rmy that could take in prisoners. There were less than 300 soldiers in the county in total.

They could not raise these people for nothing.

After all, food did not appear out of thin air…

Well, even if it was really conjured out of thin air, they couldnt waste it like this.

“I asked the soldiers to record down the people who took the initiative to defend the city and gathered them with Zhao Guang.” Cui Heng did not answer the question and smiled. “There are more than 5,000 civilians.”

“County Lord, what do you mean?” Lu Zhengming did not understand.

“Next, Ill get Zhao Guang to seek the opinions of these 5,000 people and see how many of them will convert to join the main army. I plan to form my own army in Juhe County.” Cui Heng smiled. “When the main army is established, the captives will naturally become useful.”

“County Lord, are you leaving this place?” Lu Zhengming keenly sensed the hidden meaning in Cui Hengs words.

“County Lord?” Monk Hui Shi hurriedly spoke and bowed respectfully. “Im willing to follow County Lord to the death!”

“Im the same!” Lu Zhengming kowtowed.

“Get up.” Cui Heng smiled and used his Dharmic powers to make the two of them stand up. “I have to leave eventually. We have to leave some strength here for the people to protect themselves.

“However, you dont have to be anxious. Even if I want to leave, its not the time yet. It wont be too late to talk about whether or not you want to follow me later.”

After that battle where he could summon the wind and rain, everyone in Juhe County already regarded him as a god.

Under such circumstances, the Seven Emotions that could be gathered in the future would naturally be greatly reduced.

Therefore, he planned to leave Juhe County after completely resolving the King Yan military disaster, then switch to a different place to collect the seven emotions of all living beings.

At the same time, he could also find out the truth about the Immortal Dawn Sect sealing the mountain back then and the deeper aspects of this world.

“As you command, County Lord.”

Lu Zhengming and Monk Hui Shi said in unison and did not continue talking about following him.

“Lets go and meet our former County Lord.” Cui Heng chuckled.

Yan Sheng had obviously been specially taken care of. The cell that imprisoned him was the cleanest one.

However, after experiencing that bizarre defeat, his mind had almost completely collapsed. Even if he had martial cultivation techniques, he only sat in the cell dejectedly and did not seem to have any intention of escaping.

He did not even notice Cui Hengs arrival.

“Lord Yan, we meet again.” Cui Heng took the initiative to greet him.

“You?” Yan Sheng looked at Cui Heng, who was outside the cell, and said self-deprecatingly, “Its my fault for not recognizing a True Immortal. I didnt expect you to have the ability to summon the wind and rain.”

“Its just a small trick. Its not worth mentioning.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled. “Dont you want to know how I plan to deal with you?

“You can destroy an army of tens of thousands with a flick of your finger. What kind of great divine power is that?” Yan Sheng was instantly speechless. He felt that Cui Heng was just making fun of him. “Youre an Immortal-like figure. If I can die in your hands, itll also be an honor.”

“I wont kill you. Furthermore, Ill let you go.” Cui Heng gestured for Monk Hui Shi to open the cell door and said with a faint smile, “Previously, I said that if King Yans army doesnt take a detour, Ill kill you.

“Now, Ive changed my mind and dont intend to kill you. As such, your life should be mine now. I want you to return to King Yans army immediately after youre released.”

“Even an Immortal like you needs a spy?” Yan Sheng looked up in surprise.

“Im not asking you to be a spy.” The smile on Cui Hengs face became wider. “Im just worried that King Yan will really take a detour. Please persuade King Yan to attack Juhe County after you return.”

“You?!” Yan Shengs eyes widened.

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