Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 58 - Night of a Hundred Ghosts Ascending Clouds and Falling Stars

xquisite curves and delicate skin suddenly started to shed their skin and flesh. Their eyes rolled down from their sockets.

In the blink of an eye, they had become skeletons with rotten flesh hanging on them!

What was even stranger was that they were still dancing in the middle of the palace, as if they did not feel the change in themselves at all.


Wang Tong was shocked and quickly took a few steps back. A dignified Xiantian Grandmaster was actually so frightened that his face turned pale.

Zen Master Yuanzheng and the others below were also incomparably shocked. They retreated one after another, their eyes wide open in disbelief as they looked at the white bones dancing in the middle of the palace.

What was going on?!

“Whats that? Is it a trick?!”

One of the military officials was very bold. With a furious roar, he clenched his fist and mobilized his Xiantian True Qi to attack!

With this punch, wind and lightning roared, drawing a clear white mark in the air. The fluctuation of the Heaven Earth Essence Energy made the entire palace tremble!


The martial officials fist struck one of the bones, but it was unable to break through the dark blue light on the surface. The huge force was reflected back on the spot, causing his bones to emit a crisp cracking sound. Even the flesh on his arm was shattered!

At the same time, the faint blue light on the surface of the bone actually spread along the martial officials fist and towards his body. In the blink of an eye, it enveloped his entire body.

In the next moment, the military official was completely enveloped by it and turned into ashes that scattered on the ground.

There was a sudden silence in the palace.

Everyone was terrified.

Only the corpse dancers continued to dance as if they did not feel anything.

The scene was extremely strange!

… .

Cui Heng moved his feet again and left King Yans Palace.

Earlier, he had used the blue flames to disguise those dancers as the White Bone Temple. At the same time, he had also blinded the senses of those poor dancers, preventing them from knowing what was happening in the outside world.

This was to avoid further trauma to their hearts.

By the time these dancers finished their dance and regained their senses of the outside world, peace should have returned to Xiling County.

After leaving Yan Palace, Cui Heng continued to wander around this city filled with sorrow.

When he arrived at the prison, he suddenly raised his eyebrows slightly. He pushed open the door and walked in.

“County Lord Yan, what a coincidence. We meet again.” Cui Heng smiled at Yan Sheng, who was locked up in the prison. “Why did King Yan imprison you?”

“Cui Heng?!” Yan Sheng was very shocked to see Cui Heng suddenly arrive here. He said in shock, “Could it be that youve already counterattacked and occupied this city?”

Otherwise, it was difficult to explain why this county magistrate of Juhe City would appear in the prison of Xiling County. It wasnt as if he was captured.

“I came on my own.” Cui Heng smiled. “I came to destroy King Yans army.”

“Youre alone?” Yan Sheng was stunned.

“Thats right, Im alone.” Cui Heng nodded lightly.

“Heh, as expected of an Immortal!” Yan Sheng sneered. “You killed thousands of rebels. Arent you afraid of being punished by the heavens?”

“Theres no reason to let those who deserve to die live.” Cui Heng shook his head. He had traveled all over Xiling County, and there was not a single person in King Yans army who didnt deserve to die.

“Hur hur, deserve to die?” Yan Sheng suddenly stood up. “Tell me then, why did they deserve to die?”

“I heard that County Lord Yan is a general of the Great Jin Dynasty. Why are you exceptionally loyal to the King of Yan?” Cui Heng asked instead of answering. He had heard this from Hui Shi.

“Of course its because Great Jin is decaying and will definitely collapse!” Yan Shengs face was filled with anger. He gritted his teeth and roared, “My Yan family has been loyal and righteous for generations, but my father was beheaded because of a treacherous officials slander!

When I faced King Yans army, I swore to defend the city to the death. The Imperial Court actually sent a corrupt supervisor to my army and embezzled all our funds. After I discovered it, they even falsely accused me of betrayal and turning to the enemy!

In that case, why dont I directly join King Yan and help him overthrow this rotten Great Jin?!”

“Cui Heng, why would an Immortal figure like you help Great Jin to abuse others? Why dont you assist King Yan and rebuild the world?”

“This is just my cultivation.” Cui Hengs expression did not change as he said indifferently, “Moreover, what crimes did the people commit? After King Yans army broke through the city, they burned, killed, and pillaged. They insulted women and reduced the number of people in the city by 80%. How is this different from slaughtering a city?”

“Ridiculous!” Yan Sheng became agitated when he heard this. His eyes widened as he roared, “Since ancient times, how can soldiers be forbidden from robbing and raping?!

If we dont burn, kill, and plunder, how can we replenish our rations? If we dont allow pillaging, how can we let the soldiers reap the benefits? If we dont let them sleep with women, how can we appease the soldiers?

Do you expect these soldiers who cant even read to understand why they are fighting and why we want to overthrow the Great Jin?

We have to give them benefits that they can see and touch. Only then can we fight! This is all for the sake of overthrowing the decaying Great Jin and establishing a better dynasty.

So what if hundreds of thousands of people die? So what if a few million people die? Only in this way can we rebuild the world, let the people live and work in peace, let capable people develop their talents to their hearts content, and open up a brand new world!

Tell me, whats wrong with that?!”

“The mistake is that its just your wishful thinking. That King Yan doesnt seem to think that way. At the same time, its also…” Cui Heng sneered. “He made me unhappy and displeased me.”

With that, he picked up the oil lamp beside him, grabbed Yan Shengs shoulder, and flew into the clouds.

“Come, let me show you what the army that you said wanted to rebuild the world has done!

What is the King Yan that you are loyal to doing?

Then, watch how all of these will be destroyed!”

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