Chapter 356 Im About to Become a Lord of the Heavens!

“Its you?!” Feng Guanglin looked at Cui Heng in disbelief and said in shock, “Youre here too?!”

“The two people you want to invite are my disciple and my servant.” Cui Heng nodded lightly. “Wheres the Yellow-scarved Strongman?”


The Yellow-scarved Strongman appeared out of thin air and descended from the sky. He landed at the side and bowed to Cui Heng. “Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”


“You, you, youre a Dao Lord?!” Feng Guanglin looked at Cui Heng in extreme fear and muttered, “How can there be a Dao Lord in the starry skies of the myriad worlds? How can there be a Dao Lord?”

A Dao Lord was a martial artist at the peak of the Seventh Realm with a perfected Dao Body. He could use the power of certain laws more deeply.

In his opinion, the reason why he lost his strength just now and seemed to have become an ordinary person was probably because he was affected by some strange Dao Body nomological power.

Therefore, Feng Guanglin firmly believed that Cui Heng was a Dao Lord.

“The world is huge, and there are many mysterious things far beyond your imagination.” Cui Heng looked at him and smiled. “Get up. I know you wont be injured so easily.”

Now, Feng Guanglin was sitting on the ground with his head smashed open. His face was covered in blood and he looked extremely miserable.

However, he had only done this on purpose.

Although under the influence of Cui Hengs laws, as long as he was in the Great Zhou, he could only maintain the state of an ordinary person. Even though his body no longer had extraordinary elements, he was still stronger than ordinary people. He would not be severely injured from a fall.

Seeing that his thoughts had been seen through, Feng Guanglin stood up and his attitude towards Cui Heng became extremely respectful. “Exalted Immortal, you… What brings you to our Purple Sun Realm?”

“Im here to bring order and safety to this place.” Cui Heng smiled and told the truth.

However, Feng Guanglin did not believe a word of it. However, he still praised on the surface, “Exalted Immortal, youre too benevolent. This Divine Might Planet has been in chaos for a long time. If order can be restored and everyone can live safely, it will definitely be a meritorious deed.”

“Theres no need to say such nonsense.” Cui Heng waved his hand and said in a low voice, “Speak, why does your Sect Master want to invite them over?”

At the same time, he pointed at Li Mingqiong and the Yellow-scarved Strongman beside him.

“Exalted Immortal, youve misunderstood.” Feng Guanglin smiled awkwardly. “Our Sect Master really doesnt have any ill intentions. He just wants to invite the two of them over to discuss the governance of Divine Might Planet. He definitely doesnt have any other thoughts.” “Heh.” Cui Heng sneered, then said, “Very good, I believe you. You can leave.” “Ah?” Feng Guanglin was stunned when he heard that. He asked curiously, “Exalted Immortal, you, you said that I can leave?”

“Thats right, go back.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “However, after you go back, tell your Sect Master that I also want to discuss the governance of Divine Might Planet with him.

“In three years, I want to see him come here to pay his respects to me. At that time, you have to come too. If one of you is missing or none of you comes, Ill personally go and invite your Sect Master. How about that?”

“…” Feng Guanglin fell silent. Then, he took a deep breath and said, “Ill definitely report it to the Sect Master.”

With that, he bowed and left.

However, as soon as he walked, he realized that he was still in the state of a mortal. Without any supernatural power, he could not fly at all and could only walk away.

“Exalted Immortal, this…” Feng Guanglin looked at Cui Heng.

“Go.” Cui Heng waved his hand gently and removed the restrictions of the law.

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal!” Feng Guanglin immediately cupped his hands and thanked him. Then, he transformed into a stream of light and soared into the sky, rushing out of Divine Might Planet in the blink of an eye. After arriving in space, he immediately took out his flying shuttle and left, afraid that Cui Heng would suddenly change his mind and not let him leave.

With Feng Guanglins departure, peace returned to the Great Zhou Imperial Palace. Many of the Imperial Palace Guards also retreated.

Li Mingqiong was a little puzzled and asked Cui Heng in a low voice, “Master, why did you let Feng Guanglin leave? In the past, you would definitely have asked him to stay and ask about the secrets of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.”

“Haha, thats right.” Cui Heng laughed when he heard that. Then, he said, “However, letting him go back is far more useful than making him stay here. We can let him report the situation here to the Sect Master of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.”

“Master, do you think the Sect Master of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace will come in three years as promised?” Li Mingqiong asked in surprise.

“There wont be a need to wait until then.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “After Feng Guanglin helps me investigate the situation, the Sect Master of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace will be able to see me.”

“Ah?” Li Mingqiong was still puzzled, not knowing what Cui Heng was hiding.


Feng Guanglin returned to Purple Sun Star as quickly as possible.

In the past ten thousand years of his life, he had never been so flustered and afraid, let alone felt such a strong sense of belonging to his sect.

After leaving Divine Might Planet, Feng Guanglin only had one thought in his mind. He had to return to Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace and the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace. Only that place was safe!

