Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 73 - Heavenly King Hongwu 200 Years Ago

Chapter 72: Give Someone a Taste of Their Own Medicine

To the people of Lu County, tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

Ever since night fell, flames had lit up into the sky outside. The footsteps of the soldiers were very dense, like the sound of thunder striking the hearts of countless citizens.

Such a large number of soldiers gathering was something that had never happened before.

Although the commoners were so frightened that they did not dare to go out, they were still very concerned about the situation outside.

Many people would secretly look through the gaps between their doors and windows to see the situation outside. They were all worried for the new Governor.

Although ordinary citizens had limited access to information, they were not fools.

After a month of food and salt war and todays brazen shakedown, they all knew very well that the new Governor was on their side.

However, it was not easy to stand on the side of the commoners. It would definitely cause those merchants to counterattack.

The soldiers who had gathered tonight were probably here to deal with the new Governor.

“I hope nothing happens to the Governor!”

“I really hope those profiteers die early. May the Governor remain safe.”

“Lawless, truly lawless. Heavens, please open your eyes. Please bless the Governor!”

At this moment, in Lu County, countless commoners were praying for Cui Heng at home.

Everyone prayed for his safety.

As for the soldiers outside shouting that the new County Governor was colluding with King Yan and wanted to kill the citizens and offer up the city, no one believed them at all.

Who would take out so much food to feed the citizens if they intended to offer up the city?

In this chaotic world, food was extremely precious.

… .

At the entrance of the governors office.

Cui Hengs eyes flickered as he looked at the area where the commoners were gathered.

He saw a mass of white lights symbolizing “love” flying over from that side.

This was the love that the people of Lu County had for him.

Only when one loved someone would they pray for him.

Feeling the rapid growth of the Seven Emotions light around his Golden Core, Cui Heng felt refreshed.

His efforts over the past month had not been in vain. He had finally welcomed a large-scale increase in the Seven Emotions.

Moreover, this was only the beginning.

As long as he destroyed these merchants who controlled the people and allowed the birth of all kinds of businesses, not only would the people in Lu County benefit, but all the counties and towns under Lu County would also benefit.

This concerned the livelihood of more than a million people!

If he could gain the love of so many people, the white light that symbolizes “love” should welcome a period of rapid growth.

“After completing all that, the white light should increase greatly. Perhaps it will become the first to reach a foot tall.” Cui Heng thought to himself. While he was happy, he was also a little worried.

“But the black light that symbolizes evil has never increased. Why is it so difficult for people to hate me? Is there any way to make the hate not change so quickly to other emotions?”

Actually, there were definitely many people who hated him, but most of their emotions quickly turned to anger, fear, and despair. There was not much pure disgust at all.

At this thought, he looked at the street outside the county office.

Thousands of rays of gray lights floated over.

This was a light that symbolizes grief.

The thousands of elite soldiers that Sun Panshi and the others had transferred over were killed by Hui Shi alone.

… .

At this moment, the streets outside the County Governors mansion were filled with the sounds of battle.

No, to be precise, it was a mixture of screams, cries, and shouts for help that shot into the sky.

Because, this was Hui Shis one-sided massacre!

Like a wolf entering a flock of sheep.

No soldier could hurt him at all.

Be it light weapons like swords and sabers, or heavy weapons like clubs and hammers, they were all useless.

As soon as these weapons approached Hui Shi, the phantom of a fire dragon would fly out from his back. The divine dragon would sweep these weapons away on the spot.

At the same time, it burned the armed men to ashes.

At the same time, he himself possessed extremely terrifying strength.

Even a casual sweep could instantly crush three or four soldiers.

He was trashing the opponents in the truest sense.

There was no exaggeration.

No matter if Hui Shi waved his fist or slapped out with his palm, the phantom of a dragon would appear on his arms, wrapping around it.

This made him many times stronger.

In the face of such power, even refined iron armor was like paper, completely unable to withstand a single blow.

The armors shattered with a single slap and were pierced through with a single strike!

Even the soldiers wearing them were smashed into pieces by Hui Shis fists or turned into minced meat.

Almost none of them looked like humans after getting hit.

He was too powerful!

