Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 62 - Walking Further and Further on the Road of Death

ermined to follow Cui Heng.

Liu Litao was in an unprecedented shock.

As the governor of Lu County, he knew very well how terrifying the rebels were.

This was an army that was very likely to completely occupy the entire Fengzhou in a short period of time and become the first rebel regime to occupy an entire province. They had the potential to subvert the Great Jin Dynasty.

Therefore, even if they lost 50,000 troops in Juhe County, Liu Litao did not think that King Yans army would stop fighting.

However, he never expected that such an army of rebels would actually disappear overnight.

What kind of power could destroy hundreds of thousands of troops overnight?

This was too unbelievable!

Moreover, from the description of the military report, the so-called Fire Meteors had only eliminated the rebels of King Yan and did not harm ordinary people.

This did not look like a natural disaster.

Could it be man-made?

But what kind of person could do such a bizarre thing?!

Even an Immortal could not do it!

At the thought of immortals, Liu Litao could not help but look at Cui Heng. A thought suddenly surfaced in his mind.

Could he have done it?

From the words of this County Magistrate Cui just now, he should have known about this before the military report arrived.

Could he really have done it?

This County Magistrate Cui in front of him, the future Governor Cui, had the ability to destroy an army of hundreds of thousands overnight?!

But it was too exaggerated and unbelievable!

It was simply ridiculous.

This guess made Liu Litaos scalp tingle and his entire body tremble. He vaguely felt that giving the position of governor to Cui Heng seemed to be an extraordinary matter.

Cui Heng saw their reactions and laughed loudly. “This is really a double blessing. Hui Shi, get Zhao Guang to draft a notice and announce that the entire city will celebrate the destruction of the Yan bandits for three days. All expenses will be paid by the county office.”

“Yes, County Lord!” Hui Shi bowed and was about to leave.

“Dont be in a hurry to leave.” Cui Heng asked him to stay and said, “After drafting the notice, get Zhao Guang to organize a banquet and call Old Lu along. Its just the four of us. Theres something I need to tell you.”

“County Lord…” Hui Shi immediately understood the meaning behind it. He wanted to say something but hesitated. He nodded and replied,” Yes, County Lord! ”

… .

When Liu Litao was about to build an altar and burn the recommendation letter to the Great Jin Imperial Court, the Taichong Sect and the other major sects had already taken action in Lu County

The first change was in the price of food. It actually increased by five times overnight, causing countless citizens to panic.

Coal was next.

Now that winter was approaching, it was time for the people to stock up on coal for the winter.

In the past, during this season, coal would be transported over from other places to be sold.

But this year, for some reason, there was not even a single ship carrying coal.

When the commoners asked the relevant merchants, they only received a reply that they had to wait a while longer.

After coal, cloth, salt, fruits, ores, and so on also changed. The prices either increased by five or six times, or they simply ran out of stock.

This sudden, unreasonable, and even illogical change in the market made the people of Lu County wonder what they had done wrong.

In the end, they could only complain to the county magistrates office.

However, they received news that the governor was no longer in the city.

This immediately stunned a large number of citizens.

However, ordinary people were still a little timid in the end. They did not dare to directly resist the government, but they could not bear the loss of a leader figure.

The Taichong Sect and the other major sects and families had already made their arrangements.

When the countless commoners arrived at the Governors Office, they could only return empty-handed.

They “responsibly” jumped out and pretended to be furious as they began to attack the government office.

The citizens, who were originally a little afraid, echoed when they saw someone take the lead.

This caused the front of the Governors Office to fall into chaos.

They could no longer maintain order.

As the county commandant, Chen Tong was in a terrible fix. He kept muttering in his heart, “New Governor, hurry up and come over…”

At the same time, in a private room of a three-story restaurant.

Sun Panshi, the Outer Affairs Deacon of Taichong Sect, was enjoying a feast with five other people.

From time to time, everyone would look out of the window and look at the chaotic entrance of the Governors Office. They all laughed loudly, and the surrounding air was filled with joy.

“Hahaha! A good show, a good show!”

Sun Panshi pointed in the direction of the Governors Office and laughed. He took a sip of wine and said proudly, “The livelihood of the entire Lu County is in the hands of the six of us. Lets see how that new county governor will fight against us.”

“Everyone, do you believe that after the new county governor takes office, he will definitely come personally to apologize to us in less than three days?”

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