Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 72 - Give Someone a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Chapter 71: Breaking Through the Three Realms with a Flick of a Finger, Heavenly Dragons Might Fist (3)

Cui Heng gestured for Hui Shi to get up and led the way.

This was the first time the first test subject he had created had displayed his power. He definitely had to see the effect with his own eyes.

If something went wrong with the experiment, it would be easier to save him in time.

“You want to come too?”

Hui Shi was even more touched. He wished he could dig out his heart and offer it to Cui Heng.

… .

Outside the Governors Office, flames raged.

Thousands of armored and armed elite soldiers stood there, all of them staring at the main entrance with fierce gazes.

The other 2,000 elite soldiers had gone in other directions and had already surrounded the entire Governors Office.

Sun Panshi himself was not here. He was worried that he would be killed by the experts in the Governors Office.

After all, even a disciple of the Lotus Flower Monastery like Hui Shi had appeared. Who could guarantee that there were no other experts here?

Although martial arts experts could not resist thousands of elite soldiers, it was still possible to jump across thousands of elite soldiers to take someones head.

He dared not risk it.

At this moment, Sun Panshi, Wang Jinsheng, and the others were in a private room of a restaurant more than 100 meters away from the Governors Office.

This was also where they often used to sit and laugh at the Governors Mansion.

“Later, as long as anyone from the Governors Mansion dares to show their faces, kill them immediately!” Sun Panshi felt the pain in his arms and said with an extremely gloomy expression, “No matter who it is, kill them without mercy!”

“We cant kill them directly.” Wang Jinsheng shook his head and opened his fan. He looked at the flames outside and smiled. “Ive already told these outer sect disciples to shout some words before we take action.

“Lets say that this new governor colluded with the remnants of King Yans rebel army and wants to slaughter the people and offer up the city. We want to enforce justice on behalf of the heavens and punish evil. Although the Yan bandits have been wiped out, their reputation is still there. Its enough to mobilize the hearts of the foolish people and save us a lot of trouble.

“Moreover, Thief Yan has the support of Lotus Flower Monastery, and Cui Heng has a direct disciple of Lotus Flower Monastery in his residence. Were telling the truth when we say that he colluded with Thief Yan.”

“Brother Wang is meticulous and your thoughts are flawless!” Sun Panshi was amazed when he heard this and laughed loudly. “This Cui Heng fought a food and salt war with us just to gather the hearts of the people.

“In this way, not only will he die, but he will also lose the hearts of the people. His reputation will be ruined. Hahaha, good, killing two birds with one stone. Brother Wangs plan is brilliant!”

He was extremely excited.

Now, just killing Cui Heng was no longer enough to satisfy Sun Panshi.

Only by destroying Cui Hengs reputation could he vent the hatred in his heart.

“Someones coming out!” At this moment, Monk Jing Cong suddenly pointed at the main entrance of the Governors Office.

“Alright! Now!” Sun Panshi stood up immediately and looked over, wanting to see every detail clearly.

“This is…” After seeing the few people who came out, Wang Jinsheng suddenly stood up and said,” Ill go out and hold the line for you. ”

“Alright! Thank you, Junior Brother!” Sun Panshi was extremely excited and did not notice Wang Jinshengs expression at all.

However, Peng Lanzhi and Ouyang Zhen noticed it.

The two of them looked at each other and stood up, indicating to Sun Panshi that they wanted to help Wang Jinsheng.

The three of them hurried out of the restaurant, but they did not go in the direction of the Governors Office.

Instead, they quickly ran out of the city.

At the same time, the three of them heard earth-shattering sounds of battle coming from the Governors Office.

It broke the silence of the night sky.

“Damn it, how did this happen!” Wang Jinsheng looked back with an extremely gloomy expression.

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