Chapter 49: What Is Shamelessness?

The reception hall of the county office was quite gorgeous, and the equipment was all high-grade wood.

This was all thanks to the previous county magistrates.

After all, to the county magistrate who was focused on making money, the guests they welcomed into the guest hall were basically important figures who were related to their promotion and wealth.

Naturally, they had to treat them well.

To Cui Heng, this was just an ordinary reception room.

Xu Bailu sat quietly on a chair in the guest hall. Her eyes were slightly closed as she waited for Cui Hengs arrival.

Although her expression was very calm on the surface, the mountain peaks in front of her chest, which was much taller than ordinary peoples, rose and fell from time to time.

Clearly, she was not calm inside.


The door to the parlor opened.

Xu Bailu immediately opened her eyes and stood up. She bowed and said respectfully, “Greetings, County Lord.”

“Please sit.” Cui Heng waved his hand and sat opposite Xu Bailu. He sized up this beautiful Daoist nun and smiled. “Daoist Xu, why are you looking for me?”

The female priest in front of him was indeed the most beautiful woman he had seen since he transmigrated.

It was not an exaggeration to call her a heavenly beauty.

Her facial features and figure were impeccable.

Even though she was wearing a loose Daoist robe, it was difficult to hide her tall and beautiful curves. She could be said to be the most stunning of beauties.

Moreover, the cold and otherworldly temperament of a Daoist nun added a different charm to her.

It was hard to explain.

“May I ask if County Lord is a Deity Realm expert?” Xu Bailu asked solemnly.

“What do you mean by Deity Realm?” Cui Heng asked instead of answering.

Xu Bailu stared at Cui Heng and said in a low voice, “Above the Inner World is the peak. Cultivating the Inner World is like cultivating the universe. When one awakens the Divine Treasure in their body, they will have unbelievable divine powers.”

“Im indeed in the Inner World realm,” Cui Heng said truthfully.

However, he did not explain the difference.

“So youre a Perfected One. Please forgive me for my rudeness.” Xu Bailu suddenly took a step back and bowed deeply to Cui Heng.

When she was guarding the city wall earlier, she still had a cold appearance.

At this moment, she was as respectful as a student studying.

“Perfected One?” Cui Heng smiled and nodded slightly. “You can call me that as well.”

When he was in the Beginners Space, he had learned from Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong that the Deity Realm was the peak of the 12 realms of the Mortal Realm.

Therefore, it was also known as the end of mortal cultivation. Martial artists who could reach this realm were usually given honorable titles.

For example, Perfected Ones, Heavenly Masters, Mages, and so on.

“I didnt expect the Deity Realm to really exist in this world.”

Xu Bailu looked at Cui Heng with a complicated gaze. There was a hint of yearning in her surprise. “I always thought that the Deity Realm was just a legend. I didnt expect that practicing martial arts could really reach such a level.”

“You havent seen anyone above the Inner World Realm?” Cui Heng smiled.

“You must be joking. An Inner World Realm expert is already a top-notch expert. The Deity Realm has always been a legend.” Xu Bailu shook her head gently and sighed. “I never thought that there would really be a Deity Realm expert in this world…”

At this point, she suddenly paused and looked at Cui Heng. She took a deep breath and said, “Perfected One, can you let me feel the power of the Deity Realm?”

“Huh?” Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly.

Under his Golden Core perception, Xu Bailus body glowed with a faint yellow light.

This was the light of seven emotions that represented “desire”.

And it was a desire that clearly pointed towards him.

Of course, it was not lust.

Instead, it stemmed from a curious desire for knowledge.

There were many kinds of desires. Love, lust, desire to know, desire to survive, and so on. These were all different forms of desires.

In theory, it was very wide.

However, it was not easy to collect them.

During this period of time, Cui Heng had collected the seven emotions of all living beings and realized that the collection of the seven emotions could not be generalized.

As long as joy and sorrow existed, they could be collected.

Anger, fear, love, evil, and desire were different.

The emotions had to be directed at him before he could collect them.

Previously, when he was helping the refugees, Cui Heng had tried to gather their emotions of the desire to live, but he did not succeed. He only managed to gather some desperate emotions.

Actually, he also wanted to go to a gambling den or brothel to try.

However, the people of Juhe County were being exploited by the Huang family and the previous county magistrates. How could they have the money to carry out such additional expenses?

As for the Huang family and the previous county magistrates, there was no need for them to go to such a place.

Without consumption, there would naturally be no market.

Juhe County did not have any gambling dens or brothels.

This time, the desire for knowledge that Xu Bailu revealed could be said to be the strongest emotion of desire that Cui Heng had gathered after so long.

In an instant, the yellow light that symbolized desire increased by 30%.

It was simply a leap in growth!

Cui Heng was in an extremely good mood. He asked with a smile, “How do you want to feel my power?”

“Thank you, Perfected One!” Xu Bailu was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “I heard that people in the Deity Realm have special divine powers and have unbelievable power. Perfected One, can you use your divine power and insert it into my body?”

