Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 359 - White Lotus Lord of the Heavens the Source of All Outer Dao

Chapter 358 A Sealed Supreme Existence of the Heavenly Realm


An extremely bright light filled the sky, followed by a terrifying storm that swept for tens of thousands of kilometers.

Under this strong light and hurricane, even the tallest mountain was like a small ball of sand. It could turn into powder with a light touch and sweep up the dust and sand that filled the sky.

However, no matter how turbid the sky was, the purple light did not weaken at all. It still shone in the sky and enveloped an area of tens of thousands of kilometers.


At the same time, it distorted the nomological Dao runes within this range.

The core of a Dao Lord was the Dao Body, and the Dao Body was the manifestation of a certain law being condensed to the extreme.

Therefore, the moment the Dao Lord exploded, the laws of the entire Purple Sun Planet fluctuated extremely violently.

Countless disciples of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace were affected.

Moreover, the stronger ones cultivation realm was, the greater the impact.

The Sages and those above the Sage realm all sat on the ground, feeling a splitting headache. Their heads were about to explode. Those who had yet to reach the Sage realm felt dizzy and almost could not stand steadily.

As for the Creator-level experts, they vomited blood on the spot and were greatly injured.

The dozen or so Creators who stood in the various lights and surrounded the Ancestral Hall of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace were like this, and so were Zhuo Fan and Feng Guanglin beside Cui Heng.

At the same time, the other Immortal sects on Purple Sun Star also noticed the changes in the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace. They all looked over in shock, but no one dared to release their perception to investigate the situation.

However, everyone understood what had happened.

A Dao Lord had died!

The Dao Lord of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace, the only Dao Lord of the Purple Sun Realm, had died!

What was going on?

In this era where the Heaven Realm had disappeared and the Lords of the Heavens had long passed away, would a Dao Lord still die?

Everyones hearts were filled with doubts.

However, no one knew the answer. They could only look at the extremely bright purple light with their mouths agape.

Gradually, the purple light disappeared, and the world seemed to have returned to calm. Only the chaotic laws in the void told everyone that a Dao Lord had just died.

At this moment, the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace had already fallen into silence.

Whether it was the ordinary disciples of the Mortal World, the Immortals of the first three realms, the Golden Immortals and Sages, or even the Creators, they were all silent.

Now, the influence of the nomological fluctuations on them had already weakened. Even the Creators had recovered, but no one made a sound.

All the disciples of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace were either sitting there in a daze, standing around with their mouths agape, or lying on the ground. However, their eyes were all looking in one direction.

It was in the direction of the explosion of the purple sun.

At this point, they still could not believe that their Dao Lord had actually died.

And he died in such a baffling way, in a way that they could not understand at all.

He was clearly not attacked at all. Why did he suddenly explode?!

Moreover, after the explosion, there was nothing left of him. His body and soul were destroyed. Even his Dao Body, which had been condensed and purified to the peak, was reduced to ashes.

How could such a thing happen?

“Its over, its over, its all over.” Zhuo Fan sat on the ground and looked at the sky outside with a dull expression. He muttered, “Its completely over.”

He might be the only person in the entire Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace who knew what had just happened.

What caused the death of their Dao Lord was Cui Hengs gaze.

Zhuo Fan was relatively close to Cui Heng. He noticed Cui Hengs gaze outside. Even if it was just a glimpse with the corner of his eye, it made him tremble in fear and his mind almost exploded.

At that time, his only thought was that if he had endured that gaze head-on, the consequences would be unimaginable. He would definitely have died instantly.

Then, the purple sun outside exploded.

What kind of power was this? What kind of realm was this?!

Was this a Lord of the Heavens?

Cui Heng stood there. He had already restrained his aura and looked at Zhuo Fan quietly. After a long while, he said, “Lets continue our previous topic.” “W-what topic?” Zhuo Fan subconsciously asked. At the same time, he shrank back and looked at Cui Heng with fear in his eyes. His entire body was trembling.

“You remember.” Cui Heng smiled.

“I remember? Yes, yes, I remember!” Zhuo Fan hurriedly nodded and then replied respectfully, “Youre asking about that Sword Immortal Wanxia. Her surname is Jiang and she calls herself Hengxia. She said that shes from Daozhou Star, which is also called the Zuishou Star or Star of Original Sin.”

“…” Cui Heng fell silent for a moment before saying with a sigh, “Continue, tell me everything you know about her.”

“Yes, yes!” Zhuo Fan nodded and said, “400 years ago, she came to the Purple Sun Realm through a teleportation array left behind by a branch of our Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace. She was originally on Tai Cang Star.

