Although the name was not good, this martial technique was quite special.

When using Xiantian True Qi to ignite the tip of a spear with special qualities, the spear, when swung, would have flames accompanying it, disrupting the enemy. It could even affect the fire essence in the world, greatly increasing the power of the spear.

The method of using True Qi to ignite external objects gave Cui Heng some inspiration. At the same time, it also allowed him to relate it to the gains he had obtained from watching the Buddha Fiery Heart Palm.

Hence, he picked up the candle beside him and shook it gently. The wax inside was immediately spilled out.

In the next moment, the dozen drops of wax suddenly turned into terrifying fireballs wrapped in Dharmic powers.

An unparalleled extreme temperature spread out, almost turning everything around into ashes in an instant.


Cui Heng blew out the fireballs formed by the wax and let them return to normal.

Then, he smiled and nodded. “This martial technique is not bad.”

However, his actions made things difficult for Xu Bailu, who had already reached the Profound Gate realm, and Zhou Caiwei, who was born with sharp spiritual senses.

They were both woken up from their sleep, their faces pale.

Both of them dreamed of dozens of fireballs descending from the sky, burning the entire Juhe County into ashes.

Until late at night, they were still in shock and almost couldnt sleep the entire night.

Cui Heng did not know about this. After experimenting with this “new spell”, he came out of the room and looked up at the sky.

The moonlight was dim and the stars were sparse.

“The dark of the moon is an opportune moment! Its perfect for a real experiment.”

With this in mind, he left the county office and instantly appeared outside the county city.

With his second step, he was more than 20 kilometers away from Juhe County.

500 miles was indeed just a walk after dinner.

However, after a dozen steps, a strong gray light that lit up nearby made him stop.

… .

Xu Fengan lay in the weeds by the roadside. He looked down at his crippled body with a bitter expression.

His heart was filled with despair and sorrow.

As a world-renowned top-notch martial cultivator, his current situation could only be said to be miserable.

The right side of his upper body was almost gone.

It was truly gone.

Not only was his right arm gone, but half of his right chest, as well as his lung, ribs, kidney, and other internal organs, were also missing.

All that was left was a huge bloody hole and a mangled mess.

With such injuries, not to mention ordinary people, even a Profound Gate Grandmaster would definitely be dead.

Even if he had refined his Xiantian True Qi, he could at most struggle at deaths door for a short while.

Only a top figure like Xu Fengan, who had cultivated to the Inner World Realm and could perfectly control every bit of his flesh and blood, could barely maintain his vitality.

He could even drag such a body and run hundreds of miles to escape.

However, even if he was at the peak of the Inner World Realm, he was still a human, a mortal, a mortal with a physical body. In the end, he could not hold on and fell into a pile of grass by the roadside.

With this fall, he lost the remaining True Qi in his body and could no longer get up.

The so-called characteristic of endless Xiantian True Qi no longer had any recovery effect under such heavy injuries.

Xu Fengan looked up at the dark night sky, and his eyes gradually became empty.

He could clearly feel his life force draining away. In at most half an hour, he would die and be buried in the wilderness.

In a daze, everything he had experienced in his life began to appear before his eyes.

When he was young and frivolous, he ruled the world. The love and hatred he experienced when he was young, the pride he felt after succeeding, the extreme loneliness he felt after cultivating to the Inner World Realm, the despair and helplessness he felt as he watched his lover die…

In the end, all of his mind was fixed on a young, beautiful figure.

That was his daughter.

It was also his only family in this world, his only concern.

“Xiao Lu…” Xu Fengan muttered.

However, this breath almost exhausted his remaining aura.

His life was about to be snuffed out.

At this moment, a golden light suddenly cut through the dark night.

It reflected in his already dim eyes.

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