Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 360 - Nascent Soul Finally Reaches Perfection

e Heavenly Void World. Later on, it followed Hui Shi.

As Huo Er did not have any ambition, it was basically lying down and waiting to improve. Even so, its cultivation realm had actually already reached the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm. It could be said to be very powerful.

However, its intelligence still did not seem to be very high. Perhaps it was because it was too lazy to use its brain, but it still liked to howl, just like when it was born.

“Sir has already subdued Purple Sun Star?” Hui Shi could not help but be surprised. He sighed and said, “As expected of Sir, hes indeed powerful!”

From his perspective, not long after Cui Heng left Divine Might Planet, he had actually subdued the entire Purple Sun Star. Such speed was really breathtaking.

After all, Purple Sun Star was the largest planet in the entire Purple Sun Realm. There were many forces on it, and there were even top Immortal sects like the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

Not to mention subduing them, even walking through these forces would take a lot of time. “The might of the Immortal Venerable is naturally immeasurable.” Huo Er chuckled. “Roar, lets go and find Liu Litao.”


Cui Heng had a very clear plan for governing the Purple Sun Realm.

Divine Might Planet was deeply plagued by the faith of the sects. Even if they resolved the White Lotus Lifeless Sect, there was no way to let the people who worshiped the Holy Mother of White Lotus return to the normal path.

He could only take his time.

Therefore, the core of the Great Zhou would stay on Divine Might Planet and be personally governed by Li Mingqiong. She would gradually nibble away at the territory of the White Lotus Lifeless Sect and free the peoples minds that had been fooled by the Holy Mother of White Lotus, guiding them to return to the right path.

All the Immortal sects on Purple Sun Star had already submitted. That was why Cui Heng called Liu Litao and Hui Shi over. At the same time, Huo Er would guard them to directly build a secure country of the Great Zhou to implement the policies of the Great Zhou and establish a new order.

As for Tai Cang Star, there was no hurry. As long as the Purple Sun Star and Divine Might Star had already implemented the rules of the new order, Tai Cang Star would naturally follow suit.

Of course, if Tai Cang Star did not take advantage of the situation, Cui Heng would personally go over to persuade them.

However, for the current him, the most important thing was to read the books he had obtained from Purple Sun Star and understand more about the secrets of Purple Sun Heaven.

Cui Heng could clearly feel that his Nascent Soul cultivation was about to reach a critical point. He estimated that after digesting the gains from Purple Sun Star, he would be able to truly reach the peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

At that time, his Nascent Soul would be completely perfected. He would only be short of the feedback from changing the world.

As a fragment of the Purple Sun Heaven, the Purple Sun Realm had an extraordinary influence on the starry skies of the myriad worlds.

As long as he could complete the transformation of the Purple Sun Realm, he would definitely be able to obtain incomparably huge feedback. This way, the Soul Formation realm was no longer far.

The Heaven Realm ruled the entire Central World. It was the peak of the myriad worlds and it was mysterious and endless.

There are three Higher Heavens, nine Middle Heavens, and 24 Lower Heavens under the Heaven Realm.

Purple Sun Heaven was one of the Nine Middle Heavens. It was said that at its peak, an existence at the Ninth Realm had once appeared. However, because it had existed for a long time, it was impossible to verify the identity of this Ninth Realm existence.

The furthest timeline that these books could trace back to was only more than 400,000 years ago. Beyond that, there were only stories similar to myths and legends.

However, even so, Cui Heng still learned a lot of information.

He had roughly understood the entire Purple Sun Heaven, what kind of forces, inheritances, and important figures there were…

If he wanted to, he could even directly materialize a large portion of the Purple Sun Heaven through the divine power of Illusory Descent.


Other than this, he also learned some important secrets.

For example, why did Lord of the Heavens Ziyang lead so many Dao Lords to attack the Saint Demon Heaven back then? Why he had to explore that ruin, as well as the true origin of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

These secrets provided Cui Heng with quite a bit of feedback, allowing his Nascent Soul cultivation to increase further.

Finally, ten years later.

Everyone on Purple Sun Star sensed something and subconsciously looked up at the sky.

The light and shadow of a Purple Mansion Golden Hall appeared, emitting an incomparably profound Dao rune aura. It was as if it was everywhere and was reflected in the eyes of every living being on Purple Sun Star.

At this moment, Purple Sun Star had already established some order under the efforts of Liu Litao, Hui Shi, and Huo Er. Even such an earth-shattering scene did not cause much of a stir.

However, the Creators were all extremely shocked.

In their perception, the Purple Mansion Golden Hall floating in the sky seemed to be the manifestation of the origin of all laws and Great Dao. It was as if a heavenly realm had descended.

At this moment, Cui Hengs Nascent Soul was finally completely perfected. He had truly reached the limit of the Nascent Soul realm and reached the peak. There was only room for improvement in front of him.

As long as he accumulated enough, he could attempt to break through

The Soul Formation realm!

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