Because she was only a Heaven Immortal at the beginning, no one cared about her. However, in less than a hundred years, she became a Sage King and was only one step away from becoming a Creator.

This attracted our attention. Such a fast cultivation speed meant that her cultivation technique was definitely extraordinary. It might even be a Heaven Realm technique, so we were tempted.

After Jiang Hengxia became a Sage King, we invited her over on the basis that Purple Sun Star would soon have a Creator giving a lecture, trying to exchange cultivation techniques with her.

However, she kept her mouth shut about this and never revealed her cultivation method at all. She was also very wary of us. Other than listening to the Creators teachings, she almost never communicated with us.

At first, we were still patient and wanted to try our best to obtain the cultivation technique she cultivated with gentle methods. Unexpectedly, she became a Creator not long after.

We knew that we couldnt wait any longer. Jiang Hengxias cultivation technique is completely illogical. Her speed is too fast. If we waited any longer, we wont have a chance anymore.

Hence, I ordered five Creators to take the initiative to capture Jiang Hengxia and forcefully snatch her cultivation technique. However, I didnt expect her strength to far exceed that of ordinary Creators and she actually killed the five people I sent.

It was only then that I realized that Jiang Hengxias realm was not that of a Creator at all. She had not even cultivated a Dao Body. She cultivated another system and another path. The strength she possessed far exceeded that of a Creator.

At that time, I regretted it a little, but there was no turning back in this world, so I could only continue walking forward. In the end, Jiang Hengxia killed two more Creators and more than ten Sage Kings…”

As he spoke, his expression became sorrowful and filled with pain. He muttered to himself, “At that time, I really shouldnt have attacked her because of greed.

If I hadnt attacked her, perhaps I would have been able to become a Lord of the Heavens in peace. If I had become a Lord of the Heavens, I probably wouldnt have ended up in my current state.”

Zhuo Fans mind seemed to have been greatly stimulated, and his consciousness was not very clear. Such a Creator who had cultivated a Dao Body suddenly began to mutter.

Cui Heng stared at him and frowned slightly. Then, with a flick of his finger, a breeze appeared out of thin air and blew past Zhuo Fans head.

“Ah!!” Zhuo Fan suddenly shouted. At the same time, his body trembled, and his originally turbid eyes became clear.

His mind returned to normal.

Then, Zhuo Fans expression changed. He realized that he had just said something he shouldnt have said.

“You just said that if you hadnt attacked Hengxia, you might have been able to become a Lord of the Heavens safely?” Cui Heng looked at Zhuo Fan with a faint smile. “Does the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace really have a way to communicate with the Heaven Realm and obtain the authority bestowed by the Heaven Realm?”

Previously, he had obtained a secret from the ancient books of the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion.

The Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace was very close to the Heaven Realm. Even when the Heaven Realm was young, they could still contact the Heaven Realm and even obtain resources to assist in cultivation.

“…” Zhuo Fan fell silent when he heard this. At the same time, he lowered his head. But after a moment, he still let out a long sigh and said, “Youre right, but youre also wrong.” “Oh?” Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled. “What do you mean?”

“I do have a way to obtain the authority bestowed by the Heaven Realm, but I dont have a way to communicate with the Heaven Realm,” Zhuo Fan said in a low voice. “The one which can help me become a Lord of the Heavens is not from the Heaven Realm, but an incomparably powerful existence.

I dont know much about this existence. I only know that he was once a famous existence in the Heaven Realm. Its just that because he was sealed in the spatial rift, he could only reveal a trace of weak power at special times and places.

But just this trace of power can greatly extend the lifespan of a Lord of the Heavens, and it can even directly give out a portion of the Heavens authority!”

Towards the end, he could not help but become excited, his eyes filled with fascination.

Cui Heng could tell that Zhuo Fans mental state was obviously abnormal again.

However, this was not because something had happened to his soul again.

Instead, it was the effect of the topic they were discussing which affected Zhuo Fans mental state. It was as if as long as it was about the Lord of the Heavens, he would involuntarily feel excited and yearning.

“This is a deep psychological hint. It wont even appear in the soul.” Cui Heng looked at Zhuo Fan in surprise. “He does have some methods.”

It was indeed profound to the point that he did not discover this immediately. It could even be said to be the most brilliant technique he had seen since he transmigrated.

Was this a Heaven Realm mighty figure?

Was he at the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World or higher?

Thinking of this, Cui Heng immediately became vigilant. If this was an existence that had surpassed the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World, wouldnt he be in danger?

Hence, he continued to ask Zhuo Fan calmly, “How did you communicate with the people of the Heaven Realm? How did Jiang Hengxia affect you becoming a Lord of the Heavens?”

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