Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 61 - Sects and Clans Wealthy Merchants

Chapter 60: A Human Immortal Shall Descend, Passing On The Great Immortal Fate

Xu Fengan?

Cui Heng was no stranger to this name. This was Xu Bailus father.

However, just yesterday, Xu Bailu was anxiously begging him to use his divine methods to find him. Why did he suddenly appear in Juhe County after just one night?

Wasnt this too much of a coincidence?

It was only when he saw Xu Fengan that he came to a realization.

So this was the cripple he had saved last night.

When Cui Heng saved Xu Fengan, in order to maintain his high and mighty Immortal attitude and collect emotions, he did not really appear to communicate.

He could only roughly sense that the killing intent and resentment on the other party were dense.

Therefore, he did not know the other partys name and identity.

“Greetings, County Lord.” Xu Fengans attitude towards Cui Heng was very respectful, and he bowed meticulously.

Actually, normally speaking, a top figure like him who had cultivated to the Inner World realm was on par with a state magistrate in terms of status. He did not have to care about a small county magistrate at all.

But now, Xu Fengan had such an attitude. It was most likely because he had learned about some of the “Immortal” deeds from Xu Bailu.

“So its Daoist Xus father.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “May I know why youre here?”

“Its good that County Lord knows me. I indeed have something to ask.” Xu Fengan hurriedly nodded. He took out a small booklet from his sleeve and handed it to Cui Heng with both hands. “I heard that County Lord likes to collect martial technique manuals. I happened to have some gains some time ago. County Lord, please accept it.”

“You two are very similar.” Cui Heng smiled and didnt decline. He took the manual and accepted it. “If you have something to say, just say it.”

“Sigh… Im ashamed to say this.” Xu Fengan first sighed, then smiled bitterly. “I possessed top-notch martial arts and attacked the rear of King Yans army alone, trying to use it as a bargaining chip to save Juhe County from war.

“However, I didnt expect there to be two top experts guarding the rear of King Yans army. I was careless and suffered a sneak attack. I was severely injured and almost died in the wilderness. Fortunately, I encountered an Immortal God who saved me, so I survived.”

At this point, he paused and said in embarrassment, “County Lord, I didnt mention this to Bailu. She doesnt know that I was seriously injured. Can you not mention it to her in the future?”

“Of course, I understand.” Cui Heng nodded and held back his laughter as he asked, “So, Mr. Xu, are you here to ask about that Immortal God?”

“Thats right. I heard from Bailu that you have the ability to summon the wind and rain.” Xu Fengan asked respectfully, “I wonder if you know of an Immortal who rides a Nine Dragons Golden Light Divine Carriage and has Immortal music and golden lotuses accompanying him when he travels?

I have to repay him for saving my life. I want to ask you about this Immortal God…”

As Cui Heng was enveloped in golden light last night, his appearance could not be seen clearly from the outside.

Moreover, Xu Fengan did not dare to look up at that time. Naturally, he did not know that the Immortal God who saved him last night was Cui Heng.

“Nine Dragons Golden Light Divine Carriage?”

Cui Heng almost laughed out loud when he heard that. This top martial artist was quite artistic and knew how to give names.

However, he held back and pondered for a moment before nodding lightly. “I seem to have heard of it, but Im not familiar with it.”

This answer was more beneficial than any words.

However, Xu Fengan revealed an enlightened expression when he heard this. His eyes flickered, and his attitude towards Cui Heng became even more respectful. He asked carefully, “May I ask if youre a Human Immortal from the legends?”

“Human Immortal?” Cui Heng was stunned when he heard that. His eyes narrowed slightly as he sized up Xu Fengan and chuckled. “You actually know about Human Immortals?”

Ever since he walked out of the Beginners Space, he had only heard about the 12 realms of the Mortal Realm from many martial artists. Some of them didnt even know what the Deity Realm was.

This was the first time he had heard news about Human Immortals.

“County Lord is really a Human Immortal!” Xu Fengan said in surprise. “Have you appeared in the world in advance?”

“Really? In advance?” Cui Heng caught the key information, but he still said calmly, “What questions do you have?”

“I wouldnt dare, this Junior wouldnt dare!” This time, Xu Fengan directly changed the way he addressed himself. He bowed respectfully and apologized. He lowered his head and said, “Its just that Cao Quan, the magistrate of Fengzhou, came to look for me previously. He said that a hundred years is about to pass. Half a year later, a Human Immortal will descend into the world and bring about a great Immortal encounter. He wanted to cooperate with me.”

