Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 42 - Underestimating Ones Enemy is a Major Taboo

sive amount of food rained down from the sky like a waterfall. He had never seen such a scene in his life. He didnt even dare to think about it.

It was too incredible.

What was an Immortal? This was an Immortal!

“Since its enough, you have to handle the matters of the refugees well.” Cui Heng smiled.

“I wont let the County Lord down!” Lu Zhengming said respectfully.

Dachang County.

The original county office had been occupied by the vanguard of King Yans army as Wang Shuns residence and office.

The military system set by King Yan was 2,500 people as one “army”, and 25,000 people as one “branch”.

This time, they sent out a total of 50,000 people to the left and right sides of Lu County. The two branch commanders led their troops and appointed Anbei General Wang Shun as the commander-in-chief.

The name of the Left Branch Minister was Wei Cun. He was born in the army and had practiced martial arts since he was young. His aptitude was not bad, and he had already reached Marrows Purification before the age of 40. He could be considered a first-rate expert in the pugilistic world.

The Right Branch Minister was Yan Sheng. He was originally a general of the Great Jin Dynasty and came from a family of military officials. Moreover, he was extremely talented. He was already a Qi Condensation Grandmaster in his early forties.

However, because he was a surrendered general, he had never been placed in an important position. Previously, he had recommended himself to be the county magistrate of Juhe County to welcome the Supreme Master because he wanted to obtain the attention of King Yan.

However, in the end, he crippled his own cultivation and fled back in defeat, causing all his previous efforts to be in vain.

Fortunately, the Zen Master of Grand Prosperity Monastery had helped him recover his martial cultivation. Coupled with the fact that he was very familiar with Juhe County, King Yan allowed him to redeem himself by appointing him as the Right Branch Minister and let him lead an army to attack Juhe County.

However, Yan Sheng had already failed once, so he could only submit to Wei Cun, who was at the Marrows Purification realm, and be the Right Branch Minister.

At this moment, in the Dachang County office.

Wang Shun sat at the top, while Wei Cun and Yan Sheng sat on his left and right. They were discussing the strategy to attack Juhe County.

They had just received news from the spies that the county magistrate of Juhe County had actually taken in the refugees who had escaped and even opened up a warehouse to provide food for them.

“Hahaha, is this county magistrate of Juhe County crazy?” Wei Cun had a rough personality. When he heard this news, he immediately laughed out loud. “I think Juhe County will be destroyed by that county magistrate soon. In a few days, our army will definitely win!”

“Not necessarily. Although that county magistrate is young, his martial cultivation is extraordinary and his methods are unimaginable. Hes definitely not an ordinary person.” Yan Sheng shook his head and said cautiously, “I suggest we continue to send spies to investigate the details.”

“Cabinet Master Yan, I think youre scared out of your wits by that little county magistrate.” Wei Cun sneered. “All along the way, you kept saying that that little county magistrate is extraordinary. Arent you just trying to find an excuse for your previous defeat?

Even if that county magistrate is not an ordinary person, hes still a human. Under the siege of our two armies and 50,000 people, even if hes an Immortal, he will still be chopped into meat paste by us. What are you afraid of?”

“Vulgar and boorish man, youre underestimating the enemy!” Yan Sheng shouted in a low voice. “Im doing this for the safety of the army and for the sake of His Majesty, the King of Yan!”

“Hur Hur, this is coming from a surrendered general of Great Jin…” Wei Cun mocked.

“Enough!” Wang Shun slapped the table to stop the argument between the two of them. He said in a low voice, “From the description of Minister Yan, the abilities of that young county magistrate are indeed unbelievable. But in the end, its only the strength of one person.

“In a battle between two armies, the effect of one persons strength is negligible. Its almost nothing. Minister Yan, dont be overly afraid because of your previous defeat.”

“I…” Yan Sheng wanted to explain, but Wang Shun raised his hand and interrupted him.

“Let me finish.” Wang Shun frowned and said to Wei Cun, “Cabinet Lord Wei, you have your faults too. Even if our army can take Juhe County easily, you cant let your guard down. Its a taboo to underestimate the enemy.”

“Yes, Branch Lord.” Wei Cun nodded, but he was happy in his heart. Wang Shun seemed to be talking about the two of them, but he was actually still suppressing Yan Sheng.

“Since weve already decided, the two of you should stop arguing.” Wang Shun stood up and swept his gaze across the two of them. He said in a low voice, “Next, prepare the army. In five days, the army will march on Juhe!

“This Lord wants to sit in the government office of Juhe County in half a day!”

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