Clearly, Cui Heng had already left a huge psychological trauma on him. He might not even dare to leave the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace in the short term, let alone leave Purple Sun Star.

Right now, he only wanted to lock himself in an absolutely safe place, sit quietly, and rest.

Of course, before that, Feng Guanglin still had to do something.

He had to report to Sect Master Zhuo Fan about his encounter on Divine Might Planet and the shocking news that a second Dao Lord had appeared in the Purple Sun Realm.

However, just as Feng Guanglin was thinking about reporting to Zhuo Fan

An invisible spirit that existed three feet above his head stretched lazily. Then, it looked around and began to wander around the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

This was the Seven Emotions Divine Spirit manifested by Cui Hengs soul. It was a technique that he had already grasped when he was at the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm.

Now that his realm was already at the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm, the effect of this technique naturally increased. It could even act as a spirit seal and allow Cui Heng to descend at any time.

The reason why he let Feng Guanglin go was to let him bring this Seven Emotions Divine Spirit to the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

He would first let it investigate the information before bringing his main body over.

Of course, if it discovered anything extremely dangerous, the Seven Emotions Divine Spirit would just dissipate on its own, and Cui Heng would naturally not go over.

After all, there were thousands of paths, and safety came first.


Feng Guanglin rushed to the Ancestral Hall and saw Zhuo Fan resting with his eyes closed.

“Oh? Junior Brother, why are you back so quickly?” Zhuo Fan opened his eyes and looked at Feng Guanglin with a scrutinizing gaze. He smiled and said, “You didnt complete your mission. What happened?”

Since he had returned empty-handed, it meant that Feng Guanglins experience on Divine Might Planet this time was not very smooth. Not to mention humans, he did not even bring anything back.

“Senior Brother, its like this. Theres actually a Dao Lord on Divine Might Planet!” Feng Guanglin said with an incomparably solemn expression. “Moreover, its an extremely powerful Dao Lord.

I remember very clearly that he only said, “The disciples of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace in the Great Zhou are not allowed to have extraordinary power.” In an instant, I lost all my cultivation realm, and even my physical strength became that of a mortal. Its really terrifying.”

“Theres actually such a thing?!” Zhuo Fan also revealed a shocked expression when he heard this. He said in a low voice, “His words are like the law, instantly restricting a Creator. What kind of Dao Body does he have? Has he cultivated to the Grand Completion realm? Isnt he too powerful…”

“Senior Brother, what should we do now?” Feng Guanglin asked. “Previously, when he let me come back, he told me that he wanted me to transmit a message to you. He hoped that you could come with me to Divine Might Planet to visit him.

He also stipulated that we must visit him within three years. I have to go with you. Otherwise, he will personally come to invite


“Heh, what big words!” Zhuo Fan sneered. “Dao Lords are indeed powerful, but hes not invincible in this starry sky. Does he really think our Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace has no methods to deal with him?”

“Senior Brother, are you planning to wake Ancestral Grandmaster up?” Feng Guanglins eyes lit up.

The Ancestral Grandmaster he mentioned was the only Dao Lord of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

However, in order to extend his lifespan, this Dao Lord had been in a sleeping state for tens of thousands of years. Many people did not even know of his existence.

“Thats right,” Zhuo Fan said in a low voice. “This is a special period. Whether I can become a Lord of the Heavens depends on this. There cant be any mistakes. If you want to blame someone, blame the Outer World Dao Lord for not knowing his place!”

“Senior Brother, youve finally accumulated enough contribution points?” Feng Guanglin said in surprise, “Thats great. As long as you become a Lord of the Heavens, well have a legitimate reason to take in the other fragments.”

“Yes, I wont hide it from you now. Actually, Ive already saved up enough more than 300 years ago.” Zhuo Fan gritted his teeth and said, “If not for that wretched girl causing trouble, I would have become a Lord of the Heavens long ago!”

“That person is indeed extremely detestable!” Feng Guanglin nodded in agreement. “However, her cultivation speed is indeed world-shaking. Its unbelievable that she could become a Creator in such a short period of time.”

“Shes not a Creator. Shes just similar to a Creator.” Zhuo Fan shook his head and said in a low voice, “Unfortunately, we couldnt capture her. Her cultivation technique is very special…”

At this moment, the Seven Emotions Divine Spirit had already toured the entire Purple Heaven Divine Palace and investigated it clearly.

There was nothing dangerous or anyone strong

Hence, just as Zhuo Fan and Feng Guanglin were talking, a golden light suddenly lit up in the Ancestral Hall.

Then, a blurry figure walked out.

It was Cui Heng. At the same time, the Great Dao laws around the Ancestral Hall were all affected.

The void sealed and the laws froze.

The people inside could not get out, and neither could the people outside come in.

This space instantly became an isolation zone.

The golden light on Cui Hengs body had yet to dissipate, but his gaze had already landed on Zhuo Fan and Feng Guanglin. He said indifferently, “Whats the name of the person you just mentioned?”

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