Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 35 - This Is Old Master Huangs Juhe County

most of the people in Juhe County, he might be able to gain a lot of affection.

Lu Zhengming and Zhao Guang looked at each other.

They both saw the doubt in each others eyes.

This county magistrate seemed to really want to do something good for the people of Juhe County?

Could this be what it meant to be high-spirited and compassionate?

Although neither of them understood why Cui Heng was doing that, they thought about the question seriously and came to the same conclusion.

“County Lord, Juhe County is located by the Hong River. Its an important waterway in Fengzhou. With this strategic resource, the people shouldnt be poor. But in fact, most families dont even have many full meals a year,” Zhao Guang said first.

“Because theres a Huang family here,” Lu Zhengming explained. “The rise of the Huang family originated from an ancestor 90 years ago, the Water Envoy of the capital. While controlling the water transportation he racked up a lot of money and brazenly bought land in Juhe County.

This made the Huang family, which was originally an ordinary wealthy family, become the largest family in Juhe County. To this day, they already occupy 100,000 acres of land. Most of the people in the county are tenants of the Huang family.”

“Hehe, from then on, Juhe County became Old Master Huangs Juhe County.” Zhao Guang sneered at the side. “After occupying a large amount of land, the Huang family began to crazily increase the rent of their tenants.

“In serious cases, there will even be times when the level of annual harvest is not enough to pay the lands lease. At that time, the Huang family will lend money to the tenants to borrow food and pay for the land lease. Then the profits will roll in and gradually turn the tenants into serfs like livestock.”

“If County Lord can wipe out the Huang family, you will definitely make all the people in the county clap their hands for you and worship you as the heavens,” Lu Zhengming said.

“This Old Master Huang even secretly has a private army. In the past, whenever a new county magistrate came into office, they would send a greeting to the Huang family and ask to meet with Old Master Huang.” Zhao Guang continued, “Its said that there was a magistrate who did not go and greet Old Master Huang after he took office. Then, he was found dead on the streets less than half a month later.”

“The Huang family is indeed a good fat pig.” Cui Heng laughed when he heard this and asked, “The Huang family must have collected many antique calligraphy and paintings?”

“Probably a lot,” Zhao said after a moment.

“Then well wipe out the Huang family.” Cui Heng decided.

In the Huang familys mansion in the east of Juhe County.

Old Master Huang, in his fifties, was fishing. But instead of sitting in a chair, he used the body of a young girl as a stool.

The young girl who looked to be no more than 16 or 17, was kneeling with her hands against the ground, her body positioned as a human stool. Her frail body trembled as she supported the nearly 200 jin of weight on her back.

Sweat was already forming on her forehead. Her body trembled, but she didnt dare to move.

The last maidservant who failed to support Old Master Huang properly, had already been chopped up and thrown into the pond to feed the fishes.

“Old Master, that young county magistrate did not send a greeting card.”

At this moment, a middle-aged man in gray jogged over and bowed. “Ive also checked that little fellows background.”

This was the Huang familys butler.

Huang Cai.

“Whats his background?” Lord Huang asked without looking up.

“I heard that hes Zhao Guangs relative. He spent money to buy an official position. He doesnt have any background,” Huang Cai said in a low voice. What he had found out was all the information Lu Zhengming and Zhao Guang had deliberately spread.

“Zhao Guang?” Master Huang sneered when he heard that. “Hes a nouveau riche. Hes like a dog. How dare he encroach on the position of the county magistrate? After holding it in for three months, its time to eat!”

In this era of chaos, it was not unusual for a county magistrates position to change every month. Therefore, he was not surprised by the sudden departure of the previous county magistrate.

“Old Master, do you think this county magistrate is a martial expert like the previous county magistrate?” Huang Cai was a little worried.

The previous county magistrate was Yan Sheng. He had come here to prepare for the entry of King Yans army into the city.

Therefore, the first thing he did was to come to the Huang family to establish his might.

Although he promised a lot of benefits later on and even exploited the commoners with the Huang family, his domineering martial strength also left a deep impression on the Huang family.

“Its just a brat whos still wet behind the ears. Even if he started practicing martial cultivation in his mothers womb, how powerful can he be?” Old Master Huang sneered in disdain. “Send a message and ask that brat to come and pay his respects to me tomorrow morning. Otherwise, hell bear the consequences himself.”

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