“A hundred years…” Cui Heng noticed another key piece of information and chuckled.” You dont seem to know much about this matter. You even asked the Fengzhou Governor to search for you. ”

Xu Fengan said in embarrassment, “Senior, Im not afraid of you laughing at me. Although my Yuhua Sword Pavilion has a history of a thousand years, Im also the first top expert in a thousand years. There are indeed many things that I dont know.

Actually, before this, Ive heard about the once-in-a-century event as well. Its just that Ive never understood the exact situation. Its only recently that I found out that it actually concerns a Human Immortal above the Deity Realm.

Its just that Cao Quan also had some reservations towards me. He was vague and the information he gave was not clear. I was originally a little skeptical about this, but after meeting that Immortal God and Senior, I was really convinced.”

“Then do you know that Cao Quan, the magistrate of Fengzhou, was assassinated a few days ago?” Cui Heng suddenly asked. As the county magistrate of Juhe County, he had received this news a few days ago.

Initially, he did not find it strange. After all, the world was in chaos now, and the assassination of the State Overseer was not something to be surprised about.

But from the looks of it, there was probably something else going on.

“What? Cao Quan is dead?” Xu Fengan was stunned when he heard that. He frowned and said, “Cao Quan told me back then that only the State Overseer and the top Inner World cultivators are qualified to participate in the Immortal encounter brought by the Human Immortal. Moreover, the State Overseers part is an indispensable segment. But now, hes dead…”

Thinking of this, he suddenly frowned and said in shock, “Could it be that someone wants to occupy the position of State Overseer and participate in the distribution of this Immortal encounter?”

Since it was an Immortal encounter that only the top experts and the State Overseers could participate in, the best way to get a share was naturally to become one of them.

However, it was too difficult to become a top-notch expert. However, it was much more convenient to kill the State Overseer and replace him with a new one.

After figuring this out, Xu Fengan immediately understood many of his doubts in the past. He muttered, “No wonder the people from the Taichong Sect and the Heavenly Sword Sect often go to the Governors Mansion in Lu County recently. So thats how it is!

Cao Quan was assassinated, and the Imperial Court did not give any new orders. According to the Great Jins official system, the current county governors in Fengzhou can fight for the position of State Overseer.

“As for County Governor Lu, Liu Litao, he should be the easiest to manipulate among the county governors. No wonder, no wonder!”

At this moment, Zhao Guangs voice suddenly came from outside.

“Reporting to the County Lord, theres a visitor. Its… its Lord Liu Litao!”

… .

In Lu County, 300 miles away from Juhe County.

There was an uninvited guest today.

It was Sun Panshi, the External Affairs Deacon of the Taichong Sect. He arrived at the county magistrates office with ease.

He planned to continue persuading Liu Litao to compete for the position of Governor of Fengzhou.

However, he was rejected this time. He was told that Governor Liu had gone out to patrol and was not at the official office.

Hence, Sun Panshi went straight to the commandants office and found Chen Tong. He asked directly, “Commander Chen, may I ask if Governor Liu is deliberately not wanting to see me?”

“No, the governor has just gone out to patrol. Hell be back soon.” Chen Tong took a sip of tea without changing his expression and said with a smile, “Hmm, good tea. Deacon Sun, do you want to try it too?”

“Chen Tong, dont keep me in suspense,” Sun Panshi said impatiently. “He wants to give up the position of county governor, right?”

“Why do you say that, Deacon Sun?” Chen Tong put on a puzzled expression.

“Good! Very good!” Seeing Chen Tongs expression, Sun Panshi had already roughly guessed it. He sneered and said, “Governor Liu has good schemes. As expected of an old fox who has been in the government for many years!

“However, this is useless. Dont think that just because he found someone else to be the governor of Lu County, we wont be able to control him! At that time, Liu Litao and you, Chen Tong, wont have an easy time!”

“The Taichong Sect is so impressive!” Chen Tong sneered. “Could it be that you still want to use force in the County Governors Office?”

“Hehe!” Sun Panshi revealed a threatening expression and grinned, as if he had boundless backing. “Then well see! Hmph!”

With that, he left.

He did not give Chen Tong any face at all.


Chen Tong smashed the table beside him with his palm, and the teacups on it shattered to the ground. He gritted his teeth and said, “Good, good! What a great Taichong Sect, what a great martial sect!”

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