Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 360 - Nascent Soul Finally Reaches Perfection

Chapter 359 White Lotus Lord of the Heavens, the Source of All Outer Dao

“Exalted Immortal, our Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace keeps a treasure to communicate with that big shot from the Heaven Realm.”

Zhuo Fan said respectfully, “As long as one offers enough contribution, one can activate this treasure and open a spatial rift at a specific time. They can then establish a connection with that big shot.”

Now, he no longer dared to hide anything from Cui Heng. With that, he took out a disc.

The radius of this disc was only about three inches, and it was also very thin. It was no thicker than half a knuckle and was completely green, like an ancient bronze artifact.

The back of the disc was carved with complicated and exquisite patterns. There were clouds, the sun, divine dragons, and flying phoenixes. The overall design was exquisite.

On the back of the disc were 36 small diamond-shaped grooves. They were clearly used to place something.

Was this what Zhuo Fan meant by “sufficient contribution”?

Cui Heng was a little puzzled. He stared at the disc and immediately analyzed its essence and saw the laws intertwined on it.

A thoughtful expression appeared on his face. Then, he chuckled and said, “So you just need to place 36 crystals in these grooves.

“If I cast a spell and touch the laws and principles on it, I can activate it and use it. If Im not wrong, what should be placed on these grooves is actually the Immortal True Essence.”

He sensed the charm of burning life and Dharma and Logos on this disc. There was even some undying aura wrapped around it, which was extremely similar to the Immortal True Essence.

Moreover, this was most likely not the pure Immortal True Essence. It was very likely that it had been cultivated by a martial artist. The Dharma and Logos intertwined on it were obtained from a martial artists lifetime of cultivation.

Coupled with the fact that Purple Sun Heaven had spread the Immortal True Essence martial technique to the starry skies below, it was not difficult for Cui Heng to make this guess.

If that was really the case, then to the former Purple Sun Heaven and the current Purple Sun Realm, the Immortal True Essence that had been stripped away after martial cultivation was really a rather important resource.

Not only could it be used to help the Sage Kings refine a Dao Body, but it could also be used to forge weapons at the Seventh Realm.

Now, he had discovered another use for it, which was to activate this treasure and establish a connection with the sealed Heaven Realm figure.

It could be said to be quite useful.

“Yes, yes.” Zhuo Fan nodded, and his body began to break out in cold sweat again.

He knew very well that the disc was actually consuming the lives of martial artists.

Every piece of Immortal True Essence meant the death of a martial artist.

However, he did not know how to explain this matter. He did not even have a chance to push the blame.

After all, this was already the practice in the Purple Sun Heaven era.

It had been too long.

“Dont be afraid. I wont kill you now.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “Continue. Previously, you said that you had already completed your contributions 300 years ago. Why didnt you become a Lord of the Heavens at that time?”

“Because Jiang Hengxia obtained a Heaven Realm Supreme Treasure from somewhere.” Zhuo Fan lowered his head and suppressed the resentment in his heart as he said calmly.

She suddenly appeared when I burned the 36 Immortal True Essence and was about to open the spatial rift. She activated the Heaven Realm Supreme Treasure, opened the Heaven Gate, and barged in.

At that time, most of the Purple Sun Realm produced violent spatial fluctuations that directly covered the effect of the disc. It was impossible to establish a stable connection with that existence.”

Although Zhuo Fan tried his best to endure it, Cui Heng could still hear the anger and helplessness in his voice very clearly. However, he did not dare to show it. This emotion could be said to be extremely uncomfortable.

However, such a person was not worthy of any pity. He had purely reaped what he sowed. If not for him coveting Jiang Qiqis martial technique and wanting to capture her, how could he have been targeted by Jiang Qiqi and ended up like this?

“Heaven Realm Supreme Treasure?” Cui Heng was a little surprised. He did not expect this outcome. He thought to himself, “Looks like Qiqi had many fortuitous encounters after coming to the Purple Sun Realm. She actually obtained a Heaven Realm Supreme Treasure.

I wonder what she wants to do by entering the Heaven Gate? Is there a reason why she has to go, or is it purely to destroy Zhuo Fans schemes? Is entering the Heaven Gate just a helpless move?”

When Zhuo Fan saw Cui Heng fall into deep thought, he immediately became uneasy.

He had already sensed that the expert in front of him most likely had a deep relationship with Jiang Hengxia. An unprecedented fear and panic filled the Creators heart again.

After a while, Cui Heng suddenly looked at Zhuo Fan again and said in a low voice, “Bring all the ancient books in the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace to me later.”

“Ah?” Zhuo Fan was stunned when he heard this.

He did not expect Cui Heng to make such a request.

Ancient books?

Although the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace was indeed the faction with the most books in the entire Purple Sun Realm, no one had ever cared about this in the past.

