Chapter 3: This Is a Supreme Existence

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Hong Fuguis reaction was beyond Cui Hengs expectations.

After some questioning, he finally understood what was going on.

It turned out that Hong Fugui was born in a remote village. His parents were the tenant farmers of the landowners. The landowners suppressed them severely, and his family had never eaten a full meal before.

Thus, when he saw this bowl of fragrant white porridge, he was a little moved by the scene and thought of his deceased parents and siblings.

Cui Heng was silent for a long time when he heard this, and he patted Hong Fuguis shoulder lightly after the latter calmed down. “Come, have some porridge first.”

Hong Fuguis condition was very critical right now. He was in a state of extreme hunger and his emotions were fluctuating violently. It was very likely that he would directly faint if he got agitated.

“Thank you, Master Immortal.” Hong Fugui thanked him sincerely. He did not know how to address Cui Heng, so he followed the Yellow-scarved Strongman and called him Master Immortal.

“My surname is Cui, you can call me Mr. Cui.” Cui Heng smiled.

“Yes, Mr. Cui.” Hong Fugui quickly acknowledged and sat down at the table at the same time. He looked at the bowl of porridge, then looked at Cui Heng and asked carefully, “Mr. Cui, I, can I really eat it?”

“Go on, but be careful to eat slowly, dont burn yourself.” Cui Heng nodded lightly.

“Wu! So fragrant! Its so hot!” Hong Fugui exclaimed as he drank the congee. Even if it was very hot, he did not want to stop. After all, he had lived for more than ten years and had never eaten so happily like today.

Cui Heng did not stop him and just watched from the side.

The rice used for the congee was not ordinary. It was the spirit rice produced by the Beginners Farm.

Not only was it fragrant and delicious, it also contained minute amounts of spirit energy. It was rich in nutrition, and pervaded every cell noiselessly. It would not be over-nourishing.

Cui Heng had a good impression of Hong Fugui. This kid was a pitiful person who had suffered a lot.

A mere bowl of plain porridge was nothing to him, but it was enough to give this poor kid unprecedented happiness.

Furthermore, he had been alone in this Beginners Space for 10 years. If not for the Yellow-scarved Strongman, he would have even forgotten how to speak.

However, the Yellow-scarved Strongman was only a robot that obeyed every word. It did not have any true intelligence.

Now that a human who could communicate normally had come in, he naturally wanted Hong Fugui to become healthy. Even if it was just for him to have someone to talk to, it was still good.

He could also learn more about the outside world.

Hong Fugui wolfed down the food.

In less than a minute, he had finished the entire bowl of porridge. Naturally, the two bowls of pickled vegetables had also disappeared.

His stomach felt warm and full, and a sense of happiness that he had never felt before welled up in his heart.

However, Hong Fugui didnt linger on the feelings of satisfaction in his stomach. He hurriedly stood up and wanted to thank Cui Heng, but he suddenly realized that he seemed to have grown taller.

“Whats going on?” He looked down at his hands in amazement, then at his feet. He realized that his palms were much bigger, his sleeves were shorter, and his pants were shorter.

He had only eaten a bowl of porridge and he had grown taller. Had he grown up?

Furthermore, his body seemed to have become much lighter. All the injuries and illnesses on his body seemed to have healed.

“So this isnt porridge, its Immortal medicine!” Hong Fugui was extremely shocked in his heart, and the gaze he used to look at Cui Heng was filled with gratitude and indescribable reverence.

Such a precious bowl of Immortal medicine was actually so generously given to a peasant like him.

This was definitely a great Venerable Immortal who had saved him!

“Thank you, Master Immortal, for saving my life. Thank you, Master Immortal, for giving me Immortal medicine!” Hong Fugui was so excited that he didnt know how to express himself. He simply knelt down and kowtowed again, kowtowing to Cui Heng as if he was thanking God and Buddha.

“Its just a normal meal.” Cui Heng shook his head and smiled. He raised his hand and asked Hong Fugui to stand up. “Dont kneel down again. You can just address me as Sir. Theres no need to call me Master Immortal anymore.”

Have you seen a Master Immortal at the Sixth level of Qi Refinement before?

The Yellow-scarved Strongmans manner of address was just a “system setting”. It was fine if he couldnt change it, but to be called that by others made him feel somewhat guilty.

“Yes, Sir.” Hong Fugui hurriedly nodded before asking respectfully, “Sir saved my life and bestowed me with Immortal medicine. My life is yours, Sir. If you have any instructions, please feel free to tell me.”

He didnt ask for the method to save the world, and he instead placed his attention on repaying Cui Hengs kindness.

“Didnt you want the method to save the world?” Cui Heng smiled.

“I havent even repaid your kindness, so how would I dare to ask for the sacred techniques?” Hong Fugui shook his head.

“Then just accompany me to talk first and play some games with me.” The corners of Cui Hengs lips curled up slightly. He smiled and said, “Follow me, Ill teach you what PS5 is.”

“Musical fart dance?” Hong Fugui looked confused. He felt that the Immortals words were really mysterious and?unfathomable1.

For the next three days, Cui Heng was in no hurry to ask Hong Fugui about the situation outside.

He brought Hong Fugui to play games, eat, farm, and talk about some trivial matters. He was very relaxed.

Compared to the 10 years of living alone, Cui Heng felt that these were the best three days of his life.

In this state of mind, he felt that the bottleneck he had stagnated at for more than a year had actually loosened!

Thats right, a mere Sixth level of Qi Refining had caused him to stagnate for more than a year!

This was also one of the reasons why he came to accept his reality.

“True enough, I have to maintain my happiness in order to cultivate!” Cui Heng thought to himself.

As for Hong Fugui…

The three days in the Immortal realm could be said to be exceedingly mystical.

He had seen too many strange and bizarre Immortal treasures.

For example:

There was no need to use any keys. He only needed to press lightly on the lock to open the Immortal Door.

There was no need for wax. Just a single sentence could switch on the Immortal Lights.

There was no need to light a fire to boil water. He only needed to put some water into the Immortal Pot and it would automatically boil.

And the most amazing thing was naturally the Musical Fart Dance!

It was not a kind of dance, but an Immortal treasure.

This magical equipment could display all kinds of scenes on a light screen. Some were terrifying and sinister, while others were marvelous and magnificent. It seemed to contain countless worlds.

What was even more bizarre was that a mere mortal like him could actually use this magic weapon to control the living beings of these worlds!

It was too unbelievable!

Perhaps only an existence that had complete control over these worlds could give such great authority to a tiny mortal like him.

In just three days, in Hong Fuguis heart, Cui Heng had gone from being a reclusive Immortal to a supreme existence that controlled countless worlds.

One morning, Hong Fugui walked out of his room and was about to greet Cui Heng.

But the moment he stepped out, he saw the Sun and Moon shining brightly in the sky.

Golden multicolored lights flowed in the air.

At this moment, a figure who seemed to be bathed in the radiance of the Sun and Moon, slowly ascended to the sky.

Cui Heng had broken through.

Seventh level of Qi Refinement!

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