The moment she finished speaking, she immediately felt that something was wrong, but it was difficult to explain.

An explanation would seem even more problematic.

“Theres no need to enter your body.” Cui Heng suppressed his laughter and said, “Ive recently figured out some small methods that can let you feel it.”

As he spoke, he raised his right hand, lifted an index finger, and pointed it at Xu Bailu.

As a Profound Gate Realm grandmaster, Xu Bailu sensed that the Heaven Earth Origin Qi around her seemed to have changed, but she didnt know what it was.

But in the next moment, she sensed that something was wrong.

She could not move!

It was as if she had been struck by an immobilizing technique and could not move at all!

The True Qi in her body could still circulate, and her thoughts were still normal. She could even move her eyes, but her body could not move at all.

She couldnt even move a finger if she wanted to.

This feeling was as if all the acupoints in her body had been sealed, all her joints had been locked, and even her flesh and blood had been forcefully stopped.

She couldnt move at all.

It was truly involuntary.

“How do you feel?” Cui Heng chuckled.

At the same time, he flicked his finger and undid the spell.

This was actually using the power of water essence to control the blood in the human body and then control the Qi and blood in the entire body to seal the acupoints and lock the joints, preventing the body from moving.

Naturally, it achieved an effect similar to the Body Fixation Art.

“The magic of divine power is actually so terrifying. I dont want to feel it anymore.” After Xu Bailu regained control of her body, she heaved a long sigh of relief. The feeling just now was too terrifying.

However, after calming down slightly, she still respectfully expressed her gratitude to Cui Heng. “Thank you for your guidance, Perfected One. I will definitely do my best to repay you in the future.”

Cui Heng didnt care about this and smiled. “Go back.”

His guidance could only make him happy because he had collected a lot of yellow light.

In the Governors Office in Lu County.

Just as Liu Litao was thinking about how he could achieve great things after becoming the Prefecture Overseer, he heard a bang as the door was pushed open.

A burly military officer in armor strode in with an aggressive aura.

“Chen Tong, what are you doing?!” Liu Litao slammed the table and stood up. He roared, “Youre just a captain, yet you actually barged into my official office?!”

Although he was timid and afraid of death, that was when he was facing rebels. When facing someone who could not kill him, his temper was still very bad.

“Governor Liu, I heard that you sent someone to Juhe County?” Chen Tong ignored Liu Litaos question and sneered. “Youre in such a hurry. Could it be that you want to pluck the peaches and take this battle achievement for yourself?”

“…” Liu Litao was silent for a moment after his thoughts were exposed. He decided not to pretend anymore and nodded. “Thats right. This Prefect wants to pluck the peaches. The envoy I sent will probably be arriving in Juhe County soon.”

“Liu Litao, are you really stupid, pretending to be stupid, or have you been blinded by battle merits?!” Chen Tong gritted his teeth and roared, “Didnt you see the military report I gave you? What was written on it!

The Yan bandits had an army of 50,000, and a total of 50,000 troops were killed in Juhe County. What kind of person can achieve such results? Is this something you can control?”

“Chen Tong, can you lower your voice?” Liu Litao did not panic at all. He sat down leisurely and said with a smile, “Ive already made plans for what you said.

“Its true that I want to pluck the peach, but before I pluck the peach, I have to get someone to test the authenticity of this peach and see if the results are true. Its ridiculous for an army of 50,000 to be defeated in a small county.”

“What if the results are true?” Chen Tong asked with a frown.

“If the results of the battle are true, well investigate the truth of Juhe County.” Liu Litao chuckled. “If its really as your military report said that the Yan bandits had suddenly encountered a strange storm and lost their combat strength.

Then this is a battle achievement obtained by luck. Juhe Countys strength is not worth mentioning at all. This peach is definitely going to be plucked by this Prefect. It has to be plucked. Only a fool wouldnt pluck it!”

“What if its not luck?” Chen Tong asked again.

“Isnt that obvious?” The smile on Liu Litaos face deepened. He stood up and walked to Chen Tongs side. He patted his colleagues shoulder and spoke with a smile.

“If the county magistrate of Juhe really destroyed the 50,000-strong army of the Yan bandits with just a small county, then hes a peerlessly ferocious person in this world. No one in the world is stronger than him with such a battle record!”

I will personally go to Juhe County and hand over the official seal of the governor of Lu County with both hands. I will welcome him to Lu County as the governor. I will join him and be his subordinate.”

“Dont glare at me, and dont look at me like that. Chen Tong, think about it carefully. Why did I work so hard to climb up the ranks, seize power, and control the army?

Isnt it just to protect myself in this chaotic world? Isnt it just to live a more stable life? If I could really meet such a ferocious person, why would I waste my energy? I would definitely hug his thigh!”

Chen Tong was dumbfounded when he heard this. His mouth opened, wanting to say something.

However, he realized that what Liu Litao said made sense.

After a while, he only gritted his teeth and did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Youre really shameless!”

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