Most of the ancient books described the Purple Sun Heaven. Now that the Purple Sun Heaven had long collapsed, the things recorded in them were naturally meaningless to most people.

What did this ridiculously powerful existence want these books for?

However, although Zhuo Fan was puzzled, he did not dare to ask further. He immediately bowed respectfully and said, “Yes, yes. Ill follow Exalted Immortals orders. Ill move all our books over now.”

With that, he rushed out of the Ancestral Hall and towards the library of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

However, as soon as he moved, Zhuo Fan realized that his body had frozen and he could not move at all. He immediately panicked and turned to look at Cui Heng, saying with a trembling voice, “Exalted Immortal, this, this is…”

“I said later, not now.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled. “I still have something to ask you. Whats going on with the Holy Mother of White Lotus on Divine Might Planet?”

A god that could make even Creators worship willingly could not be just a fictional existence. It had to be the main body of an existence.

For example, the Dao God worshiped by Daoyi Palace on Daozhou Star and Divine Lord Tianhe worshiped by the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect of the Heavenly Void World.

This Holy Mother of White Lotus definitely had a real body.

Zhuo Fan heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Cui Hengs first sentence, but after hearing Cui Hengs next question, his heart was in his throat again. He said with a bitter expression, “Exalted Immortal, are you trying to become enemies with the Holy Mother of White Lotus?”

“Oh?” Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this. For Zhuo Fan to ask such a question at this time, it was enough to show that this Holy Mother of White Lotus was not simple. “Tell me.”

“Exalted Immortal, this Holy Mother of White Lotus is a Lord of the Heavens.” Zhuo Fan was clearly a little flustered and nervous. “There are three Higher Heavens, nine Middle Heavens, and 24 Lower Heavens under the Heaven Realm.

The White Lotus Lifeless Heaven is one of the Three Higher Heavens. Its on the same level as the Buddhist Light Pure Land and the Dao Techniques Immortal realm. Its also known as the source of all Outer Dao in the myriad worlds.

The strength of the Lords of the Heavens from the Higher Heavens are extremely vast, far stronger than the Lords of the Heavens of the Middle Heavens. The Holy Mother of White Lotus is a Lord of the Heavens from a Higher Heaven. Legend has it that she alone is enough to suppress all the Middle Heavens Lords of the Heavens.

This is also why theres only one Immortal sect on the huge Divine Might Planet, the White Lotus Lifeless Sect. No one dares to compete there at all.”

“Three Higher Heavens, consisting of the Outer Dao, Buddhist Sect, and Dao Sect.” Cui Heng noticed this and chuckled. “The myriad worlds track the source of all Outer Dao, the source of all Buddhist Sects, and the source of all Dao Sects. Its very neat.”

This made him even more curious about the former Heaven Realm.

What kind of force was it, and what goals did they have to actually be able to unite these three giants?

At the same time, he became more and more afraid of this Heaven Realm, and his desire to break through to the Soul Formation realm became stronger.

He had to break through as soon as possible.

Once he broke through to the Soul Formation realm, not only would he obtain an increase in his essence of life and cultivation, but the System could also further increase his survival methods and activate new functions.

Hence, Cui Heng waved his hand and said to Zhuo Fan, “Go, move all your books over.”

“Yes, Exalted Immortal!” Zhuo Fan hurriedly bowed and left.

Then, Cui Heng turned his gaze to Feng Guanglin, who had been sitting at the side. He chuckled and said, “Did you hear what I asked Zhuo Fan to do just now?”

“Yes, yes!” Feng Guanglin immediately jolted and nodded.”. I heard, Exalted Immortal. What do you want me to do? Please tell me!”

“Go and inform all the Immortal sects on Purple Sun Star. I want all their ancient books, especially those from the Purple Sun Heaven Era.” Cui Heng went straight to the point.

“Ill exchange the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pills with them and tell them some rules that they should follow in the future. The environment on Purple Sun Star is also a little chaotic and needs a stable order.”

He had begun to transform the Purple Sun Realm!

In the void, where billions of Great Dao gathered, where endless laws gathered.

There was nothing here, no sun, moon, or stars. There was only pure white light, as if it was the purest thing in the myriad worlds. It was incomparably holy.

If one observed carefully, they would discover that these lights were actually formed by countless extremely tiny particles, and every tiny particle looked like a pure white lotus.

In the deepest part of this pure and white sea of light, a blurry human figure could be vaguely seen. The figure was slender and seemed to be a woman.

Her body was incomparably huge. If she was in the starry sky of the universe, just one of her hands would be the size of an ordinary planet. Every move she made had a terrifying power that could shake planets.

This was a giant god that could run rampant in the starry sky.

However, such a huge god seemed to have been sleeping here for a long time. She only lay quietly in this pure white light, as if she could sleep for eternity.



The pure sea of light actually surged with waves, instantly condensing into a holy and pure lotus platform above the huge figure.

“Who dares to take away my faith?”

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