Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 76 - Attempting to Oppress With Power

Chapter 75: May All Sects and Aristocratic Families Hate Me

According to Xu Fengan and Liu Li Taos description…

About 270 years ago, Heavenly King Hongwu had already killed almost all the Deity Realm powerhouses in the world. The various sects and families were either suppressed or directly destroyed.

The greatest obstacle had been swept away, and the people of the world also regarded Heavenly King Hongwu as the savior of the world.

The rest of the revolutionary armies were nothing compared to them. They were not worth mentioning at all. The Dayuan Dynasty was also on its last breath.

This was already the eve of victory. It was the moment before dawn.

But why was it that in the end, the revolutionary army was overthrown and the new dynasty was established by the son-in-law of the Langya Wang Clan?

Moreover, the current Great Jin had been established for 261 years.

In other words, less than ten years after Heavenly King Hongwu killed all the Deity Realm experts in the world, Great Jin established a new dynasty with the support of the Seven Distinguished Families.

This was too bizarre.

It didnt make sense at all.

“Heavenly King Hongwu didnt fail!” Liu Litao replied firmly. “Its just that because Heavenly King Hongwu suddenly disappeared, the policies that he presided over could no longer continue. They quickly fell apart…”

“There are similar records in the Yuhua Sword Pavilion.” Xu Fengan nodded and said, “Just before Heavenly King Hongwu suppressed the world and was about to overthrow the Dayuan Dynasty, he suddenly disappeared.

Dragons cant survive without a leader, and a country cant be without a ruler for a day. Once Heavenly King Hongwu disappeared, their powerful foundation collapsed in an extremely short period of time. Only then did the Seven Distinguished Families and Wei Kuang have the chance to pluck the peaches.”

Wei Kuang was the founder of the Great Jin, the son-in-law of the Wang Clan of Langya.

“Disappeared?” Cui Heng was slightly surprised and fell into deep thought. “He just vanished without warning?”

“Thats right, hes missing.” Liu Litao nodded with certainty. “Ive checked countless books and records, but no one has found Heavenly King Hongwus corpse. I can only say that hes missing. Does my Lord want to investigate this?”

“You want to know too, right?” Cui Heng looked at Liu Litao with a faint smile.

“I wouldnt dare…” Liu Litao hurriedly bowed and apologized. “I was just anxious and wanted to share my Lords worries.”

“Alright, I dont blame you.” Cui Heng waved his hand and stood up. “Ill investigate Heavenly King Hongwus matter.”

“Im willing to serve my Lord!” Xu Fengan hurriedly said.

“Im willing to sacrifice my life as well!” Liu Litao immediately kowtowed.

“Theres no need to bow so easily.” Cui Heng shook his head lightly and said to the two of them, “Ill ask you two a question now. Is it true that the majority of the sects and families in the world has a hand in the livelihood of the common people and are imperceptibly controlling the lives of the world?”

“Not necessarily all of them, but Im afraid at least 80 to 90 percent of the large factions are involved,” Liu Li Tao replied.

“There should be no mistake about that.” Xu Fengan nodded. “Be it the sects or aristocratic families, their daily expenses are huge. They need the corresponding industries to maintain their operations. The larger the sect and aristocratic family, the larger the industries.”

“Alright, I understand.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “Thats all for now. After the two of you go back, organize and write down all the information you know about the Seven Distinguished Families, especially the Wang Clan of Langya. Give it to me tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

The two of them bowed and left.

Cui Heng was the only one left in the inner hall of the County Governors mansion.

He returned to his seat and sat quietly for a long time. In the end, he sighed softly and said with a self-deprecating smile, “Lil Fugui, back then, I was wondering if you could die peacefully of old age.

I didnt expect you to actually go missing… Youve disappeared, and the Immortal Dawn Sect has also sealed themselves away. Is there really a powerful force in this world that I dont know about?”

Thinking of this, Cui Heng asked in his heart again, “System, is this world really a high-level Xianxia space-time dimension?”

[Hello, honorable host! As you have activated the Omnipotent Immortal Cultivation System package, the System will serve you wholeheartedly and protect your path to immortality!]

[After testing, it can be confirmed that this world is a high-level Xianxia space-time dimension. There are countless living beings in the myriad worlds, Immortal Kings, and countless ferocious beasts. Your growth environment is extremely harsh. Please pay attention to your safety at all times.]

[If you want to increase your safety index, you can choose to continue charging. The System has…]


Cui Heng directly ignored the subsequent notifications.

At this moment, he already had a rough guess about the situation with Hong Fugui and the Immortal Dawn Sect.

This world that seemed to be at the level of a Wuxia world had a complete inheritance of the 12 realms of the Mortal Realm. Moreover, it completely corresponded to the 21 realms of the Immortal and Mortal realms that Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong had mentioned.

However, this is the Great Jin Dynasty, while Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong were from the Great Zhou Dynasty. In their description, there were also immortal sects, mighty figures, sacred bodies, mystic realms, and other elements that were clearly higher than this Wuxia world.

In addition, here in Great Jin, there was also the legend of Human Immortals descending.

The answer was obvious.

Perhaps the Great Zhou that Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong were in was the “Upper World” of Great Jin. It was a higher plane that was connected to this plane, but there were certain restrictions.

Cui Heng, who had once read all kinds of cultivation novels, easily made such a connection.

And Hong Fuguis strange disappearance and the sudden sealing of the Immortal Dawn Sect was most likely due to the interference of this Upper World.

“If there really is an Upper World, then everything can be explained.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “Those large sects and aristocratic families that have existed for thousands of years are probably inextricably linked to this Upper World.”

At the same time, he felt a sense of danger.

