Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 61 - Sects and Clans Wealthy Merchants

r. It was actually him. He had only seen him from afar at a meeting three years ago.

This was a big shot who could sit on the same level as the Governor of Fengzhou. He did not even have the chance to meet him normally. Why was he here?

Furthermore, he was standing behind County Magistrate Cui like a follower!

From the looks of it, even if the rumors of him summoning the wind and rain were a little fake, this County Magistrate Cui was most likely a genuine Immortal.

He stood far above the martial world.

Liu Litao was still skeptical about the news that the county magistrate of Juhe County had destroyed 50,000 troops in the blink of an eye.

He was not completely sure.

After all, this kind of thing was too bizarre. It was completely challenging ones common sense.

If not for the fact that the few large sects were pressing too hard and that Cao Quan, the magistrate of Fengzhou, had been assassinated first, he would definitely have to investigate in detail before making a decision.

But now that he saw Xu Fengan standing respectfully behind Cui Heng like a follower, he believed most of the news about Cui Heng.

To be able to make a big shot standing at the top of the pugilistic world behave so respectfully, he was enough to be respected as an Immortal.

When Cui Heng heard the series of names that Liu Litao had revealed, he looked at Xu Fengan in surprise. He did not expect this old fellows name to be so long.

“Its just an empty title,” Xu Fengan said awkwardly.

Before Liu Litao came in, Cui Heng had already told him not to expose his identity and to just call him County Lord.

“Governor Liu, if you have anything to say, just say it.” Cui Heng looked at Liu Litao again.

“Yes, County Lord.” Liu Litao subconsciously changed the way he addressed him. He organized his words and took a deep breath. “Since Elder Xu is also here, County Lord, I believe you already know about the hundred years event.

“Now that the 100-year period is approaching, these martial sects that are not at the top of the pugilistic world have begun to covet the position of State Overseer. They want to get a share of the pie. Lord Cao, the State Overseer of Fengzhou, was probably killed because of this.

Actually, before the position of Fengzhous State Overseer was vacated, the external affairs deacons of the Taichong Sect, the Heavenly Sword Sect, the He family of Pingchuan, the Dharma Court, and the Green Jade Monastery had come to look for me, wanting to push me to the position of State Overseer.

“At first, I thought that they were just bragging and didnt take it seriously. But after Lord Cao was assassinated, I realized that it was very likely that they really had this intention.

As long as they push me, a person whos easy to manipulate, to be a puppet leader, they can distribute the spoils without any worries. They dont have to care about my thoughts at all…”

“Even if they want to split the spoils, Lord Liu, wouldnt you also become the State Overseer?” Cui Heng smiled. “This is the best of both worlds, so why not?”

“County Lord, you must be joking.” Liu Litao said with a bitter expression, “They arent the only top factions in Fengzhou. Moreover, even if they are the top factions, they might not give up on fighting for the position of State Overseer.

This is a crisis. If Im not careful, I might lose my life. Lord Cao has already learned from his mistakes, so I dont dare to not be afraid. Therefore, I thought that I should give up the position of governor and…”

At this point, he couldnt continue, and he didnt dare speak further.

“You thought, why dont you give such a dangerous position to me, a scapegoat.” Cui Heng pretended to sneer. “Isnt that right?”

“I dont dare! I definitely dont dare to think that way!” Liu Litao rolled down from his chair in fear. He lay on the ground and explained to Cui Heng in an incomparably flustered manner, “I, I just feel that you, County Lord, are an Immortal-like figure with the ability to summon the wind and rain. Youre definitely not afraid of those sects, nor are you afraid of being assassinated. Thats why I came up with this plan. If County Lord is unwilling, I definitely wont mention this matter again. Please forgive me!”

“How are those sects and families going to deal with you? Are they going to use force?” Cui Heng didnt say if he wanted to accept the position of Governor of Lu County. Instead, he asked another question.

“It would be great if they could use force,” Liu Litao said with a bitter expression. “County Lord, you might not know this, but those large sects and families are not just martial arts practitioners. They are also extremely wealthy and control the livelihoods of a county or even several counties.

For example, the Taichong Sect has been established for hundreds of years and has been in the grain merchant industry for hundreds of years. At the beginning of the establishment of the Great Jin, in order to stabilize the country, the Taichong Sect was given some authority to transport goods in Fengzhou.

To this day, the grain operations of the Taichong Sect in Fengzhou can be said to be as powerful as the clouds and rain. With a command, its even possible to cut off the food supply in Lu County.

Theres also the Heavenly Sword Sect. Its also a large sect that has been passed down for hundreds of years. They mainly specialize in ores and coal. If you make them unhappy, they can make the people have no charcoal to burn in winter. At that time, there will definitely be chaos everywhere.

And that Green Jade Sect… Pingchuans He family…”

Following Liu Litaos description, Cui Hengs expression became more and more strange. It turned out that the economic lifeline of the Great Jin Dynasty had long been controlled by the various large sects and families.

It was ridiculous that such a ghost country could still last for 200 years.

“Theres one more thing I have to report to you, County Lord.” Liu Litao seemed to feel that since he had already said so much, he might as well go all out. “I dont think I can hide the fact that I left Lu County from those major sects and families.

They will most likely guess that I want to give up the position of governor. In order to take the new governor down a notch, those sects and families have most likely already begun to restrict the livelihood of the people in Lu County.

If you take over the position of governor of Lu County, Im afraid youll have to face a city full of people who are oppressed by these sects and families and are having a difficult life.”

“Oh?” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly.

There was actually such a good thing?

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