Xu Fengan, Liu Litao, and Chen Tong were all dumbfounded as they watched Hui Shi slaughter everyone. They watched as Hui Shi surrounded thousands of elite soldiers alone.

Was this still a power that a human could possess?!

Actually, when Hui Shi rushed into the crowd just now, the three of them were terrified, afraid that he would be killed.

After all, in the face of thousands of armored and armed elite soldiers, even a top Inner World expert would not dare to charge forward head-on.

Moreover, Hui Shi was only a Xiantian cultivator.

Although Hui Shi had the so-called “rune” that Cui Heng had given him. No one knew what use the runes had.

But now that they saw Hui Shis increase in strength, the three of them were all stunned.

“Lord, this, this is…” Liu Litao pointed outside in shock and asked Cui Heng uncertainly,” These are the runes you mentioned earlier? ”

“Thats right.” Cui Heng nodded lightly and smiled. “Its a small trick I thought of before. It seems like the effects are not too bad.”

A small trick?

Not too bad?

The three of them were speechless.

If this was considered a small trick, then what were Xiantian and Inner World realm experts worth?

This was a Xiantian Grandmaster killing thousands of armored and armed elite soldiers head-on!

Since ancient times, there had never been such a thing.

If news of tonights incident were to spread, it would definitely shock the world.

At this moment, Sun Panshi and the others in the restaurant were all dumbfounded.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?!”

Sun Panshi looked at the street below with bloodshot eyes. He looked at the soldiers who were casually slapped to death by Hui Shi like little chicks and almost suspected that he was dreaming.

These were thousands of elite soldiers fully decked in armor and wielding weapons. Furthermore, they all knew martial arts. At the very least, all of them had cultivated to the Qi Sensing realm. Their strength far exceeded that of ordinary soldiers.

It was not a problem for them to kill a top Inner World expert together!

Why were they slaughtered like chickens by a mere Qi Condensation cultivator?!

Beside him, He Chengmao and Monk Jingcong had already begun to tremble. Looking at the scene below and smelling the pungent smell of blood, they felt their scalps tingle and their legs go weak.

“Wheres Young Master Wang? Where did Young Master Wang go?!” He Chengmao and Monk Jing Cong suddenly remembered that Wang Jinsheng, who had said that he was going out to hold the line, had not appeared.

Didnt he easily defeat this Qi Condensation Realm government official during the day?

“Yes, yes, Brother Wang, wheres Brother Wang?!” Sun Panshi suddenly reacted at this moment and looked around, but he did not see Wang Jinsheng at all.

“Peng Lanzhi and Ouyang Zhen have also disappeared!” He Chengmao exclaimed, the fear in his eyes deepening. “Dont tell me, dont tell me they both ran away!”

“Even Wang Jinsheng ran away?!” Monk Jing Cong collapsed to the ground and muttered, “Its over, its over.”

Facing a monster that could kill thousands of elite soldiers alone, it was impossible for them to have any chance of winning. It was even too late to escape now.

“Damn it, damn it! Wang Jinsheng, you bastard!” Sun Panshi roared, his entire body trembling. He was almost going crazy.

However, he couldnt care less about venting his anger now. He flipped the table in the private room and used his lightness technique to jump out of the window on the other side that did not face the street.

However, as soon as Sun Panshi went out, before he could escape, he felt an extremely powerful pulling force tug on him, wanting to pull him back down.

He looked down and immediately felt his soul leave his body. He broke out in cold sweat and was horrified. “Xiantian?!”

It was Hui Shi who raised his hand and used his Xiantian True Qi to condense a dragon claw phantom. He grabbed Sun Panshi, who was about to escape, and pulled him down from the sky.

“Taichong Sects Sun Panshi, you supported the profiteers and harmed the common people. Lets see where you can escape to!” Hui Shi roared at the sky, letting the surrounding people hear his voice.

This was to reveal Sun Panshis identity and to give him a taste of his own medicine.

At the same time, Monk Jingcong and He Chengmao, who were preparing to escape, were also captured.

A moment later, Hui Shi escorted the three of them to Cui Heng and said respectfully, “My Lord, I didnt disappoint you!”

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