounded throughout every inch of the Great Zhou, and all the people in the Great Zhou heard this voice.

Before the sentence was finished, everyone felt the hot temperature disappear. The purple hand in the sky instantly dissipated, and the terrifying pressure that filled the world no longer existed.

The situation in the Great Zhou Imperial Palace was even more obvious. The Imperial Palace Guards immediately felt their bodies relax, and they no longer felt that fear and pressure.

Hui Shi also felt the heat and pressure that enveloped him disappear. He hurriedly bowed to the source of the voice and said, “Greetings, Sir!”

Not far away, Cui Heng and Li Mingqiong were slowly walking over.

At this moment, Feng Guanglin, who was originally flying in the air, had already become filled with fear, his eyes filled with disbelief.

“How is this possible? How can this be? Wheres my cultivation? Where did my cultivation go?!”

He looked down at his hands and kept shaking his head. His voice was filled with panic and fear. He couldnt believe what was happening

“Ah! No!!”

Feng Guanglin suddenly screamed in fear. He had fallen from the sky!

This expert from the Purple Sun Stars Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace, a Creator who had cultivated his Dao Body for more than 10,000 years, fell from the sky like an ordinary person!

He flailed his arms and legs wildly, trying to maintain his balance, to fly again.

But this was useless.

After Cui Hengs words appeared, the laws in the entire Great Zhou Kingdom changed. As long as the disciples of the Purple Heaven Divine Palace were here, they would lose all their abilities and become like mortals.

Feng Guanglin was in this situation now.


Feng Guanglin fell not far in front of Cui Heng, his head bleeding.

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