ood mood right now.

The amount of love he had gained from wiping out the Huang family was too great.

The red color that symbolizes joy on the Golden Core had already risen to five points, and it was still growing. It would probably reach six or even seven points soon.

The white that symbolizes love had also reached four points, and was likewise growing.

At the same time, the black color that symbolizes evil and the green color that symbolizes fear has also increased. However, the increase was not as big as the previous two. They only increased by a little more than a point.

However, because the green color that symbolizes fear was already three points, adding this point, it was also four points.

Apart from grief and anger, the light of the other five emotions was steadily advancing toward the small target of an inch.

This also made his Golden Cores spirituality grow more and more clear. He could clearly feel the improvement in his cultivation.

Moreover, they had also seized a huge amount of antiques from the Huang family.

Just as Cui Heng had expected, such items with a civilization foundation and a certain age could indeed be converted into System currency.

He had gained a total of 89 currency points!

It was more than what he had converted in the tomb of King Lu!

“County Lord, Huang Shishan and the rest of the Huang family are already imprisoned in the cell. How should we deal with them next?” Lu Zhengming walked over and asked.

“We will deprive the Huang family of all their assets. In a few days, we will hold a complaints assembly at the county government office and hold a public trial for the Huang family.” Cui Heng tapped the table gently. “Lets start with Old Master Huang Shishan.”

“Complaints assembly, public hearing?”

Lu Zhengming and Zhao Guang looked at each other, not quite understanding what this meant.

“Its to capture the Huang family on stage and gather the people and let them voice out about how they have been persecuted by the Huang family all these years,” Cui Heng explained. “The results of the public trial depend on the results of the complaints.”

“Thats a good idea. It can let the people vent their resentment and let everyone know how detestable the Huang family is.” Lu Zhengming clapped and cheered. “County Lord is wise!”

“The Huang family is hated by everyone. If we openly hold a complaint assembly, will the angry citizens directly beat them to death?” Zhao Guang thought of a situation.

“If theyre dead, so be it.” Cui Heng smiled. “Those people deserve to die.”

“Indeed.” Zhao Guang nodded in understanding. “County Lord is wise.”

“By the way, during the complaining process, you can also record the victimization of different people,” Cui Heng reminded him. “Next, you have to distribute all the Huang familys assets and land. You can use the complaints as a reference for an actual investigation to decide how much farmland to distribute.”

“County Lord, are you really going to give all the Huang familys assets and land to the commoners?” Lu Zhengming asked uncertainly. Beside him, Zhao Guang also wanted to say something but hesitated.

“Thats right,” Cui said with a nod. “Distribute them all. Dont leave any.”

Lu Zhengming and Zhao Guang bowed at the same time. They were even more convinced that Cui Heng was an Immortal who wanted to accumulate merit and ascend.

“Alright, theres no need to be so high-profile. You may go.” Cui Heng waved his hand and smiled. “Call Hui Shi in. I have something to ask him.”

“Yes, County Lord!” Lu and Zhao took their leave.

Monk Hui Shi had now shed his uniform as head of the constable squad. He was wearing a monks robe and looked benevolent.

He arrived in the lobby and bowed respectfully. “Greetings, County Lord.”

“Have you copied down the martial techniques?” Cui Heng asked.

“Ive finished copying.” Monk Hui Shi took out three books from the sleeve of his monk robe and handed them over respectfully. “County Lord, this little monk hasnt mastered all 81 techniques yet.

“Therefore, I only copied the 58 techniques I learned, as well as the two internal cultivation techniques, theLife and Death Formless Technique and theGreat Lotus Immeasurable Technique. They are all secret techniques of the Lotus Flower Monastery.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded and picked up the book that had been copied from Lotus Flower Monastery. After scanning it a few times, his gaze paused slightly on the Buddhas Fiery Heart Palm. He was deep in thought.

Then he suddenly raised his right hand and pointed a finger.


The void suddenly emitted a violent trembling sound. A surging heat wave erupted without warning, sending Hui Shi flying on the spot.

At the same time, an extremely bright flame bloomed between Cui Hengs fingers, causing the surrounding space to become distorted.

At this moment, Hui Shi felt as if he was seeing a sun rising from Cui Hengs fingertips!

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