“From the looks of it, after that Human Immortal descends to the world and hears about my deeds, he will most likely attack me or gather the various sects and families to deal with me.

“Although the Human Immortal realm should only be equivalent to the Foundation Establishment realm and is nothing much, there are still Earth Immortals and even Heaven Immortals above the Human Immortal realm. That might be equivalent to the Golden Core realm and the Nascent Soul realm.

“There are less than five months before the Human Immortal descends. Its obviously impossible to nurture a Nascent Soul in such a short period of time. Fortunately, there are still the benefits of the System. Even if a Heaven Immortal descends, I can protect myself.”

Thinking of this, Cui Heng suddenly had an idea. “Should I strike first and destroy all the sects and aristocratic families in this world? In any case, were destined to be enemies.”

However, he quickly refuted his thoughts. “No, if I directly destroy them, Im afraid that it wont be a Human Immortal descending to the mortal world anymore. Instead, itll become a Heaven Immortal descending to the mortal world. It wont be good for me.”

Even if he really had a conflict with a Human Immortal after he descended to the mortal world, there would definitely be a lot of time before he became a Heaven Immortal.

This was enough for Cui Heng to make some preparations.

Moreover, with the strength of these sects and aristocratic families at the Deity Realm, it was impossible for them to have any effects on a Golden Core level battle.

“Its good to keep these sects and aristocratic families. Since theyre destined to become enemies, I can use them to increase the cultivation of the black light!” Cui Heng nodded slightly after thinking about this and formed a plan in his heart.

After a month of food and salt war, as well as todays shakedown and extermination of Sun Panshi and the others, he had collected a lot of the Seven Emotions light.

The red color that symbolizes joy and the white color that symbolizes love had reached more than seven inches. Anger, sorrow, fear, and desire were already close to five inches.

Only the black light that symbolizes evil did not increase much. It was still three inches tall.

During this period of time, he had been worried about how to collect the black light that symbolizes evil and how to make people maintain their disgust for him. He did not want it to quickly transform into emotions like anger, fear, and despair.

Now, he finally had a clue.

Those sects and aristocratic families that controlled the lives of ordinary people were the best test subjects!

… .

The next morning.

Liu Litao and Xu Fengan handed over the information about the Seven Distinguished Families to Cui Heng.

Then, they received a county-wide decree personally written by Cui Heng.

He ordered all the sects and aristocratic families in Lu County to sell 10% of their food, salt, coal, transportation business, and other industries to the Lu County government.

The current county governor, Cui Heng, was in charge of all of this.

When Liu Litao and Xu Fengan saw this decree, they were both stunned.

The former was excited, and the latter was worried.

“I will definitely do my best to implement this decree,” Liu Litao said respectfully.

“Lord, once this decree is issued, the entire Lu County will definitely be in an uproar.” Xu Fengan said worriedly, “Other than the Yuhua Sword Pavilion, Im afraid the other sects and aristocratic families will not abide by it. Moreover, when this decree is spread to the other counties, all the sects and aristocratic families in the world will hate you, my Lord. This…”

“I hope that all the sects and aristocratic families in the world will hate me.” Cui Heng smiled. “Ive already made up my mind. Theres no need to persuade me anymore.”

Then, he changed the topic and said, “By the way, go and tell Hui Shi to gather the people. Bring out the merchants who were captured, as well as Sun Panshi and the others for public trial today!”

… .

After Wang Jinsheng escaped from Lu County, he started running for his life.

He escaped over 400 li in a single night.

Finally, he arrived at Taichang County in the east of Lu County.

At this moment, his uncle, Wang Qingquan, was drinking and having fun in the residence of Elder Sun Liansheng.

Both of them were nearly a hundred years old, and their hair and beards were white.

However, in front of their table, those dancers who were dressed in light muslin and dancing with swaying movements, revealing their exquisite figures, were still young girls, extremely delicate.

The two of them enjoyed the scenery as they drank, their faces full of smiles.


At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open, scaring the dancers into hiding.

Wang Qingquan and Sun Liansheng also looked over with anger.

“Uncle!” It was Wang Jinsheng who staggered in and said while panting, “Not good, not good. The new county governor of Lu County is a lunatic. He raided the businesses of our merchants and even wanted to capture all of us!”

“What?!” Wang Qingquan almost thought that he had heard wrongly. He said in surprise, “Has the new county governor eaten the courage of a leopard? He actually dared to attack you.”

“I saw Xu Fengan beside the new county governor!” Wang Jinsheng gritted his teeth and said, “Although he had disguised himself, I recognized him at a glance at such a close distance.

“With our extreme abilities, not only could he defeat our elite soldiers, he could even capture our people alive. Thats why I rushed back to report to Uncle.”

“Xu Fengan is just a newly-advanced top expert. Is he trying to encroach on Fengzhous immortal opportunity?” Wang Qingquan was furious. His beard was even blown up. “Lets go, follow me to Lu County City. I want to see where this Xu Fengan gets his guts from!”

“Wang Juedeng, that Lord will also come over later.” Sun Liansheng reminded him in a low voice.

“That Lord…” Wang Qingquan immediately sobered up from his anger. After thinking for a moment, he said, “Jinsheng, lets set off tomorrow morning then.”

“But…” Wang Jinsheng hesitated.

He was extremely furious. He had lived for almost 20 years and had never been in such a sorry state. He wished that he could kill Cui Heng and Xu Fengan immediately.

“No.” Wang Qingquan shook his head and said, “That Lord is extremely important to me, to you, and even to the entire Wang Clan of Langya. Hes very important.

“As for that new county governor and Xu Fengan, theyre just penned chickens and dogs. Theyre not worth mentioning. When I go over tomorrow, Ill capture them in one go.

At that time, you can do whatever you want!”

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