Chapter 54: The Old Monk Who Suffered a Mental Breakdown

“Zen Master, your words are really strange.”

“If Im not human, can I be a ghost?”

The head on Cui Hengs neck and the head in his hand spoke at the same time.

As soon as he finished speaking, the head on his neck fell again and rolled into his empty right hand.

Then, with a puff, another head grew out of the empty neck.

“Zen Master, didnt you want Hui Shi to cut off my head?”

“Although I dont know what you want my head for, its no big deal to give you one.”

“Zen Master, why arent you saying anything? Do you still want this head?”

The three mouths on Cui Hengs three heads spoke at the same time. Their voices overlapped, sounding discordant and strange.

“Monster, monster, you must be a monster!” Zen Master Dekong shouted as if he had gone crazy. Then, he began to chant Buddhist scriptures while trembling. “Amitabha, Amitabha, Buddha blesses, Buddha blesses…”

As a Xiantian Grandmaster, a big shot standing at the peak of the martial arts world, and the abbot of a thousand-year-old sect, his knowledge could not be said to be not vast, and his will could not be said to be weak.

However, the current experience had already exceeded the limits of what he could endure.

First, his protective Buddhist light was crushed by the invisible hand, and then he was lifted into the air. This feeling of being unable to resist brought him a huge mental impact.

Such a powerful technique had already exceeded his understanding of martial arts, making him suspect that this was a divine power that only Deity Realm experts possessed.

However, even then, his psychological defense still existed.

After all, although the Deity Realm was powerful, it was still within the limits of a human. It was a level that could be understood, recognized, and even possibly reached.

However, what Cui Heng did next was not something a human could do.

Could people hold their detached heads and talk?

Could a person grow a few more heads after losing their head?

Such an extremely shocking matter made Zen Master Dekong, who was already under the pressure of a life and death crisis, completely panic.

It was useless to chant Buddhist scriptures for so many years. The moment he really encountered such a strange thing, he would still be afraid.

When Cui Heng saw that Zen Master Dekong was already in this state, he released the shackles on him and let the old monk fall from the sky.

As soon as Zen Master Dekong landed, his survival instincts made him run.

A Xiantian Grandmaster could cover more than 200 feet with a single step and jump more than 100 feet with a single leap. If they did not encounter any obstacles, they would be able to escape from Juhe County very quickly.

Unfortunately, as soon as he moved, he fell to the ground.

At this moment, Zen Master Dekong realized that the ground under his feet had turned into quicksand at some point. It was a kind of quicksand that was completely tight, making him unable to move no matter how he tried.

A dignified Xiantian Grandmaster was trapped in this small space just like that.

“What kind of method is this?” Zen Master Dekong was terrified. He turned to look at Cui Heng in fear and shouted, “What do you want?!”

Cui Heng ignored him and let one of his heads look at Hui Shi. He asked, “This is the person who killed your father. How do you think we should deal with him?”

“This underling will follow your arrangements,” Hui Shi said respectfully.

Cui Hengs series of actions just now had frightened him quite a bit as well, but he had long determined that Cui Heng was an Immortal and quickly adjusted his mentality.

“In that case, lets lock him in the death-row prison first.” The head on Cui Hengs neck nodded slightly. The head in his right hand smiled and said, “After he copies down all the martial techniques of Lotus Flower Monastery, well deal with him again.”

“County Lord, this fellow is a Xiantian Grandmaster. Im afraid ordinary cells cant hold him,” Hui Shi said with a difficult smile.

“Its fine. He doesnt have any martial cultivation now.” The head in Cui Hengs left hand smiled.

“What?” Hui Shi was stunned when he heard that. He looked at Zen Master Dekong in shock.

“No, my True Qi, wheres my Xiantian True Qi?!” Zen Master Dekong suddenly shouted in extreme fear.

Now, he has become extremely old.

Earlier, he looked to be around 60 years old and was full of energy. Now, he was a thin old man in his 80s or 90s. His body was hunched and his aura was weak.

The martial cultivation of a Xiantian Grandmaster was crippled just like that?

Hui Shi was shocked.

This County Lord was indeed an Immortal!

Even a Xiantian Grandmaster was like an ant in front of such an existence.

“Take him away.” Cui Heng waved his hand.

“Yes, County Lord!” Hui Shi bowed respectfully. Then, he grabbed Zen Master Dekong, who had lost all his martial cultivation, and walked towards the death-row prison.

Soon, only Cui Heng was left in the courtyard.

He shook his hands gently, and the two heads he was holding turned into two streams of Qi and blood that fused into his body.

These were not illusions, but two genuine heads.

After reaching the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm, Cui Hengs body was indestructible. As long as his Golden Core was not destroyed, he could be reborn with just a drop of blood. It was naturally not a problem to pluck off a few heads.

“The green color that symbolizes fear has increased by 60%!” Cui Heng was in a very good mood. The emotional feedback of this Xiantian Grandmaster was indeed extraordinary.

Unfortunately, after his mental breakdown, he was no longer able to provide such high feedback.

And the emotions gathered from the same person would become weaker and weaker.

Otherwise, he could still capture this old monk and scare him from time to time as a continuous source of the Seven Emotions.

To him, Zen Master Dekong was only useful for copying martial techniques and understanding the deeper situation of this world.

“According to the information Hui Shi provided previously, there should be six or seven people on the same level as this old monk on King Yans side, as well as hundreds of thousands of troops…”

Cui Heng calculated in his heart and thought to himself, “In that case, I can probably collect eight to nine marks of the Seven Emotions after destroying King Yans army. What a huge harvest!

However, after this wave, it will be very difficult to collect enough Seven Emotions Light from Juhe County. Next…”

Thinking of this, he looked in the direction of Lu County and chuckled. “Next, it will depend on what that Governor Liu does.”

… .

After Qian Cang left Juhe County, he whipped the horse he was riding with all his might.

He wanted to rush back to Lu County as quickly as possible.

He had to be faster than Fang Nanzheng.

Otherwise, that fence-sitter surnamed Fang was very likely to put in a “good word” for him in front of the governor.

If he was done in by the governor before he had a chance to speak, he would be too unlucky.

Unfortunately, he was still too late.

When Qian Cang rushed back to Lu County, Fang Nanzheng had already returned before him.

Moreover, as soon as he arrived at the city gate, a group of soldiers surrounded him. The leader was even Commander Chen Tong.

“Lord Commander, this…” Qian Cang tactfully dismounted from his horse. He looked at the surrounding soldiers and smiled bitterly.” What are they doing? ”

“Cut the crap.” Chen Tong snorted. “Just follow me back to the county office!”

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