the method to save the world that he dreamed of!

It was like a dream.

And now, he was about to wake up from this dream.

He had to face the miserable doomsday scene outside again!

The outside world was waiting for him to change it!

“Thank you Sir!” Hong Fugui bowed respectfully.

“Its enough thanks for me if you can live well and die of old age.” Cui Heng waved his hand and pointed at the three items on the table beside him. “Keep these things well, they will help.”

These three items were the Great Harmony Collection, a small bundle of plant sprouts and a fine iron sword.

“Yes, Sir.” Hong Fugui carefully put away the Great Harmony Collection and looked at the sweet potato seedlings. “Sir, what is this?”

“These are the seedlings of sweet potatoes. After planting it, it can produce 10,000 catties of grain per mu,” said Cui Heng with a smile. This was an improved version of sweet potato seedlings from the Beginners Farm. Before being planted, it would not rot.

“Ten thousand catties of grain per mu?!” Hong Fuguis eyes instantly widened when he heard this, and his face was filled with disbelief. If these words hadnt come from Cui Heng, he wouldnt even dare believe it.

How could there be such crops in the world!

This was definitely Immortal grain!

“If youre really able to gain power, then you can plant these stalks. Youll know when the time comes.” Cui Heng picked up the sword again and said, “This is something I gave you to protect yourself with. It contains some of my Dharmic powers, and it can be utilized nine times.”

Although the Dharmic powers contained in the sword was only at the Seventh layer of the Qi Refinement realm and was of no use against high-level Immortal cultivators, Hong Fugui could only focus on the battles in the mortal world if he wanted to replace the dynasties. He could not fight against the Immortal cultivators head-on.

Thus, this sword should be enough.

“Thank you, Sir…” Hong Fugui was extremely grateful to Cui Heng. He wanted to bow and thank him, but Cui Heng stopped him with his Dharmic powers.

“Being able to live to the end of your life is the best form of gratitude.” Cui Heng smiled.

“Yes, sir!” Hong Fugui nodded heavily.

12 days had passed.

Cui Heng saw Hong Fuguis body light up with an extremely strong golden light, and he disappeared from the Beginners Space.

This was the power of the laws of a world.

With Cui Hengs current cultivation, he was utterly unable to comprehend it.

He stood there for a while, looking up at the sky, then at the Beginners Hut not far away. Finally, he shook his head and chuckled.

“Im alone again.”

Another 20 years passed.

Cui Hengs cultivation realm had broken through to the Ninth layer of Qi Refining.

Compared to those geniuses, this cultivation speed was simply infuriatingly slow.

In many cultivation novels, they were not even qualified to be the cannon fodder that was slapped in the face by the protagonist.

However, the current Cui Heng was already used to this sort of cultivation state, and he wasnt as impatient as before.

One step at a time. It was not bad to cultivate steadily.

30 years later, he successfully formed his Dao foundation and stepped into the Foundation Establishment realm after trudging forward step by step.

40 years later, he finally completed the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm cultivation in preparation to break through to mid-stage Foundation Establishment.

Time passed quickly. It had already been 100 years since Cui Heng transmigrated.

It had been 90 years since Hong Fugui had accidentally entered this place.

On this day, Cui Heng came to the Beginners Farm to collect food.

When he received a piece of beef tendon, he opened his mouth that hadnt spoken for 30 years and chuckled.

“So many years have passed. I wonder if that kid has fulfilled his aspirations, and if he has passed away?”

At this moment, the sky that had not changed for 90 years suddenly rippled again.

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