Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 41 - A Grain of Rice Can Feed The Masses

In the end, only he and Third Uncle were left in Zhao Goudans family. They risked their lives to escape from the city.

“Those Yan dogs had committed too many evil deeds. They will definitely die!”

Third Uncle also cursed, but after cursing, he sighed and said with a bitter smile, “I dont know how many days we have left. These wild vegetables wont last us long.”

At this moment, there was a commotion outside…

“The military commander of Juhe County is here. Everyone, come out quickly!”

Someone was shouting outside.

Third Uncle and Zhao Goudan looked at each other and could not help but feel flustered. Could it be that the county magistrate had sent troops to chase them away?

The two of them hesitated for a moment before going out.

No matter what they were going to face, it was the best choice to stick together with the others.

Zhao Goudan followed Third Uncle and blended into the crowd. He tiptoed and looked ahead.

A military official in refined iron armor arrived with ten soldiers.

This military official had a burly figure and his gaze was as sharp as lightning. Just looking at him made one feel fear.

Many of the refugees started to stir, and they were all very vigilant.

They were all afraid that this military official was here to chase them away.

Although the houses here were dilapidated, it was still a place to stay. There were also farmlands which they could use to grow some food to survive.

If they left this place, they would probably die in a few days.

After all, no one wanted to die.

“Everyone, dont worry, theres no need to be afraid!”

At this moment, Zhao Goudan heard the leading military officer shout.

His voice wasnt very loud, but it was clear.

“County Lord is merciful. Not only did he allow you to continue living here, but he also agreed to open the warehouse to release food to help you!

“The County Lord also promised that if King Yans army attacked, he would let you enter the city to take refuge and not let you suffer any more disasters.

Remember, this is all a favor from the County Lord!”


The crowd of refugees immediately erupted with noise, and everyones faces revealed expressions of disbelief.

Then, they became ecstatic.

Three to four thousand people knelt down one after another and kowtowed in the direction of the county city.

“County Lord is a kind person!”

“I will never forget the County Lords life-saving grace!”

“Long live the County Lord!”

Everyone cheered. The cheers were mixed with sounds of loud sobbing. Everyone was crying tears of joy.

Zhao Goudan also cheered in the crowd.

He also fell into ecstasy and branded the grace of the county magistrate of Juhe County in his heart.

This was a life-saving favor. He swore to use his entire life to repay it!

In a courtyard in the city.

Fang Min had just settled down with Zhou Caiwei when she heard the news that the county magistrate was going to open the granary to relieve the refugees outside the city.

This shocked her, and she even found it difficult to understand.

Hence, she found Zhao Guang and asked, “Minister Zhao, are the rumors outside true? The County Lord is going to open up the granary to relieve the refugees?”

“Thats right.” Zhao Guang nodded and smiled. “County Lord is a kind person, so he naturally cant bear to see the people suffer.”

He had also received Cui Hengs message and knew about the decision to release the grains.

“But King Yans army is about to arrive!” Fang Min said anxiously. “How are we going to defend the city if we release the food supplies now? If we persist for too short a time, Im afraid we wont even have a chance to negotiate. At that time, the entire citys citizens will suffer a calamity…”

Even a top expert would need time to encircle around and attack King Yans rear.

This operation required Juhe County to defend for a period of time.

“Senior Sister, I heard that there are three to four thousand refugees outside.” Zhou Caiwei suddenly said, “If the County Lord doesnt release the food supplies, they will all starve to death.”

“Thats true, but…” Fang Min hesitated. She didnt know what to do in this situation.

“This County Lord is very smart.” Zhou Caiwei smiled faintly and said, “I think since he has decided to do this, he must have already prepared a backup plan. He will definitely not let the city defense lack food.”

“Junior Sister, youre actually so confident?” Fang Min asked in surprise.

“Senior Sister, have you forgotten?” Zhou Caiwei said with a smile, “When we were asking around earlier, you were shocked when you heard about the County Lords various actions. Such a powerful person will definitely consider all aspects, right?”

“…” Fang Min fell silent when she heard this. Then, she bowed and apologized to Zhao Guang. “Minister Zhao, I was a little anxious just now and was disrespectful to the County Lord. Please forgive me.”

“Actually, County Lord has already expected you to feel anxious.” Zhao Guang smiled and said, “County Lord has already told me that if you have any doubts, you can ask him personally tomorrow.”

Fang Min was stunned when she heard this. She couldnt help but exclaim, “County Lords foresight is like a god.”

In the Juhe County office.

Lu Zhengming looked at the granary ledger in his hand with a bitter expression and said with an ugly smile, “County Lord, theres not much food left in the official granary at all. Its completely not enough to support three to four thousand people.”

The food that they had seized from the Huang family were basically all distributed to the commoners. The granarys stock did not increase much, and it was still at its original level.

“Dont be anxious. Bring me to the granary to take a look.” Cui Heng stood up from his seat and smiled. “As long as theres a grain of rice, it can fill the granary and feed the masses.”

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