Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 46 - Catching Pigs Outside the City

o create a storm?

This must be an Immortal!

As for Xu Bailu, Fang Min, and Zhou Caiwei, who were standing not far from Cui Heng, they were also stunned as they looked at the dark clouds and violent winds outside the city.

Their martial cultivation was strong. Even from a few kilometers away, they could clearly see the situation in King Yans army. This gave them an unprecedented shock.

So this was how one defended a city?

No wonder they did not increase the number of soldiers and did not release any recruitment plan.

With such divine methods, what need was there for soldiers?

A bowl of clear water drowned tens of thousands of troops. If they hadnt seen it with their own eyes, they would have found it impossible to believe.

It was too ridiculous and shocking.


“Martial arts… Is this still martial arts?”

Xu Bailus beautiful face was slightly pale as she looked at Cui Hengs back in extreme shock. She muttered, “The Immortals in the myths and legends are only so-so.”

Among everyone present, she should be the one who had the clearest impression of Cui Hengs strength.

After all, once the Profound Gate was opened, it was equivalent to establishing a preliminary bridge between the Inner World and the Outer World. One could vaguely sense the changes in the Heaven Earth Essence Energy and some Dharma and laws of the outside world.

The moment she saw Cui Heng splash out the bowl of water, she suddenly felt her mind go blank. She felt as if she had been attacked by an extremely complicated flood of information.

The flood of information contained the changes in the Heaven Earth Origin Qi and the extent of the distortion of natures laws and principles. It completely exceeded the limits of what she could withstand, and she almost fainted on the spot.

This feeling terrified her.

This was because she could clearly sense Cui Hengs strength and her own insignificance.

In front of this County Magistrate Cui, a Profound Gate Realm Grandmaster like her was probably not even an ant… No, not even a speck of dust.

Could it be that he was really as her two disciples had said, an Immortal from the heavens?

He was too powerful!

“So my previous feelings were real. This County Lord is really so powerful!”

Zhou Caiwei was extremely surprised. Although the essence of her soul was quite high and her innate spiritual perception was very sharp, she could not sense a huge flow of information like Xu Bailu.

Therefore, although she was very surprised by Cui Hengs strength, she was not as frightened as Xu Bailu. She still had the mood to ask, “Master, is this the legendary Deity Realm?”

“Deity Realm? Is there really a Deity Realm?” Fang Min also looked at Xu Bailu.

She was the luckiest one. Her martial cultivation and spiritual perception were both not high. She was only shocked by the strange methods Cui Heng used, but she did not know what it meant.

“Divine Realm, Divine Treasure, unlocking the treasures in your body, possessing all kinds of unbelievable powers…” Xu Bailu looked at Cui Heng and shook her head before nodding. She said in an uncertain tone, “Perhaps.”


At this moment, a loud and long thunder sounded in the distance. After this thunder, the strange phenomenon that enveloped King Yans army dissipated.

The 50,000-strong army that had been aggressive just now was now either dead or injured. They were all lying in a large pool of mud mixed with flesh and dirt, on the verge of death.

“Everyone, its time to go out and capture prisoners!” Cui Heng suddenly smiled, waking up the people who were immersed in shock.

Only then did everyone wake up from their daze. Lu Zhengming, Monk Huishi, Zhao Guang, and more than 200 soldiers stood up straight and shouted, “Yes! County Lord!”

They were already prepared. Now that they had received the order, they could set off immediately.

Although the army outside was large, they had completely lost their ability to resist. It was easier than catching pigs.

Half a day later.

In the grand hall of Juhe County Office, Lu Zhengming and Monk Hui Shi were on the left and right. Cui Heng sat in the middle on the highest seat.

He looked down at the middle-aged general who was shackled and kneeling on the ground. With a teasing smile in his eyes, he said, “Wang Shun, the younger brother of King Wang Tong of Yan, leads an army of 50,000 soldiers, General Anbei.

“I heard that you wanted to sit in my county office in half a day. Now that youve gotten your wish, you should be happy. Why are you looking so sad?”

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